Ask me anything #003 - The social interaction experiment. 2SBD prize | El experimento de interacción social

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Continuing on from round 2 HERE I have decided to keep this going as long as someone is still willing to ask a question. It goes a little something like this.

Continúa de la segunda ronda HERE Mantendré este experimento en marcha.

Ask a question?

Literally about anything, and I will attempt to answer it, in my own unique way.
Unsure what topics I have knowledge about, try asking.
Want me to perform a task? ask and see.
Draw something, find something, create something, discuss something, literally anything.

I am learning spanish(slowly) and will attempt to translate and answer questions in other languages. (translation accuracy not guaranteed)

Hacer una pregunta

Hacer una pregunta sobre cualquier cosa. Intentaré responderlo.

Why am I doing this?

Interaction on Steemit can feel a little one sided at times. In real life I completely fail at small talk, but when discussing a topic of interest , I will happily unload all of my knowledge. I learn for fun and over the last 37 years have gained a reasonable knowledge of the world and want to share some of my stories, ideas and experiences. I could just write it all out in endless Steemit blogs, but where to start, what to choose. So this experiment was born. I live in a quite isolated area and until I start traveling again this can help make the world a smaller place. So ask a question, the weirder, the stranger the better.

Por qué

Soy malo en una pequeña charla, respondiendo preguntas es mas divertido.


A little incentive to ask creative questions, the prize has now been doubled and the best question of the week will get 2SBD


La mejor pregunta gana 2SBD

(Title image by me)
Thanks for reading :)

Hola @raptordashzero Pides una pregunta extraña que permita comenzar una interacción. Se me ocurrieron muchas, pero creo que con esta resumo varias inquietudes, siempre que te sientas libre y entiendas la referencia inicial.

You practice your Spanish and I practice my English

You asked for a weird question that allows to start a social interaction. Many came to my mind, but I think this sums several, as long as you let your mind go free a catch the initial reference.


Is 42 still the answer?

Is 42 still the answer?
I am a fan of the reference, Ill try and keep todays answer short, but please feel free to ask this again in the future and see what answer appears the next time :)

The act of observing something requires the transfer of energy.

In quantum physics, the observer principal suggests that the act of observing an experiment changes the outcome. This has been demonstrated in the 'classic double slit experiment'. No need to go into details but, the basic problem(solution) is physicists spend their time trying to find a way to perform the experiment without affecting the outcome. Instead they need to realize they already have an answer(wait for it), they are looking in the wrong place. The magical little electron a supposed particle, behaves as a wave, it is quite possible the electron is not a particle at all. If it is a wave(neatly folded) then it makes perfect sense that any measurement equipment would absorb some of that waves energy in order for a measurement to be taken. What we really have is an experiment that shows the underlying motion of existence. The solution isn't to devise a better experiment, its to understand the data you already have. As always the universe does exist(it isn't a hologram sorry) The answer to any question about the universe are contained withing it, the question that is being asked is the problem. So as always, 42 is indeed the answer, but what is the question?
Fun fact, I estimate the chances of there being a major scientific breakthrough hidden in a random Steemit post that will never be discovered by mainstream science at around 42% +/-8%

42 sigue siendo la respuesta?

Soy un fan de la referencia. Voy a mantener mi respuesta corta, Por favor, siéntase libre de preguntar nuevamente en el futuro y ver un resultado diferente.

la observación requiere la transferencia de energía.En física cuántica, el principal observador sugiere observar algo cambia el resultado. Esto ha sido probado con el experimento de doble rendija. El problema es que los físicos intentan encontrar una forma diferente de hacer el experimento. Necesitan entender los resultados que tienen, no cambiar el experimento.
Si un electrón es una onda, no una partícula, parte de su energía sería absorbida por cualquier dispositivo de medición. Esta es una pieza fundamental del universo. El universo contiene todas las respuestas, las preguntas son el problema. Entonces, de hecho, 42 es la respuesta, pero como siempre, ¿cuál es la pregunta?

