Partiko Steemit Mobile DAPP for your Phone - Cool New Way to Access the Steemit Blockchain - Screencast

in #steemit5 years ago

Hey guys, I noticed the other day @stackin had mentioned Partiko a new phone app or DAPP to access the Steemit blockchain.

I decided to give it a try and was thoroughly impressed. Very similar to eSteem, one cool thing they have a point system where you earn points, what those points will be used for at this time is somewhat unclear, however someone from @Partiko did respond to me when I asked if points earn us upvotes and sorta kinda said yeah they are still working it out.

Couple things I like about this app are firstly you can use Steemit on mobile which is cool I also like that it allows those of us with over 500 SP to use the sliding vote bar. it shows you your voting power as well as what your vote is worth while your voting as well.

I also like the notification tab where you can see who's voted for you, who's commented on your post, basically keeps you on top of interacting with other Steemit peeps and recipricating other peoples comments and upvotes.

In this video I give you guys kind of a screencast walkthrough. If you don't know, now you know.

▶️ DTube

Looks really good. I'm gonna install it. Thanks for the shoutout dude!
Edit: You said "Robert Kiyosaki of "Rich Man Poor Man" haha. Should be "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

This App Is Good Awesome I have Avibale 8000 Point

Posted using Partiko Android

I just started using this app and it is amazing when I'm using my phone on my way.

Posted using Partiko Android

Yeah check it out a lot of really cool features. One of my favorites I forgot to even mention so I'll post another video later today or tomorrow

Damn dosen't work on my old ass Iphone 5.

If you happen to have an android tablet or an ipad lying around I think that may work. It's kinda a cool app, on your posts you can see everyone who voted for you and what their votes are worth. interested in seeing how the point syste is gonna work

Agree Rules! I know Iphone 5 was released in 2013ish. I just wish if they expect these things to go global the coding would work with older phones given number of people in Developing or Third World countries that are more than 5 years behind in Tech they have in their hand. Your point may be to why Android has done better in these parts of the world!! None the less great content!!!

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