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This Post is a Compilation of all my Comprehensive Steemit Markdown Tutorials, to help you edit your Posts

If you're interested in writing out some Content for the Steemit Community, you have stumble upon the right Source to help you establish yourself here on Steemit

I have been on Steemit for quite some time now, in fact I have been a Member since 2016 March, this has made me want to reflect on my own Steemit Experience

Before I do so, I want you to all know that this account @steemitguide, is made for the purpose of educating others so I made sure that to get a catchy Username

Available Markdown Guides & Tutorials

  • Smiley's
  • Table
  • Column's
  • Alignment
  • GIF's
  • Extra's


Post Link: Ultimate Guide & Cheat-sheet for Smiley & Icon's, make use of the Thousands Emoticons recognized by Steemit's Raw HTML Editor

Column 1Column 2Column 3
😉 &#128521😊 &#128522😠 &#128544
😜 &#128540😧 &#128551😱 &#128561
😆 &#128518😎 &#128526😍 &#128525
😭 &#128557😞 &#128542😶 &#128566
😇 &#128519😈 &#128520😵 &#128


Post Link: How to Construct a 2 or 3 Column Table using Steemit's Raw Markdown Editor! Tutorial and Codes for Beginners

Graphical ContentData VisualizationEye-catching
Visualization of statisticsWord SummaryOrganized Content


Post Link: How to insert 2 Columns and edit Text Style with equivalent HTML tags using Steemit's Raw Markdown Editor

Long lines of text can be hard to read, so doing multiple columns breaks the lines up to something more optimal. In type-setting there is actually a sweet spot between too short lines (eyes have to constantly jump lines) and too long lines (when jumping a line it's hard to figure out which line is the next one and not accidentally skip a line).
It was shown, by experiment, that optimal amount of text for print material is ~60 characters per column. Higher amount of characters per column interferes with brain's ability to scan through text easily, much like you need to break text into paragraphs for same reason
>An alternative method to Display Content


Post-Link: Steemitguide: [HowTo] Make Use of a Steemit Feature that allows you to display Content Floating Left/Right and learn to Paragraph Text with Linked Images

Learn how to create different paragraphs which can be alighted to the Left & Right, instead of the usual center position.

This is a unique way to format a post and requires basic Markdown Codes, learn how to do this with this Guide. Great for making comparisons

We will need to type a few basic codes and i'll teach you couple tricks on how to configure around with Markdown Raw Editor, before you know it you'll how to paragraph, align and insert an image in a Steemit Post


Post Link: How to Add GIF using Steemit's Raw Markdown Editor and more Guides & Tutorials to help you edit your Post like a Pro!



Steemitguide: Tips & Tricks for Writing Steemit Posts [Edition 1]

About Me

More about me, well my real name is Sven Haake & I currently live here in Penang, Malaysia
At 21 years old, I have a Diploma and little to no work experience, this is not because I'm lazy or anything because I do occasionally freelance and also work full-time at our small family business. We run several Guest Houses here in Batu Ferringhi, Penang Malaysia

If you're more interested to learn more about Me, check out my Introduction Post where I feature one of Steemit's first few Homestay & Guest House that accept Steem
(Penang got featured by CNN for Top 10 Places to Visit 2017)

Here is the Link: Steemit's 1st South East Asian Guest House to accept STEEM DOLLAR & STEEM! We support a ''Sharing Economy'' and you should to! Book your Vacation here in Penang

Steemit's Raw Markdown Editor can be difficult to hang off in the beginning but after some time it has become a lot easier, so take your time and it's always a good idea to bookmark some sources that could help you in the future. You should'nt spend most of your time editing post since you should focus more on your Content

Steemit has got me hooked on Good Content, now my home feed is filled with interested User-generated Work. Been active on Steemit for quite some time now and seem to notice that many Individuals struggle to edit their Post but delivery Quality Content, this will put many users off, especially those who are new to Steemit. Markdown & subset of HTML codes can be intimidating but you should definitely start to learn if you're interested in making your post more appealing for readers


Steemit itself has changed so much over time, where are still in Beta so i'm not complaining here. Not being the most rewarded user here on Steemit, i can that say I'm still really happy that Steemit has turned out to be a real investment. We tend to always evaluate the financial aspect of investing, well who doesn't want a return on their investment!

Doesn't it feel good when your interact with Steem's Blockchain, there is more to it than money. Values really does originate from Social Interaction, this is what Steemit has proven to me. I'm not going to go deep on this subject just yet but I will in future posts!

Cashing out some Steem that I earned proved that Steemit is real investment to me. My First real experience of using my earnings from Steemit, was actually used to pay for my Phone Bill which was enough to prove to me that this has financial value. Steemit has made Steem valuable, rewarding the end-user for their participation so writing about educational content that appeals to a growing community was a good idea, just check out my followers at 420! (20th November 2016)

Had A Fantastic Experience! Going to write more Guides about Steemit so feel free to Follow Me

I would like to personally Thank each & everyone of you who upvoted me! Even the founders & lead developers upvoted some of my Educational Posts, overwhelmed here with love! What can I say, writing Content that helps others understand Steemit a little better, has been quite entertaining, appreciate all the positive feedback I received!

Without your upvotes & Supportive comments, I would have never even got myself to write out social posts like how have with @steemitguide account

This is Me, feel free to Visit Penang anytime for a Relaxing Vacation or good Food, expect a Warm Welcome for all Steemians out there supporting this great Community! 😊


thanks @steemitgiude

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Nice! I didn't know how to do the smilies yet! 😊

You can actually copy & paste Smiley's from my Table Directly, no need to type out a code!
Just highlight the Smiley and right-click to ''copy'' & paste into your Steemit Editor. Super Easy & Convenient 😎

Ooh, how handy! Thanks :D

How get more readers for Your old steemit posts? Boost 🚀🚀your views. Best styling guide

Add recommended posts to the bottom of your steemit post . follow my blog to learn how it works . Let your Followers See All your steemit posts in each one post


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Right.... flagged for spam and oh my gosh, how shallow can you be? Shame on you.

great @steemitguide , i was wondering how to use emoji in steemit for long time
now i can use it 😊 😉 😎
i can write in bold
i can do this also

i can use large heading too

your blogis helpful
now i canmake a table

thank you man

following you now
following you now

Your Welcome!

Very good. We need more of these "all in one place" posts and possible to add it to the Welcome page.

OK, since you put a face behind your work you have my upvotes again. :)

Appreciate it, you got my Upvotes! Thank you by the ways for the Support!

Excellent information, and I used your content to 're-edit' my introduction post. I did not realize initial that formatting would not carry-over from my word processing program. I am going to add you to my follow list, and if ever in Penang - I will be sure to be a guest.

Much Appreciated !

We're both from Southeast Asia. I would love to stay in one of your Guest Houses someday and use STEEM. 😊
Btw, all of my neat posts were made with what I have learned from your tutorials. So thanks a lot! :)

Awesome Man, feel free to visit Penang for good food! definitely welcome at our Guest Houses! In a good location near the Beach and Tropical Hills

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