Powering-Up other Steemers: Another way of tipping back into the Community

in steemit •  2 years ago

There is a lot of discussion today regarding the new promoted post system. Something that came up was several steemers thought it would be better if the money tipped to promote the post went to the poster, rather than burnt, which is what happens through promoted posts.

There is a simple way you can do this an also add to the community. You can simply "Power Up" other users.

  1. Go to your Wallet
  2. Click on your steem
  3. Click on Power Up
  4. Click on Advanced
  5. Enter the name of the steemer and the amount you wish to power them up
  6. DONE !!!

You have done your good deed and kept steem within the community while helping another.
Note: Normal rules for steempower apply.

Hope that helps some of you today :)

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It is always good to do something nice and selfless for another. It does more than it seems on the surface.

This is really nice! Looking forward to see more acts of generosity in here..

Agreed. Good way of helping other minnows get noticed. However, I wonder if the Boost payment goes out as part of the curator payout since I don't see that in the breakdown of payments anymore. It may encourage people to vote and curate on more content


A very good question indeed. If you find the answer please post it here, thanks :)


Hello @cloh76. Thats what the author of this post was explaining. The SBD generated from boosted/promoted posts doesn't go to any individual or group of persons. IT IS BURNT. That means that its sent to an account that has no private key hence the STEEM is irredeemable. Noone can access it forever.

What that does in the long run is reduce the amount of STEEM in circulation thereby making it more valuable. Hope this helps you.

thanks to whoever promoted this post for $5, I really appreciate it. Is there a mechanism for us to know who has contributed to promoting? Cheers.


You received it from @mixa :)

You can find this here: https://steemd.com/@null


thanks so much for that :)

Very nice info, thanks! I had no clue this feature existed.

This is a great tip. Thanks for sharing it. They say you learn something new every day :)

thanks for this great tip. I will consider doing this when I see something I like now. I like the idea of empowering steem users who I enjoy.

I think this is how the whales should reward good posters. Rather than just upvoting them, actually provide additional vested power to posters generating good content.