Think Like A Whale: Ambitious Amber - Part 2

Think Like A Whale

In my last post What Many Learn the Hard Way: Your Strategy May Be Crippling Your Steemit Potential I went over several relatable Steemit personality types. I encourage you to check it out if you haven't yet. In this 2nd part of the series, I'll elaborate on “Ambitious Amber" and her thought process. In order to be a whale, you must think like one first. You'll learn how you too, can think like a whale.

"But they're whales because they created the platform."

"But they're whales because they had a bunch of money and bought in early."

"But they're whales because they're Steem Witnesses."

"But they're whales because they were already famous."

Stop It! Quit making excuses why you can't be a whale!

I'm not denying these are reasons some people are whales, but using these as excuses will hurt your long-term success! 

Okay, okay, no more excuses. I want to be a whale, how do I make it happen?

I'm so glad you asked! 

If you wish to be a whale, you must first think like a whale. 

If you want to think like a whale, you need a handful of personality traits. 

If you don't already possess these traits, you must develop them.

Personality Traits Of A Whale

  • Strong work ethic
    • This won't be easy. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. It will take a lot of work, and I guarantee there will be times when you're frustrated and consider giving up. These are the times when you need to work the hardest. 
  • Discipline
    • You'll have a strict regimen that you're going to create for yourself. You will need the discipline of an Olympic athlete to accomplish these tasks day in and day out. Most people can stick with something for a week, but persisting for a year is an entirely different beast.
  • Patience
    • Like building your ideal physique, growing a large following doesn't happen overnight.

  • Willingness to accept delayed gratification
    • You cannot spend money as soon as you earn it. Think like an investor: Would you rather have $100 now or $1000 in the future? You must choose the latter!
  • Crave knowledge
    • You will need to learn everything you can about Steemit in order to best utilize it. It is much easier to learn something when you really want to master it than when you have to learn it. Learn from your own mistakes. Learn what works and what doesn't. Always continue learning!

In the next post, I will be laying out an action plan to become a whale. Although there was a brief action plan in the previous segment, I feel it deserves to be expanded upon. If you got value out of the first 2 parts of this series, consider following me and stay tuned for Part 3.

Click here to read part one

Thoughts? Praises? Criticisms? I'd love to hear and discuss them in the comments!

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Question for readers - What other personality traits do you think are important?


Hi @shenanigator - Great post! I think a key feature of becoming a whale is to think with the interests of the community in mind. A lot of people are very focused on how they can do well for themselves. I think whales tend to think of their decisions and actions more in terms of how it will affect the community and the future of Steemit.


Thank you! Agreed. I think people who always have in mind the questions What can I do for the community? How can I add value? will be the most likely to grow into whales.


From the perspective of a Content Strategist @timcliff, people don't always know what they want. So it can sometimes take the perspective of an outside thinker to give a community a different perspective. Although you are right, that means being outwardly focused and considering positive and negative repercussions for the larger group.

Just stumble forward. Do not quit!


You got it! I haven't been fed by any whales yet, but my posts seem to be well-received for the most part, and I gain a few followers with each one!

I think it would be really awesome if steemit could add a poll option so you can figure out what the readers want. Not everyone is a content creator. Some just like peruse interesting blog articles!

I like this series of posts and I'd like to schedule you to be on the Steem Smart Podcast ( @steemsmart). Interested? Please email so we can set it up.


I'm in the middle of a big project I'm doing for Ned, but maybe after I finish that!

I contend the assumption that going all-in to steemit is the answer.

I'm whale about steemit, in that I'm going to make another social network and do it properly, so that functionality exponentially is expandable and editable by everyone involved.

Money follows functionality because functionality creates and allows for positive social interaction, which creates the abundance and ease mindset and social reality.

Thus, by focusing on functionality first, you get that (which is what you most fundamentally need) and money too as a symptom.

Did you get a chance to write the next part?
I would love to read it - wise advice.
thanx :)

Your posts are quite insightful, and as a noob to steemit really put into perspective what to do... and which are the dont's.
At fist I believe that I only should upvote everything until I finished my voting power. Now I know that is not the best strategy... content creation is the best strategy and use proper tags and comment to the right people. Sometimes a comment gives you more than a vote, because you get noticed.
In this crypto world and as in all social networks, you never know who is a bot and who is paying attention.
Do you use bots?
Is it worth it?

Thanks for your point of view, have a great day!

Money tree edit2.jpg

I wonder... what about the "Twitter strategy" of following to get followers... does that works here?
We all have a number in parenthesis next to our name... some times I have a 25, some times I have a 31... in matter of minutes it changes, why is that?

Thanks again!