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RE: Ask me anything #003 - The social interaction experiment. 2SBD prize | El experimento de interacción social

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Hello friend, how are you? I found your proposal very interesting for me. One of the most impartial questions would be what was your motivation for netranr in steemit and for what? good afternoon.


I originally found Steemit when I was looking through all the different crypto/blockchain project for one that actually did something and was usable. I like to consider Steemit like your own personal magazine, an editor who gets to decide every decision, your own little production company. I really like the project and getting involved is the best way to stay up to date with something. In all reality though, I tend to find new things do them exhaustively until one day I get bored and move on to the next thing. I have been actively trying to change this behavior and committing to (semi)regular writing on Steemit is something I am trying, so far successfully.

thank you very much for your answer friend

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