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A Platform for the People

My biggest problem with Steemit has been the inequality and the lack of consensus on what is rewarded. Let's be honest, the trending page is basically "whale picks". Even the guilds still pretty much depend on whales to give significant rewards. Even the power that people do have is used to throw more rewards to posts that they know will get whale votes so that a curation reward can be earned.

Let's not do that anymore. Let's vote on the content that is the best. That's the goal here right - to reward good content. I am guilty of voting with curation reward being the main reason. From now on, I pledge to only vote on what I truly think is valuable. With the equality hardfork and people voting like this, Steemit is about to go to the next level.

Big Thanks to @abit for Making it Abundantly Clear to Everyone

With "the experiment" we began to see what it feels like for your vote to actually count a little bit. With the Equality Hardfork we will see that trend continue. Proportionate voting power to your Steem Power just makes sense. In fact, this not being the case, was the thing that gave me some reservation about Steemit.

When @steemitblog announced linear rewards, I finally began to really promote Steemit and invest in it, with more time and money. I am not the best content producer. I don't even care to be. I enjoy what I write and I am passionate about communicating the truth. I want to add what I consider to be valuable and I have already been rewarded far beyond my wildest dreams for doing what I enjoy anyway!

For the longest time, I have wondered what I should do "for a living". I was asked what I like to do, with the idea being that I should do what I love and money would take care of it self. Hmmmm, well, I like talking to people. That was literally the first thing that always came to mind.

Beyond that, it was even more vague. I want to help people. The conversation would usually end up with ideas like motivational speaker or therapist. Those are great, but I really just like casual conversations, when people are being real and listening to each other. Well, you could never make any money just doing that right?

There are countless ways that we can add value to each others lives. Cryptocurrency in general and now @dan's vision becoming reality are bringing in the golden age. That might sound silly to you, but I actually believe that. The future is here, and the banksters can no longer stop it.

I don't think we will ever see $1 Steem again!

I just put everything I could afford to lose into STEEM. I also did that about a month ago when linear rewards were announced as the next hardfork. That investment has done very well.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 12.37.47 PM.png

I was talking about it so much to my family that my mom really wanted to invest a little. Not really having the time or the inclination to do it herself, she gave me the money to buy her 1000 STEEM. I recently transferred it to her new account and she has been very happy to see what her investment has done in such a short time.
Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 12.53.35 PM.png

That yellow line is the 20 EMA. That is one of my favorite indicators. If it drops below that, it may continue down a bit. Because it is currently resting on it, I think it is about to bounce. I think that will happen soon, then the equality hard fork. I'm thinking it's moon time.

I am more excited for the future than I have been in a long time. I feel like a kid again. Thanks to all you beautiful people out there.

One more thing... SteemSpeak!

There is a place in the Steemit world that I am fond of more than most places. SteemSpeak is a place where I get to actually speak my mind and be humbled by beautiful, intelligent people. Thank you @fyrstikken for inviting us all to be a part of it.

Steem On


I am all about producing good content. I'm a video content creator that has been on Youtube for the last few years. I have over 45K subs on my channel.

I want to be rewarded based on my quality content. PART OF THOSE REWARDS ARE NOT ABOUT MONEY! It's about the subscribers! The Followers of your work. YOUTUBE won't even notify most of your subs that you have new work when you release it. Just the other day, a long time channel with over 400K subs posted a video and after 24 hours the video had less than 2000 views! WHAT?! It's because Youtube is picking and choosing who will get the ad revenue and who will not. If SteemIt/SteemQ really wants to steal content creators like me away from Youtube, just give us our subs. Let the people we have won over, who have awarded us with that precious subscription click, simply be notified when we put out our hard work for all to see.

Video content creating takes prep time, sometimes research on the topic and then editing time. Not to mention if your adding musical scores (that often has to be paid for) and motion graphics. It's WORK! Yeah the money from ad revenues or upvotes is good...but what we really want is to please our audience and get that "atta boy!" when its all over.

Youtube has stolen that from us. Facebook has done the same thing. When you post something on your page, those who have liked your page probably won't see it UNLESS YOU PAY FACEBOOK TO SHOW THEM! C'mon can beat these guys.

Give the creators what they really want. Their audience. And the creators will flock to you.

I'm really excited for ZAPPL!

That's the one I'm waiting for as well @richardcrill.👍


I can only agree completely with what @mericanhomestead says above. I'm a smaller content creator (less subs, and time creating), but what was said above I wholeheartedly agree with!!!

True, we should have an option to notify of new posts from users we want. @andrarchy @ned @sneak ? This shouldn't be too hard to add but would improve things a lot!

see the follow function. You are full of good ideas.

I can follow people and see their posts in my home feed but I'm already following a ton of people and would like to be notified when certain people make new posts. Otherwise I'd might miss them. To my knowledge there isn't a way to do that currently, or is there?

all i have to say is i agree

If you don't have the time to stay on top of your feed, you may need to cull your list.
Unless you follow me, then disregard.

