The TRX and Steemit Integration is now Live !

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We are excited to announce that the integration of TRX and Steemit is live!


Now users can log in to create their TRON accounts and check if all is working okay. Leave us a comment below if you have any problems.

Learn more about the integration from this tutorial…

We will shortly be launching another special Crypto Challenge. Look out for that on @steemitblog and join in.

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If you are on Twitter please retweet our announcement on @steemit.

Tweet out about it yourselves as well to your friends and followers.

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If you post screenshots, links and your number of followers in the comments below we will be giving out some extra votes.

The integration of TRX into the Steem rewards system is a great new benefit for all active Steemians.

We hope you are as excited about this advance as we are.

Look out for more great developments coming in the future,

Thank you,

The Steemit Team


It worked! I just went to steemwallet where I was already signed in, and saw the pop-up. The PDF with the credentials for my new TRON account downloaded. Cool! :)

Tweeted too! 2358 followers.


That is great news. Always been a fan of TRX

that is supreb new for trx


can someone please explain how SteemIt works.... I'm new....


Great action taking person 👌 Love it❤️

I checked my pending payout and noticed I'll be earning tron shortly after I saw a post announcing it. This is a huge step for us and I'm excited, I can wait for other developments too. Kudos to the team, y'all amazing

its a good news that TRON is now integrating with STEEMIT. nice !!

super good, you super hero D:

I'm getting this come up:

missing translation: en.tron_err_msg.need_active_or_owner_key

What could it mean?

I got the same at first . If you go to your wallet on Steem you'll be able to do it succesfully.

It's been three years since I've been active on Steemit and I got the same error message as houndsecurity. When I went to my wallet on Steemit and read that I had to download the TronLink wallet so I did that. But I'm unclear what to do next. I appreciate any direction you could give me.

did you get it figured out? I have run in to the same issue :(

Hi, I'm sorry for the very late reply, I just got to the Steem block again after some time. I fixed this by going to Wallet on Steemit, there you click on Keys & Permissions, you'll go to Active or Owner Key, click "Reveal" now you have to enter your nick and the key you want to reveal (active for active key for example). Done, now you can click on TRON account on the left from keys and Create. Worked for me, I'll just leave it there in case someone has the same problem.

wow thats a good infor.

This fixed the issue. Thanks for sharing.
This method is working guys. Also if you have an existing Tron wallet, you can link it.

You found a solution for this?

I noticed the same too......Thank you for these new developments @Steemit

I got it all set up!

it is done


a new and innovative idea

Thanks for the post. Using your instructions I was able to setup and verify my Tron account very easily.

So I got the PDF. Does that mean I can download a TRX wallet somewhere and log in with those passwords?

Sorry for my ignorance here, I’m new to Tron.

[x] You can always do anything with the wallet you get. as long as you keep its private key information. And please do not share the private key with anyone, any untrusted applications. Anyone with that private key has complete control over your wallet.

[x] You should create a Tronlink wallet and replace the default Tron wallet in your Steemit account. At that time, you will receive a Tron token on the Tronlink wallet and you can vote it directly on that wallet to increase your profits. You should keep the private keys of these wallets carefully.

If you find it helpful please support me by signing up for a Tronlink wallet under my referral link. I am very grateful for that. 🥰

Enjoy what you want 🥰

Good evening please how can I replace the Tronklink wallet with the existing one in the steemit wallet. Thanks for your help.

Congratulations on your

the future is bright when it come to tech

Good to kow.

super bon nouvelle

Good news 👌 thise is a new one we are ready for you guys are ready to please reply

Excellent, how long can I wait?

sou fã do TRX

Yea it's all wierd to me but I'm excited all the same to make some money

Steemit la veo como una plataforma seria, que muy proximamente va a ampliar sus redes y obtener mejores seguidores. La estategia de fucionarse con trx debió haber sido estudiado desde hace mucho, por lo que creo que fue una buena decisión. Ante todo, gracias por permitirnos expresar nuestras ideas sobre todo y sobre stemmit.

Is anyone able to claim rewards yet?

I just logged in , and it has been quite some time, I just claimed some TRX
Do you have some steem powered up?

It's been a few months. I like owning some TRX. I'm getting about 6% interest on it. It's small because I only get about 5 TRX/day, but it's good.

How much total do you have to get 5 a day?

I checked my pending payout and noticed I'll be earning tron shortly after I saw a post announcing it. This is a huge step for us and I'm excited, I can wait for other developments too. Kudos to the team, y'all amazing

I have been away for sooooo long and I was planning on comming back and find out about this tron thing but I have no clue what it does .. is it a new coin? will we earn steem and tron?? I would appreciate it if you could educate me just a little bit about this change.. thanks!

I am new to tron and i cannot see any tron in my wallet. Can anyone guide. Thanks

Same. No TRX

Do you know any exchange where I can sell my sbd.

I sold all mine on Bittrex.

i just opened an exchange script that automatically watches my tron wallet and calculates price and sends back the steem -> check my most recent post for more info!

