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Hello :) I am taking part in this contest first time :)
First of all congratulations for starting new interesting contest and wish you all the best to be successful :)
I would like to ask, what is the one best decision you made during your whole life which give you so much happiness and you feel proud on that decision and you will make same decision in your 2nd or 3rd life .


I feel I spent most of my life (the first 27 years) not making concious decisions, I just followed the path that appeared before me. I lived by the sayings "whats the worst that can happen" and "Ill do it later" I eventually found out what the worst that can happen is, and later came. I was truly miserable.

I started making conscious decisions in my life, the most prominent would have to be "thinking of my future self." Trying to do things that appear hard now so that my future self would have a better life. From simple things like cleaning up and doing dishes as soon as they were done so that later when I didn't feel like doing them, I wouldn't have to. I seems a little ridiculous that it took me that long into being an adult to realise the benifits of cleaning my room. This idea of looking after future me, gave me the idea for continuous self improvement. I Conciously look at everything I do and ask myself if there is a better way.

When I first read the question, I took me a while to come up with an answer, but the decision to actively live my life for me was the best. There are two other prominent positive moments(I have made a lot of bad decisions in my life, that would have been much easier to answer write about) I have stated before, when asked the same question multiple times I will likely give different answers. The other two I can currently thik of are:

When I first decided to take LSD. This isn't a rant about the benifits(and consequences) of taking mind expanding psychedelics, but I marks a time I made a decision that went against scoieties(as I knew it as a rather naieve young adult) ideas. I was breaking the law, I was doing something that went against what I had been told and nothing bad happened(I did miss out on going ice skating). I learned that other peoples rules are exactly that, their rules. and that the things we are often taught can indeed be wrong.

Secondly, the time I was living in a house that got really hot over summer, I decided to build a teepee in the back yard, and I moved outside. I lived in that teepee for 1.5 years. I have 'moved house' over 20 times in my life. This was the greatest housing decision I ever made. Unfortunately the house was demolished and I had too move.

Thanks for the question, I think its good to look back at your life an evaluate your decisions.

thank you for your detailed reply :) i was not expecting such reply in details. Nice to know you :) Hope this will help you recover your small talk issue ;)

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