Ask me anything - the social interaction experiment. 1SBD prize

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Continuing on from the first round HERE. I have decided to keep the game going ( Not sure if this technically counts as a game, but I treat pretty much everything in life as a game so yeah...) Basically it goes a little something like this:

Ask a question

Litterally about anything, and I will attempt to answer it, in my own unique way.

One of the things I have learned from steemit is that interaction goes a lot smoother if things like a weekly topic are suggested, I am trying to avoid that at this stage as if I get ZERO questions asked, then this will be a quite good representation of my social interactions in real life ( Awkward silence isn't nearly as much fun online though)


Everyone likes winning stuff so best question gets a whole shiny new SBD(Being a digital token, shininess and newness cannot be guaranteed)

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After many hours thinking in a question for you. I was inspired by this post from you and I think I got a question.

I’m bilingual and when I speak Spanish, I think in Spanish, when I speak in English I think in English, my brain doesn’t act as a translator thinking in Spanish to turn it into English or vice versa, so I wonder, in what language does a deaf person thinks? Because they read in a language (English, Spanish, etc.), but they communicate in another language (sign language). Do they have a voice in their mind or do they think in words or signs?

Maybe those were more than 1 question or maybe they are silly questions, but I leave then there.

Ps. In your other comment you said you are learning 5 languages, so if you are learning Spanish and need some help, don't doubt in asking.

I honestly didn't know answer to this( I do now because I just had to find out) but first here is my thoughts on the subject.
Our memories and thus one of the main ways we process though comes from linking ideas and thoughts together based on our senses. This is why some people learn better by reading and others by listening, and the combination of both will help reinforce and idea. There is usually a primary sense linked to certain ideas. For example if asked to count seconds in your head, some people will internally visualize a clock hand, or numbers moving, to indicate the change in seconds. other, myself included hear a 'tick' ,an internal metronome or similar. Same task, two completely different ways of mentally processing it and most likely it all comes from life experience.

I have learned some interesting things from a blind man I once worked with on a theater show(including how to pee standing up), but have never had an in depth discussion with a deaf person. I have experienced both temporary blindness and temporary deafness in my life and am quite happy to still have those senses. As much as I love self experimentation, it is not possible to simulate deafness, unlike the ability to remove all light sources, its not possible to turn off your ears, I personally find the sound of my own blood pumping through my head quite annoying at times. So the only way I could get a realistic answer to this question was to do a bit of research. Fun fact, did you know on 35mm film, the audio track is stored optically.

It turns out no surprise that most people who are born deaf think in some form of pictures, either they visualize written words, or 'see' Sign language. Interestingly one man said that as sign language lacks a great number of words, he often thinks in 'finger spelling' I do wonder at what speed this process happens.

Your comment about being bilingual and thinking in the currently spoken language answers a question I have had for a long time. One of my reasons for trying to learn other languages is to greater understand the idea behind 'lost in translation' (not the movie - haven't seen it) There are words and ideas that cannot be translated. Just like tribes that don't have a word for orange have trouble distinguishing the colour, I believe there are ideas that can only be had if you have the correct language to think them. I think I shall write up a blog post about my attempt to learn multiple languages and why I am doing it, incidentally yes español está en mi lista :)

I always thought a deaf person might think in written words, images and signs, as much as I thought a blind person might think in sounds and maybe even in textures or sensations.

And about not being able of turn off your ears, I believe the sound of silence is the loudest sound of all, I personally hate it.

I didn’t know about the 35mm film and the audio track. I also didn’t know the thinking in "finger spelling" because of the lack of words, it links with the idea of "lost in translation". I believe it’s a general feeling, no matter the language, sometimes we want to say something, but we don’t have the exact word for it, even if the word exist in our language. For example, I recently learnt the word petrichor (petricor in Spanish), it’s the smell of rain when it touches the dry soil, because I didn’t know that word and I just said the full sentence of “I love the smell of the rain when it touches the soil”, kind of long to say.