You might be right.

nice and i'm already following! lol

This post is so spot on. A lot, including myself are voting for the curation rewards, and have to stop that. I will try stop that now. Steem on! Thanks for sharing your honesty.

thank you for the kind response!

NP. Don't feel like writing today, so will just resteem yours.

Thanks again!

I'm of the opinion, based on my being on Steemit since August, that Steemit was originally intended to be a scam. I mean come on...exponential power, influence and control to a very FEW people who had multiple accounts and voted themselves the money that was invested?

Not only that...they had the power, through completely destroy anyone that they wanted too...and they were immune to retaliation.

I think that when this was discovered that the price drop began...Steem went from over four dollars to just over four cents..

But it didn't die....odd that.
It just kept going and going like the ever-ready bunny.
I was there...(brian williams wasn't...I looked)
And then....
....a miracle happend...god reached down from valhalla (after a detour thru nirvanna to pick up some cigars and beer) and ZAP...hardfork 18....

then the killing begun...

Harpooning that is...

Now the bad whales don't have the POWAH that they once had...the price of steem is UP...and HF19 will just put another harpoon in them..

STEEM ON!...the scam...that wasn't..

Good one @everittdmikey

I just reread that. That is is right on, man. Fuck yeah. Let's do this.

Your Votes will Matter MORE!

  • Right now, votes have are based off of the square (SP^2) of your Steem Power. Technically this has an underlying piece called rshares, but let's not complicate things...just think of it in terms of Steem Power. A person with 1000 SP has a LOT more influence than somebody with 100 SP (imagine this for whales with 500k SP or more!)

    1000^2 = 1,000,000
    100^2 = 10,000

    In this model, a person with 10 times more SP, have 100 times more influence.

    They are going to be changing this to be linear instead of squared. Meaning someone with 10 times more SP will have 10 times the influence (compared to 100.) Essentially, this means for newer and smaller users, YOU'RE VOTE WILL HAVE MORE INFLUENCE!

thanks for explaining

inform the witnesses..

I just did... @aggroed

I'll be switching to HF 19. You'll need much more powerful witnesses than me, but I'm honored you thought of me here.

Lmao.. I had real doubts when i discovered it's "shady" beginnings, came to the same exact conclusion as you; intended to be a scam, but things don't always go as planned ;)

kind of like Trump being elected.
odd that.

nice comment!

As a disillusioned past socialist I still shiver at the word "equality", but in this context it makes better sense than in most.

Hopefully this will make the ecosystem both more prosperious and possibly in some respects a fairer place to be.

We still need to get rid of that flag icon on and provide less detrimental ways of showing disagreement with certain content.

Lol, I hear ya, but yeah it's still based on SP so yeah I think it will improve the trending page and user experience in general.

Yes I think so. Looking forward to it.

Great post, totally agree that upvotes should be used for quality content like this one! With more and more people joining everyday, new content creators should get an equal chance getting rewarded for good posts.

Let's make Steem great, we can do it!

I believe the original intention behind the exponential influence increase relative to Steem Power was to incentivize large account holders to keep all their Steem Power in one place, as opposed to spread out over a bunch of different sock puppet accounts. But all benefit to that pretty much got wiped out with the whale experiment. I mean, what is the point in having enough SP to deliver a $300 upvote when you're not allowed to use it? So if the whales can't use their full strength upvotes, then it makes sense to move to a more linear rewards curve. It will be interesting to see if doing so leads to any sort of increase in sock puppet accounts bot voting behind the main account. Assuming it works as planned, I'm all for greater equality at the bottom.

really i love your delivery,it really propel me to do more with steemit platform. i don't much about steem and how it works here but reading most of your write up here is really a nice and sweet step to take ahead

(Copied from a lower post)

The oddest thing of all, the pyramid scheme where the apex is the foundation on which the base rests...
Important points and germane comments I'll always upvote immediately, whether or not I agree or like it, necessarily (or course I've already upvoted what I like.
Paying attention to curation rewards prods me to run a seat-of-the-pants calc- and that's just enough time I might get distracted and not get to upvoting that. Quality content ALWAYS wins out with me. But if abstaining from exclusively-profit-motivated decisions helps us to a better world, I'm completely onboard with that. This HF will help enable our conscience to operate more freely.

My comment to joe28 nested about 8 deep I thought might be apropos. Does linking make it better for him and you (the other participant in the thread?)

'Cause I'll upvote yinz agin...thy and stop me...

Oh, come on! Do you think something will change? Everything here is like in the real world: the rich get even richer and the fish-stickers (I mean the voting bots) always follow the whales...

I do. I feel your anger though. I have been angry for a long time, but I recently realized that we are going to change things for the better. It's up to us to do it and we will.

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