Dato curioso: estimo la posibilidad de perder un avance científico importante en un blog Steemit aleatorio, que nunca se descubrió al 42% +/- 8%

You point something interesting: the scientists bias, they try to put the conclusions ahead of the experiment, a change the experiment to validate belief. I work in social sciences (mostly political and comunication) and you see a lot of it. Politics always tend to blame the reality for not being equal to their point of view. That (I think) is one of humankind greatest fears, discover that we are wrong.
As you stated, the truth is out there, in the universe.

I had to read some quantum physics to reply... that is a nice push to learn something new.

Hola.. es mi primera vez en este concurso.
Me parece muy interesante y me gustaria hacer una pregunta que llame la atencion de todos.
Aparentemente la sociedad nos ha hecho entender y siempre ha criticado el uso de redes, como una forma de escape de la realidad y posible aislamiento; sin embargo, somos seres humanos y siempre buscamos asociarnos y compartir entre nosotros, de hecho este concurso es una muestra de ello; buscas una interaccion social que te lleva a lugares aun mas lejanos que tu circulo inmediato.

Resumiendo la pregunta seria: Cual es tu opinion acerca de las Redes Sociales, nos aislan o nos integran globalmente?

Hello... this is my first time in this contest, I find it very interesting and I would really like to ask a question that will catch everyone's attention.
Apparently society has made us thing that the use of networks is used as a way to escape from reality and promote individual isolation; but we are human beings and always seek to associate and share among ourselves, in fact this Contest is a sample of it, you are looking for social interaction that takes you to places even further away than your immediate circle, using this space.
Summarizing the question would be: What is your opinion about Social Networks; they isolate us or integrate us?

PD: Love you are practicing your Spanish, I am here doing the same with my English.

al principio teníamos IRC, salas de chat basadas en texto. Entonces ICQ vino y MSN messenger. La gente hablaba, incluso hice amigos de la vida real. Al principio Facebook se llamaba 'Social Media'. La interfaz era mala, pero la gente la usaba para comunicarse. Se desarrolló y se convirtió en 'Social Media'.Esto es cuando las cosas salieron mal. Ya no se trataba de comunicar. Se convirtió en un proceso industrial. Las redes sociales, los foros, Steemit, aplicaciones de mensajería, nos acercan. Las corporaciones centradas en el beneficio financiero nos desgarran.

Way back in the beginning we had IRC, just text and chat rooms where people would talk. Along came ICQ then MSN messenger. People talked, I made real life friends using these. In the beginning Facebook was called a 'social network' the interface was terrible, but people used it to communicate. over time it evolved and became 'Social Media' This is when things all went bad. Social networking, humans interacting with each other does indeed bring us closer together. Once the advertising machine gets in the way, it becomes an industrialised process to extract money and information from users. Ultimately Facebook will fail. we will always want a way to connect to others, even the most introverted of people(hi) still crave some kind of social interaction. The corporate machine will take over your life if you let it, but there has always been other options, steemit is a good example, will it always be good? time will tell on that one.

Hello :) I am taking part in this contest first time :)
First of all congratulations for starting new interesting contest and wish you all the best to be successful :)
I would like to ask, what is the one best decision you made during your whole life which give you so much happiness and you feel proud on that decision and you will make same decision in your 2nd or 3rd life .

I feel I spent most of my life (the first 27 years) not making concious decisions, I just followed the path that appeared before me. I lived by the sayings "whats the worst that can happen" and "Ill do it later" I eventually found out what the worst that can happen is, and later came. I was truly miserable.

I started making conscious decisions in my life, the most prominent would have to be "thinking of my future self." Trying to do things that appear hard now so that my future self would have a better life. From simple things like cleaning up and doing dishes as soon as they were done so that later when I didn't feel like doing them, I wouldn't have to. I seems a little ridiculous that it took me that long into being an adult to realise the benifits of cleaning my room. This idea of looking after future me, gave me the idea for continuous self improvement. I Conciously look at everything I do and ask myself if there is a better way.

