What Many Learn the Hard Way: Your Strategy May Be Crippling Your Steemit Potential

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I wanted to make Steemit strategies approachable to anyone, so I narrowed them down to a few relatable personalities. As you move down the list, the personalities get more complex and show how deliberate approaches can result in various financial and fulfilling benefits. 

Personality Types

Negative Nancy
Nancy heard about Steemit through a Reddit post. She does 20 seconds of Google research to find out what it is. Less than a minute later she says cynically, “That’s stupid. It could never work.” Nancy never signs up for Steemit and resents this decision months later when the platform explodes in popularity.

Half-Ass Alyssa
Alyssa found out about Steemit when her friend Emily posted about her successes on Facebook. She signs up, and puts very little effort into a few posts. Alyssa's best post only made 3 cents so she quits Steeming and concludes, “Steemit is a scam!”

Resentful Richard
After 10 dismally-performing posts, Richard finally got a taste of some beluga caviar. Full of bitterness and indignation, he gives Steemit the middle finger. He’s pissed that it took so long to get a decent payday.

With no regard for future potential, Richard immediately cashes out all his Steem Dollars, powers down, and runs. With this strategy, he'll remain a lonely minnow forever.

Wishful William
William always had big dreams, but has never been a “doer”. He's all talk, and of little action which has landed him in an unfulfilling job. He sees Steemit posts making 100s or 1,000s of dollars and wishes that could be him. He puts a little effort into writing posts occasionally, but he’s not consistent. Long term, William’s results are minimal and he remains a little fish in a big pond indefinitely.

Enthusiastic Emily
Enough is enough for Emily. “I’m not working for The Man anymore,” she says. There’s more to life than working the 9-5 grind.

In walks Steemit. “I can make money doing what I already do for fun? Sign me up!” Emily is chugging along, writing a few quality posts, making 10 cents here and 2 dollars there. She gains a few followers with each post and that’s what keeps her going. She knows building a loyal following will have a significant impact on her long-term success.

Then, IT HAPPENS. She gets fed by a whale. 2 hours later, another whale! When all is said and done, she has $500 in Steem Power and $500 Steem Dollars. 

Emily knows she only needs $200 to get by the rest of the month and the more she invests in Steem Power, the more successful she’ll be in the future. So she withdraws $200 and Powers Up the other $300. After 5 consistent months, Emily has dolphin status and is on her way to becoming a small whale.

Ambitious Amber
After hearing about Steemit, 24-year-old Amber is immediately enthralled by the idea. She reads the white paper and everything else she can find about the inner workings of this exciting platform. She says to herself “This is going to be the next Facebook!” As an entrepreneur who is dedicated, disciplined, and ready to work hard, she drops all other projects. Amber has patience, passion, and a strong willingness to accept delayed gratification. It will serve her well throughout this undertaking.

Amber grasps the importance of getting into a project like Steemit early and building a steadfast following. Her SMART goal is to get into Steemit’s Top 100 holders of Steem Power within 1 year and promptly writes an action plan detailing on how to make that happen:

  • Post quality content twice daily, focusing on getting followers, not money
  • Power up every time a dollar is made
  • Use $10,000 in savings to buy Steem Power in $1,000 tranches for the next 10 weeks. (She knows spreading it out over 10 weeks mitigates some risk of price fluctuation while still allowing her to gain Steem Power somewhat quickly.)
  • Sell unneeded, high-value items on eBay to pay for the next 3 months’ living expenses
  • Network locally by starting a Steemit meetup group in Phoenix that meets weekly
  • Once per month, travel to Los Angeles and Las Vegas to attend Steemit meetups
  • Spend 2 hours per day making thoughtful comments on other people's posts

A year later, Amber is officially an orca whale. It was far from easy, but her dedication, discipline and consistency has paid off sensationally.

Can you relate to any of these people? I'd love to here your thoughts in the comments. We all hit bumps in the road at times and have to make major changes in our lives to get back on track. If you fall into a category that you don’t want to be in, you can make a change. You can choose to be any one of these people.

Thanks for reading! 


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Awesome post...this is the first post I have seen that really captures the awesome possibilities that Steem represents. Regardless of how many upvotes you get on this one..keep it up. Steem newbies desperately need more of your kind of thinking and posts. You are going to be a "whale" soon if keep writing like this!!!!

Thank you! My hope is people read this and it gets them thinking like "Enthusiastic Emily" or "Ambitious Amber".

This is an extremely helpful post. I haven't posted anything as yet, but have been considering the best approach to it. So to find your post is very good timing. I'm going to look over your points and give them serious consideration, as I develop my own strategy to move forward and utilise Steemit.

I'm glad you found it helpful! To be successful on Steemit, I think the 2 most important things are:

  • Building a loyal following
  • Increasing Steem Power as much as possible

Write quality posts and you'll likely gain a few followers with each one, even if they make little to no money. Followers will see your posts in their feed, so the more followers you have, the more likely your future posts will gain traction. As someone who's new to Steemit myself, my goal is to get 100 followers within 1 month.

"Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim." 🐳😍

DJ Khaled has a song like that "All I do Swim Swim Swim no matter what!"

Look at you witcha bad self... getttin' all punny and 'ish! ;)

I can throw out a pun on occasion :)

Love it!! 😂😂

If only he would watch a dang movie once in a while ;)

This is a solid post. Shame it didn't earn better. Followed.

I like that you included "SMART" goals! The variety of personality types makes this even more approachable and worth the read.

steemit was launched in March. The personality types are your opinion. The last one is the successful one that goes smartly into steemit.