Anyone Else Think Steemit Feels Like A Ghost Town? Is it Proof that Without Financial Incentive Steemit isn't that Great?

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Steemit Feels Like A Ghost Town



I typically login to Steemit every single day. I'll checkout some posts, claim some rewards, and if I have content to post I'll post some content.

Lately it feels to me like Steemit is a ghost town. Many of my favorite Steemians are nowhere to be found. People who were posting everyday or even multiple times per day havn't posted in days or even a week or more.

It's totally understandable, I mean I too feel like not only Steemit, but the entire crypto space is kind of boring right now and in a holding pattern. While I still have remained active on Steemit, I'll admit I'm not posting as much as I normally do. As far as crypto goes, this is gonna sound crazy but I havn't checked CoinMarketCap or gone on a crypto Subreddit in probably over a month and I'm someone who used to live crypto, first thing I'd do when I woke up is check prices, last thing I did before I went to bed was check crypto prices and every hour in between. I've kind of purposely decided to take a step back from crypto, as they say a watched pot never boils. That said I have remained pretty active on here because Steemit is a community, I have friends here, etc, it's more than just your average cryptocurrency.

That said seeing Steemit turn into a bit of a ghost town is somewhat telling. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to attack Steemit, I'm just speaking my truth.

For a long time I've heard people say Steemit is the best social media site out there. Watch out Youtube within 6 months Steemit is gonna take you out. Don't get me wrong, I get the whole circle jerk that happens around insular sites like Steemit. I saw people on VidMe talking about how great VidMe was, even though the site was complete shit, that's before it went under, I believe they are keeping it live for a few weeks and then shutting it down.

Here's my point though. Steemit is a great concept. I love the decentralized nature of it. I love that no central person is in control and there's no central authority. On the heels of this Facebook data news, it's nice that Steemit isn't selling our personal data and harvesting metadata from our phones to sell to advertisers and Presidential candidates. And I also love the fact that rather than the platform getting rich, each of us have the opportunity to earn from our content as well as our attention. That's truly groundbreaking and an awesome concept.

That said when it comes to content, let's be honest, Steemit isnt about content and it isn't about creating quality content, nor is it about comming here to view content. Steemit as it currently stands is about playing the game. It's like an online version of Big Brother or Survivor. Come find your tribe, make your alliances, upvote each other and profit. Find a way to create some bots, use Steemvoter to upvote you and your friends, occasionally upvote yourself. Try to befriend whales. Steemit has very little to do with consuming content or creating quality content. I feel like were all creators with no viewers, people will quickly peruse and scan somone's content enough to be able to formulate a content that seems like they read it, so they can be rewarded for their comment.

If I'm being perfectly honest I spend hours per day on Reddit and Youtube. The content is interesting, it's engaging, it's well produced, and much of it is long form content. It's witty and it's about topics that I'm interested in. It's very easy to find the type of content I want, it's very easy to engage with likeminded people into what I'm into, and they also have amazing algorithms that know exactly the type of content I want. I can start watching a Youtube short documentary about North Korea and 5 hours later be watching another documentary about an adventurer sailing around the world solo. Youtube has a way of serving up video after video that I want to see and it keeps me engaged and on the platform.

Here on Steemit so much content is halfass content thrown up just for the sake of creating content and hopefully earning a buck. Because we can only earn for 7 days nobody wants to put in the effort to create super long form content or make a movie or documentary just for this platform. As it currently stands, at least in my opinion, it's not worth creating origional content for this platform alone, unless your creating content for another platform with another way to monetize it, it's just not worth the time or effort.

You Think I'm Wrong?

For anyone who thinks I'm wrong, or who wants to come to Steemit's defense, I think the fact that Steemit has turned into a ghost town is pretty telling. When the money is good everyone is here all rah rah Steemit, when crypto is down, and everyone isn't profiting all the sudden this place isn't really where people want to spend their time. If Steemit was so great people wouldn't disapear like most people are disapearing now. While Steemit is an amazing concept, the excecution has a long ways to go.

