Why You Should Not give up on Steemit . With Real examples of People Who Found Success on Steemit by Not Giving Up!

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Hello! fellow Steemians ,

This article is going to be nothing but straight from the heart. I joined Steemit with very high expectations. When my first post made over $200, I was ecstatic and that’s an understatement to be honest. I started day dreaming how Steemit is going to change my life. But soon reality struck me hard. The competition is increasing day by day . I can empathize with the whales , finding good content is becoming extremely tough.

  • I would like to thank projects such Curie and the Robinhood . Because of you guys there is a wave of optimism in the Steemit community.

I have changed my outlook about Steemit and so should you It's not a " get rich quick" website.

Its a blogging platform, where you get paid.

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I made myself forget about my pre conceived notions about steemit.
I told myself " that from now on you write, cause you want to, not because you want to earn" I made a list of topics that I would enjoy writing about. They includes photography, self development, etc. I started writing content for sharing my views about the topic to the community,all I wanted to do was write the best according to my own abilities and receive warm comments. That was my goal. To write content that resonates to people on a personal level. If people like the content they will follow me, it’s as simple as that.

We need to persevere to achieve our goals and dreams. And it’s not impossible to do this. There are real life examples ,who started from scratch and now are experiencing " Steemit success " .

I’m sure there are many more examples that I’m missing , but I wanted to shed a little bit of positivity over the steemit community with whatever knowledge that I have

Building a reputation is the hardest thing you can do. Once people trust you, have faith in you the rest becomes easier. Take a look at the following authors and the number of articles they posted before making a name for themselves and getting consistent payouts.

1. @liberosist – 76 posts

It took @libersist 76 posts before people started taking him seriously. He added value to the community by showcasing the Steem Power Distribution Trends.

2. @tuck-fheman – 90+ ( I stopped counting)

Do visit his blog and look at the number of articles he has posted. I stopped counting the number of articles after a while , its ludicrous how much content he has to his name.

3. @calaber24p- 81 posts

@calaber24p kept posting articles . It took @calaber24p 81 posts to breakthrough, now that’s a lot of posts. You can check out the article that made calaber24p steemit famous below.

4. @sauravrungta - 30+ posts

Now @sauravrungta may not be influential on the steemit community yet, but I look up to him, he's like a big brother to me. He makes quality content day in and day out. Many people don't know this but @sauravrungta spends about 17 hours a day on Steemit. That is pure dedication and I can only admire him for that.

5. @marius19 -39 posts

If there is one person sticking to a niche and not budging a little , that person would be @marius19. It took marius19 39 posts of original origami content to breakthrough. marius19
Is a lovely example how , how you can succeed by sticking to your guns and believing in yourself.


If you’re still not inspired take a few minutes and read the following post written by @infovore
How Steemit Has Changed My Life: From living on $1/day and 3 hours of electricity to Having over $41,319

To all the Steemit users, remove all the pre conceived notions you have about Steemit.

  • Think about what you would love to do for yourself and for the community.
    I hope that works out for you and me. But that's the only way we can contribute to Steemit, that is by being self motivated and not running behind external rewards.

In conclusion I'm going to leave you with a few articles that you must check out that will benefit in you in your Steemit Journey.

If you like such content follow me @slayer.


Very nice post @slayer . 99% of the time the reason why we are here in Steemit is because of the earnings we so desire for our blogs. But the reality could not be denied that there's more to just posting quality stuff and expect rewards right there. This has to be understood by everyone.

Please allow me to post the article I wrote recently for the new members that relates to your great post.


Yeah I'm glad you agree. Once this mindset is adopted by everyone on Steemit, it will be a much productive place.

@slayer a really nice post personally i had feeling of quitting after just 10-15 posts

Haha, same here!

Great post @slayer !
I like this platform ...because before Steemit It wasnt a platform like this before...sure you can create a blog and ....put some adsence and hope that maybe after 100 posts and 1 full year you can make 1 dollar a month....
So of course I became so happy when I heard about Steemit .
I admire the simplicity of the pay system, the ability to grow from comments, upvotes or even holding steem power.
In one word I just love it!

Great post! I like this because people think they will earn directly a lot of money. You need to build a network. People they love what you do. It takes time to get the right followers but you see. some people can live with the money from steem! people never give up!

That's pretty much summarizes my post. I too was the victim of that mentality. But now I'm writing for the sake of writing. Cheers.

I feel like the little Steemian that could... ;)

GREAT post @slayer! It really gives me hope. I'm in it for the long run.

motivating, informative post. upvoted and followed!

awesome post...

Awesome posts. Thanks for sharing this. Good to get the encouragement.

I'm glad you enjoyed reading the article.

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