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Does a Upvote on Steemit, count as a Facebook Like?

Those new to Steemit must be thinking to themselves right now, that a Upvote on Steemit must be similar to a Facebook like!

The Famous Iconic Facebook "Like" button is a feature that allows users to show their support for specific comments, pictures, wall posts, statuses, or fan pages. But the "Upvote" button on Steemit represents more than just ‘’a like’’ that allows a user to show their appreciation for Content

This is the Upvote button found on
Steemit that will turn blue when clicked

indicating that you have voted, a formal expression of choice where you give or register a vote. On Facebook, Twitter & Instagram you ‘’Like’’ things and that action alone ‘’get’s you nothing for it’’ but with Steemit, your vote is going reward you as a curator since 25% of post rewards is allocated to Curators who get to earn a proportionate share from the final post earnings.

Upvoting Content that later on receives a lot of recognition, earns you Curation Rewards

So Upvote Content that you find particular Good or Under-Rewarded!

A Upvote is more than just a plain old boring Like! Once an Upvote is initiated it will turn BLUE, this means that you have locked in a Vote for a particular Post because you feel that it should receive a greater share from Steem’s reward pool. On Steemit, a User is allowed to Upvote any post, this also includes Comments (technically a ''Post'') since you still need to publish Text, Symbol, Video or Images on Steemit in order to receive some sort recognition from other users, this incentives Social Interaction among those that are active online and actively engaging on Steem's Social Platform - Steemit , Busy.org, Chainbb & more...


So, why doesn’t everyone just go mad with Upvoting? You'll eventually notice that the more a user Upvotes within a short period of time, the greater the diminishing post rewards. What exactly determines a single person’s vote:

A users vote is heavily dependent on the amount of Steem Power owned, a smart-contract asset based on the number of vested shares. Steem Power is essentially Steem held in a fund while Vests are Shares in that fund, the more Steem power you possess there greater weight your vote carries allowing you as Shareholder to allocate more Steem from the reward pool

The current value of a post can slightly change the reward of your Upvote and no. of votes being cast that day (every Steem Power Holder) also can affect the weight of a vote. So if more people are voting on one day, you’ll have less influence but if less people are voting, your vote will be worth more

An Upvote may be also affected by your Voting power! Once you reach one million VESTS (1MV), a sliderbar will appear when voting that the end-user can use to adjust the percentage of the Vote between 1-100%, with 1% given the least payout and 100% the most; Full Upvote

So, be mindful of your voting percentage and don't like everything you see. Only Upvotes post that you find interesting and use Steemstats to keep track of your voting power!

If you found this interested, give this Post a Vote and support me as a Content Producer, I try my best to educate others about Steemit & Cryptocurrencies! As of right now, all my earnings are used to further fund my Studies and appreciate all the support I have received so far! If you want to know more about me check out this Post: Crowdsourced Marketing with Steemit; A more Detailed Introduction Post about @steemitguide, a dedicated Malaysian Steemian

Enjoy some of my previous post, i've put Links down below and expect more to come! Definitely excited to meet Steemians in Berlin, Germany soon👍

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Awesome guide. Just resteemed this :)


Thanks @bitfairy - I caught that Resteem and this was such a useful post. I have been totally voting wrong. Thank you @steemitguide!


Glad to help :)

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Awesome guide

Very nice @steemitguide thanks for sharing informative article

Thank you for the info!

Wow now I know why I don't have the slide bar. I don't have one million vests yet. Thank you for your information.

Nice pick.Like it.

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With warm regards and thanks for your understanding.

Awesome Guidepost as always! We really can benefit from your know-how and experience in Steemit. I'm resteeming this so that #TeamMalaysia can learn from your vast knowledge!

Am always learning something new on steemit everyday. All these wonderful information will certainly increase my general knowledge Thank you for your given information. Upvote and resteemed ! @steemitguide

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I find this super useful. Thank you.

I find myself spending more time now on Steemit than I do on Facebook or Instagram. That and seeing a post that you created be rewarded with an upvote means more than any like. Following, upvoted, and resteemed. Nice job explaining voting power.