When I first read the question, I took me a while to come up with an answer, but the decision to actively live my life for me was the best. There are two other prominent positive moments(I have made a lot of bad decisions in my life, that would have been much easier to answer write about) I have stated before, when asked the same question multiple times I will likely give different answers. The other two I can currently thik of are:

When I first decided to take LSD. This isn't a rant about the benifits(and consequences) of taking mind expanding psychedelics, but I marks a time I made a decision that went against scoieties(as I knew it as a rather naieve young adult) ideas. I was breaking the law, I was doing something that went against what I had been told and nothing bad happened(I did miss out on going ice skating). I learned that other peoples rules are exactly that, their rules. and that the things we are often taught can indeed be wrong.

Secondly, the time I was living in a house that got really hot over summer, I decided to build a teepee in the back yard, and I moved outside. I lived in that teepee for 1.5 years. I have 'moved house' over 20 times in my life. This was the greatest housing decision I ever made. Unfortunately the house was demolished and I had too move.

Thanks for the question, I think its good to look back at your life an evaluate your decisions.

thank you for your detailed reply :) i was not expecting such reply in details. Nice to know you :) Hope this will help you recover your small talk issue ;)

Hola amigo, me llamo mucho la atención este experimento social porque soy muy curiosa y es interesante conocer alguien que este dispuesto a contestar preguntas de diversos temas. Hablemos sobre dinosaurios (Es mi tema favorito) mi pregunta es: ¿Con que dinosaurio te identificas?¿ Por que?

Mi dinosaurio favorito sería el velociraptor.
Lo mismo que la mayoría de los niños, aprendí de Jurassic Park. Soy consciente de lo inexacto es la película, comparar con raptors reales.
Se describen como más como un Emu (con garras gigantes) en forma de cuerpo, plumas e inteligencia.
Haber estado cara a cara con Emu muchas veces,son aterradores.

Una de mis historias favoritas cuando hablo de Raptors:
Si resucitaron hoy, cazan en manadas. Estarías a salvo detrás de una puerta. Ellos no tienen pulgares. no pueden girar el pomo de una puerta. Con una garra grande y una inteligencia simple, probablemente podrían conducir una camioneta automática. Abra el pestillo, cambie de marcha y conducir sin pulgares.
Un futuro aterrador con pandillas de Raptors, manejando las calles en camionetas.Es un sueño divertido.

My favorite dinosaur would have to be the Velociraptor. Like many children I first learned how awesome this particular dinosaur was from Jurassic park. I am aware of how grossly inaccurate the movie is, compared with real world raptors. They are described in real life as being much more like an Emu (with massive claws)in both body shape, feathers and intelligence.Having been face to face with emu's many times in my life I can tell you they are still terrifying.

One of my favorite stories when discussing raptors is: If they were resurrected in modern day, hunting in packs, you would be safe behind a door as they lack opposable thumbs and cant operate a doorknob. With a large claw and even quite basic intelligence, the could probably drive an automatic van. opening the door latch, putting it in gear and driving are all possible without thumbs. A terrifying future with gangs of raptors roaming the streets in vans. Well its a fun dream anyway.

Gracias por la pregunta me encantan los dinosaurios.

Me encanto tu respuesta, muy concreta e interesante. Tenemos algo en común yo amo a los dinosaurios. Saludos!

¿Es por esto que tu usuario es @raptordashzero?

Is this why your user is raptordashzero?

Esto es parcialmente cierto. Era un nombre en clave para discos duros "Western Digital" de 2003. Lo uso para diferenciar mi computadora portátil (Barracuda) y la computadora principal (Raptor).
y porque ti suena genial

This is partially true. It was a codename for "Western Digital" hard drives from 2003. I use it to tell the difference my laptop(Barracuda) and main pc (Raptor).
and because it sounds cool.

if you want more upvotes check out my last blog post @a-0-0

I agree that Steemit can feel a bit lonely sometimes. My question is: What do you do for work?

My reply clocks in at 1015 words, so It got its own post HERE
Thanks for the question.