I'm not trying to criticize this platform or anyone, I'm just speaking what I see as the reality. I think too often with a platform like Steemit or any new platform people want to be supportive of it and that's great. But sometimes people get so caughtup in the circle jerking and in being supportive that they ignore the shortcommings of a platform. Let's all be honest with ourselves, while Steemit is great and has a lot of promise, there's a lot wrong with it, and it has a long way to go. I think communities will go a long way to help people better connect and find content they want.

Let Me Say Some Positive Shit Too

I know I've been beating up on Steemit like Ron Jeremy on a pornstars behind, but let me leave you guys with some positive shit as well.

As I started off with, Steemit is an amazing platform. It's the marriage between social media and decentralization. The union between social media and web 3.0 and cryptocurrency.

This platform has no central authority to demonetize us and no corporation to harvest our data and treat us like products while invading our privacy, that's truly amazing. It's also amazing that unlike sites like Facebook where we are the product and they profit off us, Steemit allows each and everyone of us to earn off of our content as well as our attention which is one of the most valuable things out there in this media world were living in.

There's also a lot of amazing content on here but we need more of it.

Your Thoughts?


I think Steemit is awesome. I have earned over $10 k here since June 17 simply sharing my art work and photography. My whole family is on here now and doing well. We are artists and grew tired of posting work elsewhere (Facebook, Instagram etc) where Zuckerbergmakes $$$ from our work. YouTube is still ok for earning $300/ mo but that’s it.

started Jan having moved from YouTube and am loving it so far! I’m learning something new everyday and when you find a decent community or people that share a vision it’s brilliant, and for artists it’s perfect!! So what if the markets down 1/100 is the money for me (that’s what drew me in 100%) but now am 99/100 for the meaning and ethos behind the platform and the fact I can share my love work and ideas to the whole world :)

Steemit and Steem are the best. I wish I had joined in 2016

I never felt this way to be honest. I joined Discord channels to improve relationships. I do feel like content here can be lackluster or posted just to earn money, but I am enjoying my time here. I have made some good gains and made new friends.

At the same time, I feel like Steemit might be an experiment. They want to come up with SMT for people to implement on their own site. Sites like Steemit, Busy, DTube show a proof of concept, but who knows, maybe the future of Steem is to implement SMTs on other sites and Steem tokens being use for bandwidth.

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I totally agree, which is part of the reason why I personally will be taking a break, due to most of the things you pointed out, and after studying the Steemit statistics.

The platform is not growing, in fact, it's doing the exact opposite, and most of the interaction is done by bots, or by third worlders who don't even speak English, and who just post memes in your comment section trying to get a few cents.

I'm taking a break mate, and I hope when I come back, that Steemit will be a thriving and informative place on the internet... just as it was originally meant to be.

@yallapapi had a great post the other day, kind of a rant and very comical kind of touching on this. He talked about how someoen from a third world country the earnings may be worth their time, but for someone in the USA or Canada or Australia, were very fortunate to have all the opportunities we have available to us ie Paypal, Affiliate Programs, Youtube Monetization, etc, etc, etc. There's so many things that are way more lucrative.

I really like Steemit, I really hope it can turn it around. I'll probably continue posting on here because heck I'm already posting to Youtube, what's another 5 seconds to repost here even if it does only earn me 0.30 cents, however its going to be less and less interesting when my friends aren't on here. I connect a lot with you, @brianphobos , @emmyem84 , @kenanqhd , @mitchyb @reseller , the list goes on and on and on, but I'm noticing many of these guys I used to interact with on a daily basis I havn't seen them in 4 or 5 days a week, etc. As my friends aren't around on here there's less and less reason for me to come on here though I think I'll still stick around

Yeah, I just see that the platform is dying, and the only thing that is happening, is the people at the top are getting huge payouts by bots, but if you look at their comment sections, they never interact with anyone, because why would they... the bots are already giving them everything they need.

