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The first post I read about you is the sticky note art challenge and this would be the second. I got curious about you being bilingual. Are you a native Spanish speaker ? If not, how long did it take you to learn writing and speaking this language?


I certainly wouldn't consider myself Bilingual. I am currently attempting to learn 6 languages at once, I wrote a rather long post about it HERE, but in short I am still in the beginner stages of learning. I can honestly only read about 20% of what I write in Spanish, the rest is very, very slowly translated manually(don't trust google). When I procrastinate, instead of actually learning, I have been watching videos on how to learn. It seems quite true that the easiest way to learn a language is to just start using it, and as I seem to have quite a number of Spanish speaking followers I decided to just start doing it. That way I am forced to both read and reply. I am intending on documenting my language learning progress. Today I finally got my computer inputing Japanese hirigana and Korean hangul properly, so I am out of excuses to not write the next one.

My initial reason for choosing Spanish as a language to learn is because it is so widely used, there is no shortage of places to practice (and beautiful countries to visit). My steemit followers have been very encouraging so far. It's a great low pressure environment.

That was a long blog post but worth reading. The 6 connections that the brain should create I was thinking if that is also similar to using a vocabulary 6 times so that it will stick forever?

It is simmilar, If you want to remember a particular vocabulary word, using it in six different short sentences will help you retain it much faster than just repeating the translation on its own. This gives the brain more links when trying to recall the word.

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