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I am very pleased to announce the PROJECT called Mortal Kombat Fans with NFT and own Blockchain

I've been working hard for this amazing release and I still don't have all that is needed for the public release and I would like your help and support by joining the community and spreading the word about the project and the NFT where the fundraising will be for the creation and hosting in general of the project !

We currently have some NFT for sale on the WAX platform with the super market AtomicHUB Wax

::Here are some details of the MKF project and currency with the NFT::

Each NFT has its initial market value and with it its MKF coin value where it follows this market model

Commom _____________ 15 Wax ________________ 15 MKF
Gold __________________ 35 Wax ________________ 35 MKF
Rare __________________ 70 Wax ________________ 70 MKF
Epic __________________ 3200 Wax ______________ 3200 MKF

We note that prices are fair for the public, supporters, merchants and especially the community

                     Staking and Masternode

For the initial STAKE or Masternode process it is easy to access for everyone, just 1 MKF is enough to receive Stake and the Masternode costs only 3000 MKF

Minimum stake: 1 MKF
Minimum Stake Time: approximately 10 hours
Masternode Confirmations: 10 Confirmations
Masternode Price : 3000 MKF
NFK Minimum Starting Price: 15 WAX
NFT Maximum Initial Price: 3200 WAX

               How to exchange your NFT for MKF Coins

Initially the only possibility to exchange your NFT for MKF coins to participate in the blockchain safely and quickly is through the discord community, the exchange service is still manual at the moment and soon you will have the possibility to make this change by my automatic on the platform of exchanges called Animality Swap

How it works ?
You must send your NFT to the attendant's wallet at that time using the WAX wallet memo

Details of how to send:
You need to select your NFT as shown in the image


Select the Transfer option


copy and paste your attendant's WAX address

in the option below (Memo) you can put your address or code that your attendant gave you by private message



Now just send

While all processes are completed to improve the project, participate in the community and receive first-hand news

Links :

More details of the currency coming soon

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