Post 1 of 14: The Format of These Posts

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(I'm not sure if I'm posting this too early, but I'm antsy and can't wait!
(And I really want to know what your thoughts are on this, too!))

If you don't know why I'm using "Post 1" and so forth, see this post.

I've decided to do two posts per day, per the advice of this post:
"-Post quality content twice daily, focusing on getting followers, not money
-Power up every time a dollar is made
-Use $10,000 in savings to buy Steem -Power in $1,000 tranches for the next 10 weeks. (She knows spreading it out over 10 weeks mitigates some risk of price fluctuation while still allowing her to gain Steem Power somewhat quickly.)
-Sell unneeded, high-value items on eBay to pay for the next 3 months’ living expenses
-Network locally by starting a Steemit meetup group in Phoenix that meets weekly
-Once per month, travel to Los Angeles and Las Vegas to attend Steemit meetups
-Spend 2 hours per day making thoughtful comments on other people's posts"

"This two-post will be the only exception to that, since this one is simply the announcement.
(Hey - it would be really nice if the search tool didn't default to google and instead allowed me to search steemit... so I can, like, find posts about strike-through without having to comment on a post to find the link.)

This will contain my plans (Table of Contents) for the posts for this week until I go back and do the pee test to see how the dice fall. They won't be linked, and I intend to post a revised version of this post when all is said and done, for easy reference.

I first thought of starting with Beyond Anarchism and revising it, since this format - steemit - is, more or less, the concluding point, which entirely changes how I would want to express the book.

In addition, I want to maximize the amount of money I make, and since I don't understand how this site works, that would fundamentally be the first priority. Likewiise, if those are the only two things I'm going to do (unless I develop more things, which I very much see myself doing, because I want to, for instance, contact the people of The Venus Project in relation to making a currency that puts people and corporations in relation to the sustainability of Earth), I'll aschew attemping a table of contents for the moment, and simply put each of these as parts of the topic that I will later consolidate into the complete story.

Thus, first I shall meter out the Whitepaper stuff to maxmize my earnings, then I shall put Beyond Anarchism in, and then I'll do something on cashing out... because that part mystifies me as well. I half-wonder if I wouldn't be competent enough to do it, and that all this effort will be wasted because I could access or get the money. That's a huge worry that I have with this. It's the next logic step after reading and understanding Whitepaper.

Also, before I go into Whitepaper, I've noticed that it's SO much easier to use comments... so I'm half-wondering of simply doing One post, and each day adding a new comment to it. Good idea or bad idea? How you respond will determine whether I put the next day's content into the comments instead... and should I then comment more? 

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