Steem's Music Evolution: Platforms And Possibilities For Steemian Producers, Musicians, And Artists...?

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First, there was Steemit...

And for the musicians, producers, and DJs of the community, next, was dSound.

As a DJ/producer myself, I've found it pretty cool to be able to monetize some of my work via posting it on dSound. Never before, had I made any sort of money off my productions or DJ mixes. So to pull out my collection and turn it into Steem was pretty cool. And, it's gotten me thinking about more possibilities.

While I've contemplated picking up producing again and speeding up my output, monetizing the developmental process and earning Steem with music instead of just writing - I come back to the same dilemma. As a solo producer not already well-established in the music industry, vocal stems are hard to come by, and it's not easy connecting with great vocalists to collaborate with.

Yet, there are a bunch of others releasing music on dSound.


What type of platform could be created matching up producers with artists, and vice-versa?

As has been spoken about in discussions of blockchain applications in music, the realm of smart contracts offers interesting opportunities for artists.

And while remixing has been legally out of reach of many producers given the complications of licensing and stupid high fees required to attain licenses for releasing remixes, it's quite possible that smart contracts and blockchain can open alot of collaborative possibilities by creating the framework and structures for managing profit splits between a musical piece's contributors.

Since we've got a growing community of artists here on dSound, why not explore the development of such systems here on Steem.

Sure, any producer here could spend hours on dSound searching for original tracks with a vocalist they like, go through the hassle of trying to contact that vocalist through Discord, Facebook, SoundCloud, etc, negotiate some sort of arrangement to remix and split profits, and then manage all that manually.

But it'd all be a bit of a fucking headache, really.


What if there were a dedicated platform, which any producer or artist with a Steemit account could sign up to and upload beats/tracks which they're open to having available for others to use or remix - complete with a protocol that ensure a fair split of rewards from their posting on dSound (or other platforms)?

That sounds alot more appealing.

A platform that I, as a producer, could do a quick scan through listings of songs which the artists have made the vocal stems available to remix.

A platform that singers or MCs could smoothly & easily listen through a number of beats/instrumentals to find something they'd like to use.

And that makes the rewards split simple and automated.

Collaborative connections simplified.

On Steem.

Throwing the idea out there... thinking out loud... opening invitation for brainstorming...

Personally, I'd use such a platform myself.

While I'd like to get back into producing and releasing stuff on dSound, I'm not all too keen on releasing nothing but instrumentals. And, quality acapellas and stuff to remix can be tricky to find. However, if I could easily gain access to stems from other Steemians' work that would be fun to remix... that'd be awesome.

And having put out a few tracks, I've already had someone request I send him beats. So, there'd very likely be a userbase ready on the other side - seeking instrumentals they could use to rap/sing over.

Though of course, the concept is straightforward.

Execution, in the development of a good platform, probably less easy.

And were one to get designed, there'd be some key details to work in.


How could it be arranged such that users utilizing another's work are held accountable for giving credit and ensuring it'd be posted within a protocol's boundaries that executed the rewards split?

For instance - a singer may not just want to give away her/his vocal stems, trusting anyone who uses it will be honorable and not upload it without credit given.

Rather, perhaps if a producer wanted access to the stems, they'd have to click a button that:

A) committed them to a terms & conditions of use in a smart contract
B) would provide a portal through which to upload their completed work, thereby posting on dSound while automating the rewards splits according to the smart contract terms
C) would link their account to some bot that'd use a protocol like Shazam's or Dubset Media's to scan their dSound page for unauthorized postings of works using the stems (in case anyone tried cheating the system to earn rewards without compensating the artist/producer

Other additions to the protocol to ensure fair usage could be the requirement for a user to have a reputation score over a certain number before they could access stems.

As well, users could also require to pay a "downpayment" for access, which would be deducted from rewards on their posting of the remix/collaborative content - ensuring a higher degree of integrity and commitment to deliver by having put some skin in the game.

Despite all these ideas, there's an important question to be brought up in this dialogue: would it even be technically possible to develop something like this yet?

To my knowledge, there isn't presently any sort of smart contract system integrated with Steemit that can split up rewards between users.

However, something like this might be possible - considering there is some functionality available such that the rewards from tracks posted via dSound have a percentage split off and allocated to the dSound account. Perhaps it'd be possible to arrange the "remix platform" to link into dSound, so completed remixes and collaborations were posted through the platform, syndicating it through dSound, so both the remix and dSound platform cut get their small cut - though would it also be possible to have a smart contract running on the remix platform to automatically split the rewards to contributors?

