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RE: The TRX and Steemit Integration is now Live !

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TRX integration will be a great thing for Steemit...
Both Steemit and Tronlink will grow and become stronger.

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I'm dying. I setup my TRX wallet and Tronlink, but no TRX. I claim my rewards and I never get TRX.

I setup my TRX wallet and I got some TRX initially with my first couple of claims, but as of the last 4 days I have not been seeing TRX added to my wallet with these recent claims

@r35157nc3 did you update your TRON account? May be you should update. And don not forget that if you update your TRON Wallet if you update your tron wallet, all TRONS in your wallet will be lost. Bu there are no TRX in your TRON Wallet. Because of that you can try to update.

I did a few updates. Also, I don't see why my TRX would be lost? The wallet is still there after I update. As long as I don't throw away my keys in my PDF, I should still have all my funds. I added all of my wallets to tronlink. I can watch all their transactions. There are none. None of my wallets have any transactions.

If you update the wallet, all TRXs in your account will disappear. After you update your wallet and get a new key PDF, your TRXs started coming exactly? @r351574nc3

If you update the wallet, all TRXs in your account will disappear.

Not true. They never go anywhere. If you update your wallet, you get a new wallet. The TRX are still in the old wallet. I tested this, it works. You get a new PDF, but you can save your old pdf and still get to the funds. It also costs nothing to transfer them.

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I'm not sure what made the TRX start coming. It wasn't from updating my wallet. The process may be slow. Maybe it's tied to bandwidth. I don't know.

I did notice that this morning, all the TRX I had claimed earlier were now unclaimed again. I had to re-claim the rewards. I wonder if this means something is wrong with the transactions. At least I know the TRX is not lost. I just can never claim it. LOL

Surprisingly, TRX started coming to your account @r351574nc3 . I am glad for that. But is the problem solved completely?

It doesn't seem to be solved. Not all the expected TRX is there and it can sometimes go as many as 24 hours before TRX rolls in. This shows 5 hours

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I don't understand how it's suppose to work. Someone with time want to walk me threw it?

This is very exciting news indeed!

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