Yeah, I'm starting to think the only way to really succeed and make any money and grow on here is to build a team and within that team we only upvote each other, we resteem each others posts, etc. We grow as a group and we continue to help each other grow. Yeah its stingy in a way, yeah its not really what is best for this platform but shit its really the only way to make a dent on here imho at least the way things currently stand.

I have some Steemit friends on here who have been having a ton of success pretty quickly and was really excited for them and I dont know exactly what changed, I just know Steemit is shittier as of late and I see these people disappearing which really kind of confirms everything I'm thinking

Yep, it's how I feel, plus the bots and the circles are in fact making it all, and to be maverick on here isn't really possible.

Plus, unlike on Facebook, when you have the amount of followers that you have, they all see your posts in your feed, so their's no excuse to have 1,000 followers, and only 20 up-votes.

I believe that we will experience huge wave of interest with steemit once market will recover. Till then it will be getting quieter slowly but steadily.

I want to see actually interest, meaning staying power, so I will reassess in an about a year or so.

Im afraid I've lost you :(9

Not everyone wants to create content. Not everyone is capable.
Writing a book or a song and getting royalties is a good gig, if you can do it, and it pays for a very long time.
The fact that nobody looks at your posts on Steemit if you don’t have big voting power, coupled with the fact that even good content does not pay after 7 days, and a shitty search feature, do not make for a lot of incentive.
As many others I started with the idea that I will post some articles I wrote in my area of expertise. I tested the waters first with something designed for a broader audience.
Nobody is looking, it’s a waste of time.
I am not looking to make a living creating content. I did not expect big money here. But since I am also not willing to buy SP and to pay bots, writing post graduate level articles to post here is totally useless.
I enjoy the interaction, and I think of @Tolkatore as a friend. But I totally understand the frustration.

Hey thanks bud, but I'll be taking a long break, and maybe when I come back, real growth will have come along with it, but this whole staying in the same spot, with the whales raping the rewards via bots all day is not something I want to stick around for.

Plus, now that Google is banning cryptocurrency related advertising, I have a sneaky suspicion that they will be giving Steemit a whole lot less weight in search now too.

Enjoy your travels my friend. I’m sorry to see the Tolkatore Café closed down and I’ll miss the interaction.

All the best to you

I will be back, I'm just stepping back, because the numbers are just getting worse.

I'll miss our interactions too, but if you're around in a year, hell if Steemit is, we'll get back to those interactions. I wish the best to you as well my friend, and good luck!

This is the first Steemit post about Steemit that I've seen that doesn't sound like all-out propaganda. Thanks for the honesty.

I'm a new user, and I was excited at first to try this out. But I've been here a few weeks now and I am getting the impression that this place is pretty dead.

It's tricky business when the main selling point of a platform is the money-making, not the content or the relationships. This taints everything from the get-go, because it attracts a wave of people whose main motivation is money. It really undermines the building of a legit, resilient community.

That said...I'm still here. I'm still intrigued by the concept of Steemit. And I hope that once the gold-rush people are all gone, those who remain can rebuild something cool over time and breathe new life into the platform.

Id say give it a little more time but if after a week or two your not enjoying it move on as we are on kijd of a downswing. You may want to checkout a new platform similar to steemit

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Yep, agree with your observations, steemit is regressing. The only people profiting here are those with big following bases from other social media channels, they may post 2 memes and 2 sentences andthey got the big rewards, whereas quality content is not viewed at all.

Yeah that's really a shame. Not only whales but also people with a big Youtube or Social Media following come on here and it's automatic money for stolen memes while some people are putting out great long form content that's very good thats earning $1.