Or does Steemit not have such smart contract capabilities yet, and this might be the type of thing that EOS could be good for, integrating an EOS smart contract as a component on the "remix platform," linking in with the Steem blockchain?

Just some thoughts for now.

Should anyone reading this have any answers to the questions posed, please share.

Any feedback, input, or additional ideas fitting to the topic, please share.

Would be great to get something like this up and running, and it'd surely be a great way to lure more musicians and producers into the Steemit ecosystem, given there's nothing else like it. However, I don't know whether it'd be possible to design as envisioned at this point - and would definitely need a team who'd know how to execute the technical programming.

Nonetheless, the floor is open for discussion...


Consider me a huge proponent of Dsound (or something even more specialized) being a full on oasis of sounds and production material.

I have been marinating on the idea of releasing a library of modular synth sounds ... everything from "standard" leads, basses and kicks to way -way- more experimental eurorack-modular-only sorta territory. I had been planning on building a presence on youtube and monetizing it via said sample pack, but the opportunities presented here -eclipse- that in my opinion. Steemit (and dsound, dtube and whatever ends up being the defacto spotify-esque steem-enabled streeming vehicle) is a brand new playground for producer types, and once they see how easy it is to monetize your music ALREADY, I think there will be a strong contingency of people looking for samples and resources here. I just put a new Dsound track up today and the platform already feels slicker and improved from when I joined in December. Droves, man. Droves of producers will be using this in a year.

I was thinking when I hit 1000 followers I release a free 250 sound pack as a taste and charge something like 2 steem for a 1000 sound version ... but your post has actually got me going down the wormhole on how much more lucrative (and exciting) it would be to be a part of something that uses the existing steem infrastructure as a means of securing "fair use" .... I would infinitely rather make $.05 sbd per usage on a sample that gets used thousands of times via an exciting new platform than be another (albiet one of the few crypto-enabled) producer shilling sample packs.


good music @rok-sivante, Thanks for share

Omg , i love this post bro , i'm from Venezuela and have the same ideas , because my dream is go to tomorrowland , i'm DJ and Producer but as my country is in crisis I need a lot of help , that's why I'm here in steemit as new to achieve social and economic support, get new friendships, share information and others, I follow you and vote.

Great knowledge and talent are in your position @rok-sivante. I do not understand the rules of a work by a musician, but little know the direction you intend. in my country, there is often a plagiarism on one's music without serious punishment. but to create something it must have a valuable value for a creator. I salute to see the talent you have. I always follow your post to get the latest information. thank you for sharing

Hey @rok-sivante,
These are some well-thought out details...Infact I would even call it a whitepaper. No Musepaper.

Music is life! Since I discovered Dsound, I have really been telling all my music-oriented friends about the platform. Just to help them get renumerated for their efforts.

This your idea is the next level sht. Producers and Artistes and fans could collaborate in a very easy way to create something beautiful and profitable for all involved.

As for sharing, I trust smartcontracts to make that happen. Matter of fact: why not name the platform: smartmusic or Soundlinkup or soundsteem or codio (co-audio).

Anyway, these are my 0.2 cents. Lolx.

The steem blockchain has given us all the opportunity to build great things. That's why I created @AIR-CLINIC as a medical doctor; to reach out and help people access quick, accessible, free, quality healthcare globally.



Upvote plz..

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Apakabar @rok-sivante. Moving in the realm of music actually has a promising income. Another with the world of film. You must know how the development of music in Indonesia itself, there is very interested in music from the young. for the music recording artist we are still far behind with the rest of the world. but we in Indonesia certainly continue to learn to advance the field. Regarding the licensing as well as the exact tax is a serious issue for every business world of music. It's just government policy that must be able to understand and maintain someone's copyright to improve the quality.

This collaboration would open up more doors for many artists out there with no AGT opportunity or X-Factor. There are a lot of budding artists out there who cannot afford studio fees and producers looking for fresh talents or just artists to try out their new beats, etc. That seems like a problem that could be solved by some lines of codes on the blockchain.

PS: I always like the way you reply comment spammers. Thanks a lot.

I'm guessing you're familiar with Imogen Heap's initiative that's along these lines called Mycelia for Music - if not, here's the link:

This a great music one..I appreciate your every post.
Carry ou your activity .
And focus your creativity in steemit.
Thanks for sharing..