Do you know exchange where I can sell my sbd. I tried bitrex but not working.

There's binance and poloniex. I just use bittrex though. Has worked fine for me. Another thing you can do is just use the internal market at and exchange it for STEEM. There 0 fee exchange rate in the market, so you can exchange as often as you want. Once you have STEEM, you can power up or try exchanging STEEM at bittrex.

Again, bittrex is what I mainly use and has worked fine for me. What's the problem that you are having?

Thanks for sharing info on exchanges. Deposit address generation fails in bittrex. Will try exchanging sbd for steem and use binance.

for me bittrex is definitely the best choice. 2 years down the road, never had any issues!

un super exito, contenta de ser parte de esta integración.


steemit y tron.png

Cómo hiciste para abrir la cuenta?

TRX integration will be a great thing for Steemit...
Both Steemit and Tronlink will grow and become stronger.

2020-12-02 (1).png

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Shared on Twitter:

I'm dying. I setup my TRX wallet and Tronlink, but no TRX. I claim my rewards and I never get TRX.

I setup my TRX wallet and I got some TRX initially with my first couple of claims, but as of the last 4 days I have not been seeing TRX added to my wallet with these recent claims

@r35157nc3 did you update your TRON account? May be you should update. And don not forget that if you update your TRON Wallet if you update your tron wallet, all TRONS in your wallet will be lost. Bu there are no TRX in your TRON Wallet. Because of that you can try to update.

I did a few updates. Also, I don't see why my TRX would be lost? The wallet is still there after I update. As long as I don't throw away my keys in my PDF, I should still have all my funds. I added all of my wallets to tronlink. I can watch all their transactions. There are none. None of my wallets have any transactions.

If you update the wallet, all TRXs in your account will disappear. After you update your wallet and get a new key PDF, your TRXs started coming exactly? @r351574nc3

If you update the wallet, all TRXs in your account will disappear.

Not true. They never go anywhere. If you update your wallet, you get a new wallet. The TRX are still in the old wallet. I tested this, it works. You get a new PDF, but you can save your old pdf and still get to the funds. It also costs nothing to transfer them.

Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 07.24.24.png

I'm not sure what made the TRX start coming. It wasn't from updating my wallet. The process may be slow. Maybe it's tied to bandwidth. I don't know.

I did notice that this morning, all the TRX I had claimed earlier were now unclaimed again. I had to re-claim the rewards. I wonder if this means something is wrong with the transactions. At least I know the TRX is not lost. I just can never claim it. LOL

Surprisingly, TRX started coming to your account @r351574nc3 . I am glad for that. But is the problem solved completely?

It doesn't seem to be solved. Not all the expected TRX is there and it can sometimes go as many as 24 hours before TRX rolls in. This shows 5 hours

Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 07.27.41.png

I don't understand how it's suppose to work. Someone with time want to walk me threw it?

This is very exciting news indeed!

Yes absolutely.

these are a key reason i came back to steem!!! I pray these never end... Please i dont know if you already have. but please make the tronpayouts accumulate until they reach like 10 even 20 tron... You guys are kind of burning through a crap ton of trx every time your sending out 0.0002 tron 5 times an hour cause people have their rewards auto claiming..

@steemitblog it's a little glitchy,
whatever amount is pending before creating the wallet is prone to being stuck in limbo - any amount of claimed rewards beyond the point of creating the wallet will leave the limbo amount stuck there forever and it still says you have option to claim it, but does nothing. I have done some minimal testing so far, but it appears to be caused by claiming rewards before creating the new wallet, then trying to claim the TRX after. It still knows the pending value but they are never obtained. (original claim can happen from auto-claim external tools, meaning this error can happen even if someone is informed not to claim before creating the TRX wallet)

This error is going to confuse/frustrate a lot of people because the claim button never actually goes away, and if they allow the TRX to accrue for a long time before trying it will haunt them, so please look into it.

(There are also some issues with actual wallet creation process not working in certain browsers, which may compound onto the first problem by indirectly causing more people to trigger it)

Hoping you notice this.

Hi mate. I cannot get the account to create, it just sits spinning the wheel forever. Did you get a response to or do you have any ideas please? I'm using Chrome. Thanks in advance.

I had the same issue. I had to log out of my account and log back in. Then it worked.

We apologize for the bad experience, please try the below steps if you face any issue.

  • Log in to with your active private key, do not use any auth tool(for example: Steem Keychain).
  • Log in to with a different browser, like firefox, edge, Opera, etc.
  • Refresh the page and try again.

If all these steps do not work, please don’t worry, the new version will be online soon and fix related issues. All your TRX can be claimed after the new version online.

Hello, I want to know why the TRX has not been integrated into my account since I started, until now I still do not see the TRX, who or what administrator or owner of Steemit can provide me with information please.

Wow! This is very interesting @steemitblog. I have created the account already. It will be good to see steem and Tron together.

I feel good at this wonderful announcement, i can't wait to be rewarded with TRX 😀😀. Thanks for sharing it

Great initiative, i am looking forward to see both Steem & TRX grow further

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