Also my favorite Steemians who I normally check everyday and see a new post havn't been on in days or weeks. If this platform was so great and so engaging people wouldn't dry up when the money slows down. The truth of the matter is Youtube, Reddit, etc at this point in time are better platforms. Not to knock Steemit, obviously it's a lot newer, its working out the kinks and growing and figuring out what it is. I think the next hard fork which has communities should be pretty good but Steemit needs to improve

Very true. The fact that content can be monetized for not more than 7 days, people tend to create smaller posts. More focus is towards earning maximum rewards. Without the rewards Steemit would definitely not be this popular. It would just be yet another social media.

Yeah for me I post on Youtube so Steemit is just a bonus, but if I was creating content just for Steemit, its understandable why people don't make long form content, don't make documentaries or short films, because you have a very small window to earn and nothing after that. On Youtube I"m earning money from videos I made in 2010

Some passive income strategy on a post here will help. But I doubt such a provision is possible here on Steemit.

Do you mean you want to see me make some content on passive income or that earning passive income from this platform would be nice?

In terms of passive income I'm a big believer that nothing is truly passive, I think leveraged income is what we should aim for and seperating our time from money. Things that are passive require a lot of work upfront to get them that way adn even then they require maintenance or they will decline over time

I couldn't agree more @rulesforrebels. I joing in mid Decemeber so lots of people posting and engaging was my norm. Now, as you say, many of those people have stopped posting altogether and are longer commenting.

"That said when it comes to content, let's be honest, Steemit isnt about content and it isn't about creating quality content, nor is it about comming here to view content. Steemit as it currently stands is about playing the game."

That paragraph says it well in my opinion although there are still a lot of people here who are here to do "good" and are flogging on regardless. I think they genuinely care about other things than the money so they are still talking to each other and are happy. My feeling is they are in the minority though.

I have reduced the amount I post too and the length of my posts. How much longer I will keep going I'm not sure but it gets harder and harder to motivate myself. Apart from a few loyal responders it feels like I'm posting to the void most of the time.

I think the bots are a huge problem as they are continuing to grow. I read yesterday that they now account for more than 20% of the SBD pay outs. If that continues as it is there will be nothing left for humans.

It will be interesting to see what develops from here. Last year and this year are like chalk and cheese to me. 😊

I agree with bots being a huge problem on here. I think bots for voting are maybe okay but for commenting and posting content it's a cancer to Steemit.

Do you blog on a wordpress site or Youtube or do something in addition to Steemit? I find that if you can create content and distribute it across multiple platforms its much more worthwhile. I make a video for Youtube, it earns a bit there so Steemit is just icing on the cake.

It was the voting bots I was referring to @rulesforrebels. They currently take 20% of all SBD and it's growing apparently.

I don't post anywhere else anymore. Sometimes I do a vlog on Youtube but that's so I can put in on Steemit. I have a few wordpress sites but haven't posted on them for a long time! 😊

The real long term asset here is quality followers; and they've never been easier to get than right now.
If you're posting quality content, there are eyeballs trying to find it.
If you've struggled to be heard over all the noise, enjoy finally having a voice when everyone else goes quiet.
It won't last long.

@mattclarke you make a fantastic point. Many people have a very short attention span. Something is great until the first sign of trouble and then everyone moves on. I see the same thing happening with Amazon Merch right now, sales slow down a bit and everyone talks about I'm gonna take a break until sales pick back up.

I thought that was kinda silly. Sales and traffic and pickup on a dime. I'd much rather keep putting up shirts. If someoen takes a month off, at 50 shirts uploaded per day which is probably more ambitious than realistic but at 50 shirts per day after a month I got 1500 more shirs uploaded than them.

I think in business or even in growing a following if you can persevere when tohers go away it can be very powerful. Right now the earnings are shit and even the experience on here is kinda shit with a lot of the people I like being absent but like you said right now is a great time to gain a following and maybe "catch up" to some people who were ahead of you if they take a step back. Oftentimes playing the longterm game can really put you ahead

I'm not here for now. I'm here for 2023.

Good point.

However, I believe steemit will get big by 2020, or it will not.