The first post I read about you is the sticky note art challenge and this would be the second. I got curious about you being bilingual. Are you a native Spanish speaker ? If not, how long did it take you to learn writing and speaking this language?

I certainly wouldn't consider myself Bilingual. I am currently attempting to learn 6 languages at once, I wrote a rather long post about it HERE, but in short I am still in the beginner stages of learning. I can honestly only read about 20% of what I write in Spanish, the rest is very, very slowly translated manually(don't trust google). When I procrastinate, instead of actually learning, I have been watching videos on how to learn. It seems quite true that the easiest way to learn a language is to just start using it, and as I seem to have quite a number of Spanish speaking followers I decided to just start doing it. That way I am forced to both read and reply. I am intending on documenting my language learning progress. Today I finally got my computer inputing Japanese hirigana and Korean hangul properly, so I am out of excuses to not write the next one.

My initial reason for choosing Spanish as a language to learn is because it is so widely used, there is no shortage of places to practice (and beautiful countries to visit). My steemit followers have been very encouraging so far. It's a great low pressure environment.

That was a long blog post but worth reading. The 6 connections that the brain should create I was thinking if that is also similar to using a vocabulary 6 times so that it will stick forever?

It is simmilar, If you want to remember a particular vocabulary word, using it in six different short sentences will help you retain it much faster than just repeating the translation on its own. This gives the brain more links when trying to recall the word.

Hello @raptordashzero Soy amante del arte y tu concurso de Stickynote me ha inspirado en aprender nuevas formas de dibujar, es realmente interesante y por eso mi pregunta es la siguiente: ¿Comó surgio la idea de crear el concurso de Stickynote?

Cuando comencé en Steemit, Descubrí que la publicación regular del blog es la clave del éxito.
Desafortunadamente no estoy estructurado.Estaba entrando en competiciones de fotografía y decidí comenzar mi propia competencia. Me gusta dibujar, pero quería ser más creativo.
Necesitaba una idea original. Elegí notas adhesivas porque son comunes, baratas y pequeñas.
Quiero ver ideas de otras personas y entrada fácil para todos.
Si falla, aún podría escribir sobre eso, pero creo que he logrado mi objetivo, la competencia es divertida. Trataré de mantenerlo funcionando durante mucho tiempo.

When I first started out on Steemit, I quickly found regular blog posts is one of the keys of success. Unfortunately I don't live a particularly structured life. It is also difficult when starting out to be noticed. I was entering some fun photography competitions and thought I might try a competition of my own, but I needed an original idea. I have always enjoyed drawing, but whenever I start any project one of my thoughts is how i can expand on it and be even more creative. I chose sticky notes, as they are quite common and I was also interested to see what other creative ways other people would use them. Being small, it also makes it easy for anyone to participate, a simple picture can be made in only a few minutes.

Even if my competition failed, I would still have the experience to write about. I guess I wanted a competition that was unique and easy for everyone to participate. It has changed a little bit since I started it, but I think I have achieved my goal.

I think I read half of your answers, but I do not know what an emo is, is it like an ostrich?

Emu is similar to an ostrich but a bit smaller, native to Australia.emu.jpg

Hello friend, how are you? I found your proposal very interesting for me. One of the most impartial questions would be what was your motivation for netranr in steemit and for what? good afternoon.

I originally found Steemit when I was looking through all the different crypto/blockchain project for one that actually did something and was usable. I like to consider Steemit like your own personal magazine, an editor who gets to decide every decision, your own little production company. I really like the project and getting involved is the best way to stay up to date with something. In all reality though, I tend to find new things do them exhaustively until one day I get bored and move on to the next thing. I have been actively trying to change this behavior and committing to (semi)regular writing on Steemit is something I am trying, so far successfully.

thank you very much for your answer friend

I remember you saying you would like to create a music festival (and even that you are working on it). What are the things that has to be done to create a music festival?

This one ended up in its own post HERE, I could probably write a book to answer this question properly.

As always, thank you for your answer!

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