One of the reasons I came to Steemit was to see if there was a community of musicians and artist to build something like this. I feel this is the best platform to support this idea. A few wrinkles that need to be ironed out... how would this work for musicians that have published work with companies like ASCAP and BMI. It would be nice if we could set how the percentage of the earnings are split. There's a lot of areas that could be covered like finding vocals, singers, MC's, music licensing for film, tv, video games, sound design and sample libraries. Skys the limit. I would love to know if Steemit can currently support an idea like this now or if the platform needs to be more mature before running a project of this magnitude smoothly.
Thanks for sharing and sparking this conversation.

I’ve started to feel a bit 50/50 about monetising mixes on dSound. Essentially, when you make a mix for profit, you’re licensing tracks from artists, labels, and everyone is part of the remuneration chain. On dSound, when you put a mix up, you’re essentially cutting the artists and labels out of the picture but still taking a cut. You’ve obviously come to this conclusion when thinking about remixes as it is pretty much the same thing.

I’ve seen other platforms tackle their licensing woes. On Musicoin, you can negotiate a cut with the relevant artists and have a contractual split built into your upload, documented on the blockchain. Each artist gets a cut.

This also applies to mixes, their caveat is that the individual music must exist on there on its own first. That limits your resources somewhat. This does go some way towards the solution you are speaking about.

Licensing is definitely going to be the big challenge of dSound and dLive, as there is pretty much no way to enforce a dispute at the moment bar someone coming in with more flagging power than whoever has uploaded. Even then, that’s just a visibility takedown.

Also, these things need more than a seven day earnings window. Music is there to mature like a fine wine. If you go onto my Musicoin tracks, you listen, I get a coin, doesn’t matter that it was uploaded two months ago.

As such, Steem has some stiff competition from the dedicated music blockchains that exist. I’m not sure whether this can be solved by forking but it feels like it requires fundamental changes to the mechanics to Steem as it is right now.

That's amazing! 🎶🎶🎶

The possibilities with music and collaborating are endless! Now people who would have never had an opportunity to get there music out there can, and artists can work with people from all over the world with ease!

@rok-sivante, I like your contribution to open source project, so I upvote to support you.

Incredibly, your pays are very expensive in dSound. I am a connoisseur and music lover, but I can not and do not have the skills to create something nice to be enjoyed by many people. Success is always for you @rok-sivante. Best Regards

Its an interesting idea..but I don't get why you'd really want to remix other peoples tracks in the first place. If your gonna make music, make music.
-Old school Music Dinosaur

I’m a producer. Not a singer/rapper.

Making just instrumentals is kind of boring. Collaborating with other artists is difficult, networking, negotiating, finding someone with the right voice for a track, writing lyrics, recording, etc.

Remixes = easy. And fun.

And as a DJ, I can safely say great remixes ROCK. It’s always cool to hear a fresh version of a loved song, hearing a new take.

And from the artist side, someone who’s made a song that hasn’t had alot of success opens themselves up to new possibilities with remixes.

Maybe an original track is just okay. however, a great remix of the same track could gain a lot more traction and bring attention to the artist that never would’ve come with the original track.

Thanks on the reply @rok-sivante. All good points. Ok..I get it now :)

Hey @rok-sivante. Since I became involved with @utopian-io about a month ago I have felt that there could be a similar model put in place for music. Here are some of my initial thoughts:

A utopian-like music program, let's call it "Stems" for now.

Qualified Musicians can create projects in which they can request specific musical bits and pieces from the Stems community, such as a samba rhythm in 119BPM 85 bars in length, vocal part using this text and this melody, an acoustic guitar part in the style of "Choice" these chords 102BPM.... you get the idea.

Stems community musicians could then submit their contributions based on what is requested by the project owner.

Project owner could then 'approve' the parts he or she would like to use. These parts are then upvoted by the @stems account at a relatively high rate.

All other contributions are reviewed by stems-mods and if they are deemed 'acceptable' based on specific rubrics then they too are upvoted by the @stems account, but at a lower rate. These contributions are then available for any future musician to use as part of new pieces of music. When contributions are made the tags used will aid in the searching. For example, stems, instrument, tempo, key, style Musicians looking for a specific stem can search for what they need.

These are just some ideas bouncing around in my head. But I would be VERY interested in organizing something like this to roll out to our community. I have been involved in dozens of collaborations here on Steemit and I know the power of community in the music-making process.

Lots on possibilities. Let me know if you want to chat further about this?

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