Well you certainly have some good points there. I think it partially has to do with the fact that it is a blockchain platform. This of course attracts mainly crypto interested people. A lot of them purchased cons from late december on. And some are just in deep shit. Most people only wat to brag about their wins, about being a dolphin or whale on steemit. They don’t like writing about losses. That’s way some leave.
Other do leave because their contents just doesn’t get enough value! And other leave because they thought that it was a quick rich scheme, which it is not!
On the other side subscriptions are coming with 1000s a day. Fresh meat. Some of these do belong the one of the 3 groups above! Some will invest time or money in it and will stay for a while.
But yes, quality posts are decreasing, the 7 days do hurt. All valid points!
Thx for your viewpoint. It’s appreciated!
Only time will tell!

I've been pretty slack on Steemit latley as well. Need more everyday people on here like YouTube.. I was quite surprised when I looked at my youtube analytics though and noticed i am getting some views from here. I was beginning to think most people just put an up vote on without even looking and half the time people leave comments that are completely unrelated to the content

Hows your Youtube views and earnings. I'm down big since January or February, was curious if it's just me or if it's an overall Youtube thing.

I don't earn anything on there because of the new monetization thing. I have had a video that was at like 1000 views a week ago that has just shot up to 18k views but before that it seemed roughly the same for views.

Sorry sore subject I forgot about that. I just went yesterday and deleted all my gun videos from my channel since Youtube seems to be shitting on gun channels, gun owners and gun videos here as of late.

"Youtube seems to be shitting on gun channels, gun owners and gun videos here as of late."

That is why I have been writing elusively for steemit, and not other centralized controlled platforms like youtube, reddit etc.

I am investing in this platform and putting up articles here EXCLUSIVELY (at least for the first few weeks) is one way of incentivising people to come to this plateform.

So you can continue with the attitude that youtube and reddit is your main squeeze, and steemit is just a "bonus", but I can guarantee that youtube and the other corporate platforms are NOT going to stop with the guns.

I support guns and gun ownership so I hate to see Youtube doing that but I think we all know that mainstream media, hollywood, and tech is very liberal, very left leaning and very antigun so really shouldnt' be any surprise that movies, FB, youtube, etc are all going to be anti gun. I don't personally have a gun channel so I'm not as affected.

I totally get the draw and the allure of Steemit, but the platform has a long way to go, as a viewer its not nearly as easy to use or as enjoyable as the other platforms and that's why here on Steemit we have 1000 creators of content and 10 consumers of content, were all creators here. Its also not about content here like it is on Youtube, its about playing the game. Everyone here is trying to earn. Its understandable, I'm the same way but its the reality. I hope for the best for Steemit but we do have a long way to go

I concur.

I would also add that my position on gun ownership is simple.
An armed civilization is a polite one.
Manners are important when one has to back them up with their life.

I know that the thug culture is directly related to the level of prohibition against being armed, outside of one's home, as well as the loss of fathers in the home by no fault divorce and child support.

funny were talking gun issues. I was just watching a fascinating chat last night on Youtube about gun rights and gun ownership among the black community. killer mike was basically saying, and this is generalizing, but saying that african americans shouldn't have this knee jerk reaction to support the left and democrats on every issue and lays out why african americans should be more supportive of gun control and should be more supportive of the NRA

People aren't on Steemit to view content. Most are here for the rewards. If one wants their content to be viewed by an audience regularly, it's better on other platforms. I'm counting on the community feature to change things around here and also, if they get/create a good search engine for this place, it'll change the game. Let's see where things are headed on Steemit!

Not sure what it will look like but the community feature I'm hearing about for the next hardfork hopefully will be a game changer

Steemit is a very good site. But this time i am very sad.

myself I dont feel that way. I only have 200 followers but somehow it takes me 2-3h a day to reply all messages and there is always something to read.

I think how busy are we depends partly on our activity. Im spending at least 1h a day commenting posts of people from same industry (crypto) so it seem to be slowly paying back.

