Steemit: Blogging Rewards Done Right

in revolution •  2 years ago

I have been involved in the crypto-space since late 2013. There have been many projects that have come and gone attempting to do what Steemit is doing right now. I must say, this is by far one of the best blogging-reward platforms that exists. Period. Not just in the crypto-space. Steemit is fucking amazing!

I have been reading and lurking, and trying to see the complexity and robustness of the platform. Holy shit!

This thing is makes me so happy to see something this prolific being done. There are so many projects that get attention and get $160 million, and are no where near this functional or novel. Steemit will change the way people create media and express themselves. By making one's thoughts immediately valuable, people will work harder to refine their expression, and how they put their thoughts out to the world.

Everyone works to make their content more professional looking...more digestible...more front page-ready right out of the gate. People aren't putting out content with text speak and misspelling littered through the writing.

People are taking their time. People are curating their thoughts.

Hats off to Steemit!

You have solved the puzzle.

How to make people more involved, and at the same time make them more critical and independent...

Hats off!

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Awesome Post and Steemit FULL STEEEEM AHEAD!!!