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RE: The TRX and Steemit Integration is now Live !

in #steemit3 years ago (edited)

It worked! I just went to steemwallet where I was already signed in, and saw the pop-up. The PDF with the credentials for my new TRON account downloaded. Cool! :)

Tweeted too! 2358 followers.



That is great news. Always been a fan of TRX

that is supreb new for trx


can someone please explain how SteemIt works.... I'm new....


Great action taking person 👌 Love it❤️

I checked my pending payout and noticed I'll be earning tron shortly after I saw a post announcing it. This is a huge step for us and I'm excited, I can wait for other developments too. Kudos to the team, y'all amazing

its a good news that TRON is now integrating with STEEMIT. nice !!

super good, you super hero D:

I'm getting this come up:

missing translation: en.tron_err_msg.need_active_or_owner_key

What could it mean?

I got the same at first . If you go to your wallet on Steem you'll be able to do it succesfully.

It's been three years since I've been active on Steemit and I got the same error message as houndsecurity. When I went to my wallet on Steemit and read that I had to download the TronLink wallet so I did that. But I'm unclear what to do next. I appreciate any direction you could give me.

did you get it figured out? I have run in to the same issue :(

Hi, I'm sorry for the very late reply, I just got to the Steem block again after some time. I fixed this by going to Wallet on Steemit, there you click on Keys & Permissions, you'll go to Active or Owner Key, click "Reveal" now you have to enter your nick and the key you want to reveal (active for active key for example). Done, now you can click on TRON account on the left from keys and Create. Worked for me, I'll just leave it there in case someone has the same problem.

wow thats a good infor.

This fixed the issue. Thanks for sharing.
This method is working guys. Also if you have an existing Tron wallet, you can link it.

You found a solution for this?

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