Unfortunatelly steemit interface is so bad, that I feel like Im wasting half of my time trying to find out who replied to me etc.

I've started using Busy.Org and find it helpful in terms of making it easier to find content I like and I feel like it's a smoother ui

thank you for your kind reply
Is there any way to switch on or simulate night mode on busy?

Not that I'm aware of althoguh in the past I'd used an app calld f.lux which throughout the day changes your computer screens brightness and tone based on time of day and your body clock or something like that. I found it difficult to get used to so wound up deleting it but kind of an interesting tool

thx for that link
indeed it isnt very user friendly :/
I will definetly try it out once I will decide to test busy

Would you mind sending me short email to [email protected]? I would love to be able to keep in touch and support each other on Steemit.

No pressure of course :)

Cheers, Piotr

Hahha, I was saying the same thing over a year ago. Everything turned into a worst ghost town than what you are seeing now. Imagine STEEM prices sub $0.20 , a completely unfair distribution with a handful of god kings, and a voting format where nobody had any power except that handful of god kings. It was like being a court jester trying to entertain a king. The platform still struggles to correct itself from a ridiculous launch.

And I do agree that it is more like playing a game on here and making friends. One of the disappointments in my mind is that I'm supporting over 120 people and a lot of them I have been supporting with automatic upvotes since 2016 but I only have about 15 or less upvoting me. That is a serious slap in the face because in my mind I figured that everyone would move up together overtime.

I suppose I'm not being greedy enough potentially. Also another hope is that as other platforms launch like the one that will be on EOS we will all be on all these platforms earning from every one of them to diversify more.

I agree with you that for all practical purposes a person can't really spend too much time creating amazing unique content for this platform the way it is organized. The unfortunate thing is that for the next 7 days I really have to pump a lot of content on here to get some decent earnings which is going to be real hard truthfully with prices down and people begin to be even more greedy when prices fall.

Yeah I can definately relate to feeling like you give more than you get. While there are some great people on here I feel like I'm pretty generous with my votes and I feel like I give a lot more than I get back. That said I do get that alot of people probably have made more connections than me so have to spread out their votes more.

I was thinking about you yesterday, I was watching a livestream by @captainshorif , he's a Youtube prankester. On the livestream he was talking about how he's broke, he's trying to grow his channel, he's been doing this for 6 or 7 years, he said Patreon is helping out a little but he's trying to figure out how to make more and how to take it to the next level.

Not sure if you ever run into this but sometimes I see a channel wtihout seeing a sub count or really paying attention to views and I assume people are doing very well because they've been active for a while, they put out good content, have a nice intro, good channel art. I was kinda surprised to see he had 17k subs, dont get me wrong thats good but I would have assumed he had like 100k since so many crappy prank channels have a ton.

Anyhow, i suggested he checkout steemit and dtube. Due to the nature of his content he's not gonna get much love from youtube and probably can't use adsense. I suggested he come on over here. I think I may try to get him on my channel to do an interview and talk about youtubing and stuff. I suggested he checkout you and @pranks as well as I know you were starting the prank thing up on here.

I had bought a couple accounts for various areas of interest and was thinking about expanding but as things stand now its just not worth it. I had an idea I was gonna hit you up about, it was going to be starting an ad network so to speak for steemit, kind of how people join youtube ad networks. at this point in the game i dont think it would be very profitable.

Yeah I also wanted to do the whole Steemit "Network" thing back in 2016 and help on board people and that was the basic premise behind the @pranks channel but it is real tough unless I had a couple hundred thousand STEEM Power to where I could definitively support people from the start.

In my opinion one of the only ways to do it at this point is to power up a ton while the price is low and then when we get a big price spike in the future and there is a lot of excitement around it that will be the payoff but as we saw with this last spike it happened so fast that even benefiting from it was so short lived it was a flash in the pan.

