// BOSS: The more work I assign you, the more you need to complete. //

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The more work you are assigned the more you need to complete

You might be thinking that it's obvious and there is nothing odd in it, however, there is a condition when your boss (stereotypical) says, "All the work should be completed before the final deadline. I don't know how but you have to do this".

So let's make it more interesting by saying that this work could be anything requiring extra efforts but this applies only to some unlucky but talented individuals however fortunate are those having less work and are getting paid a handsome amount and are able to touch the expected finishing line.

Take it in another way, I think it's totally dependent on the luck of an individual that how much work he has to finish and if he doesn't finish the work means he is incompetent ( this is what bosses think ) regardless of the fact that the amount of assigned work for an unlucky individual CANNOT be done by any living creature on earth even after the expected time meaning that your (dumb) boss is planning you to do something which is impossible to achieve within the given timeline.

So the bottom line is that you are left with your luck. Even though the more work assigned to you means you are capable enough of doing things better than others but you will never get appreciation instead you will be blamed for the increasing backlog that you have. This also shows that the more talented you are the more dumb you seem to be because the smart people sitting on the top knows your potential and are trying to take most out of you before you leave the company. They are smart since they don't want to tell how worthy you are because they don't want to let you open your mouth.

Another thing is that in the beginning you feel lucky when you do or you are assigned more work as compared to others having less work but as the time passes you starts finding yourself working late hours, doing extra efforts, taking work at home to complete the challenging tasks and in the best way that you think it should be done and eventually when the year-end approaches, you end up with a lot of pending work and this is the time when you feel unlucky because you are found to be the talented but dumb employee who has given more importance to work than his family but ended up with bad appraisal.

Options to deal with this situation

So, What are the options that one can have in this situation?

  1. Leave the place immediately and without searching for an alternate job.
  2. Stay there but keep looking for alternates.
  3. Stay there with your mouth shut till you die or kicked out. Do nothing but curse your fate.
  4. Go and tell your boss that it's enough, therefore, he should stop overloading you with more work.


Text: Text is cited from a text file on my desktop, that I wrote myself last year. This was the time when I was gone really frustrated by my current job. Today when I opened it I thought it would be a good idea to steemit and ask from others how they tackle their bosses.
Image : graduatecoach.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/manageyourboss.png (https:// has been removed to display it as text, sorry I don't know how to display image URLs)

What did I do:

By the way, I was able to overcome this situation by going with the last option :-) And now I'm happy with the same job.


Guys, please do comment and give your suggestions as it would really help me and others with their jobs. It would be great however if you reply by sharing with your own experiences.

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I hate when people think that they own you. Good post keep the good work up

Rock on! :) Enjoy STEEMIT!

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