Sometimes I honestly think about just hogging my STEEM Power for myself and about 10 others but I guess I keep having the hope that if I do the "right thing" it will turn out in the end. I guess in the same thinking I could have had a more lucrative athletic career if I would have taken Performance Enhancing drugs but I stayed clean and didn't make it as far and I was good with that because I know I was the real deal. I don't know if it is the same on here or if that is a good comparison.

I wish we could power up a ton and be like "We are taking over this biatch" lol But it isn't plausible because the initial distribution back in 2016 was so extremely fucked up that those who benefited were so far ahead that there is no real way to catch up to that.

I'm thinking about pumping up my last post with a bunch of upvote bots but with the prices eroding that probably won't make a lot of sense but it is one of the best posts I have ever done.

Yeah for now I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing. But I agree,Sadly I think the only way to get ahead on here is to form a team or a tribe and do nothing but a circle of upvoting and resteeming each other and continue growing power within the team

Yeah, I thought that would have naturally happened and it did to a point and I'm lucky a couple people check in on my blog once in awhile but personally a lot of them for whatever reason won't use Steem Voter so I have to go over to their blog and leave comments which is fine when I'm casually on here but when I'm trying to make legit headway and need the money to come in it gets annoying in some respects because how am I going to go over to 100+ different people's blogs who I'm already auto upvoting myself to show support. It feels like having a painting company but having to get a new paintbrush for every single color instead of just washing out the brush and being more efficient.

Hi Brian

I love your reply. I was just wondering if there is any reason why you seem not to be using bots to generate more profit on your valuable posts?

When the upvote bots first came out one of the main ones was Rando Whale and for a short time it was somewhat profitable but then as more people started using it it was somewhat questionable. Now with the prices sinking so fast when I do the calculations even if it is marginally profitable right at the beginning a person isn't going to get the payout for 7 days so you are going to pay with SBD at a value and you won't get that "profit" for 7 days and those coins will likely be lower as everything is going down.

The math is tough but a lot of the people buying the upvotes aren't really getting ahead. They might be gaining more fake followers but it isn't converting into real profits from a lot of what I'm seeing.

I equate it to a person buying tools to mine gold. But in reality it is more profitable to sell the picks and shovels to mine the gold.

Thank you for such a rich reply.
To be honest I didnt think that you will even bother considering to write back the fact that you have reputation 67.

will definetly follow you closely from now. you can count on my engagement.

anyway does it really matter what is price of steem or SBD? I really cannot understand that particular reason. I purchased some steem a while ago and now I dont really mind current price. At the end of the day Im not planning to power down and my rewards in SBD are still the same if I use bots. Am I right? Or did I miss something?

Also I realized that the only time of the day when bots are quite affordable is middle of the night (when most people are asleep). Or sundays.

Cheers mate, good luck with picks and shovels :)

Bro, join the team. Don't be lonely anymore:

I gotta get discord, it feels like most people pick discord or telegram, I went with telegram but you and @rawpride have been telling me to get on there so I really gotta hop on there. Your killing it on here man keep it up. Most people are dying down kinda like merch but your still at it grinding harder than ever. Mad respect man

I disagree. We have a very active discord channel and are part of several others. We're here, just not as spammy.

I'll have to join Discord, your like the 4rth person to mention it to me in the past few days. I wish Steemit itself had it's own form of communities as opposed to having to use all these different platforms.

Hardfork 20 will have communities. What it will look like or what it will be, is anyone's guess.

Oh it’s defintely quieted down IMO. Just wait til the prices go up again (if they ever do 😂 jk)

Quieted down, yes. But I dont think many people have quit. People come and go, others are here all the time. I see nothing wrong with that and we welcome friends back when they return.

Might be good that STEEM is low, fewer memes, and crap liked that. Idk, just seems like that stuff has cooled down a bit. You are right it does seem a bit quiet.

I didn't look at it that way but that is a positive :)

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The picture is really beautiful. It looks very good. The sky is very clear. Let's say salute to the picture taken

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