You should write it, I would totally read that post! I need some inspiration, I learned English by myself until I had a decent base and I took classes in an institute, my English isn’t perfect, but I try to improve it every day. I tried to do the same thing with German and French, but recently I have a lack of motivation for keep studying.

If someone here at Steemit would transfer all of his/her SBD to your account, who you wish would it be? and to what, to where, or to whom are you going to use or spend those SBDs? :)

I would like to ask permission from you that I would make a post which is somehow the same as yours. I also love to conduct this kind of experiment with our co-steemians. I would also love to share a part of me with them. I am hoping for a positive response to this matter. Thank you and more power!

Most certainly you should make a similar post. I would be very interested to see your results as well. As for the original question, Still writing up my response :)

Thank you so much! ♥

To start, I don't really like money and while I do believe crypto currencies will bring about a financial revolution, human nature dictates that no matter what we use as a trade of value, it will always be open to manipulation. I have been bankrupt in my life, one of the best things to ever happen to me as I am able to live life now completely debt free. Unfortunately The basic notion of 'money makes the world go round' still holds true.

I have a Utopian cryptocurrency dream(I am well aware that it will always be a dream, humans are humans after all) quite simply put If mass adoption happens, there is a possibility still for a small number of people ( Dev teams in this case not bankers) to hold a majority of the worlds wealth. In a truly decentralized system, as long as people are participating there is no reason for anyone to need profit, as all their needs are already being met, and those at the top could provide free tokens to literally everyone (its all just digital information anyway) A kind of decentralized socialism perhaps. I think the capitalist rulers(banks) are aware of this possible future and that's why they're scared. While a utopian future based on equal share(of participation) does seem a nice dream, I believe we humans will do our very best to screw it up.

So to the question at hand If someone were to transfer all of their SBD to my account, I would want it to be someone who has read my work and believes in my ideas. I don't think everyone out there is investing for profit. All of my crypto investments are purely because I want to to see a better future, I believe in technology and future investment should not always be down with thoughts towards monetary reward. But I can go preaching about the goodness of people hearts to do the right thing if I ever want to actually achieve something in my life time. So I would hope my benefactor to be an 'Elon Musk' type person. A visionary, with resources.

The thing is, I dont like my chances of one person changin my life. The grim reality is I was born in a low socioeconomic class, and I will probably die in one, but there are other ways of achieving things in this world.
Steemit pesents the possibility that should I keep writing, instead of 1 large ammount, It is possible to connect with many people, each contributing a small amount (the basic idea behind crowd funding) and still achieve the same result. For the purpose of answering the question though one of the steemit early adopters, It should be noted that I would happily transfer back some of the origional SBD, I dont need to make someones else's life worse off.

So now were at the hypothetical point where I have a large amount of SBD. First step, I would happily take a large amount of SBD as a loan even to power up, and increase my own influence on the steemit platform, to help grow my following, lets call it a 'content accelerator grant'. Despite living debt free, my own personal resources are extremely limited. A helping hand to grow my own position such that I could become self sufficient would be nice.

If I were to think bigger picture, there are only a few thing in life I want to actually achieve.
1, plan, construct, put on a 4 day mind blowing outdoor music festival. I do actually have the skill set to do everything involved in this, and it is something I have spent years working towards( and am still working on), but ultimately I lack resources.
2, Finish one of my engineering projects. I have an engineering background, and notebooks full of ideas, most doomed to be burned next time I go 'full minimalist' again. I would love to see the 25 acres of land I'm staying on turned into a research center to bring some of these ideas to life. Were talking everything from High(er) efficiency solar panels, robotic nut sorters, portable gardens, and fun stuff like particle accelerators.
3, travel. If nothing else, should I ever abandon my dreams, there is still a big world out there and I wish to experience as much of it as possible. I'm not talking fancy hotels or anything, I own a good backpack, I'm more concerned with learning languages (currently try to learn 5 at once) and thus meeting people and most importantly FOOOOD!

I know a lot( ok I can count all my friends on one hand, but I'm sure they exist) of regular folk that claim they want 'money' to buy 'things' and this will somehow make them happy. These people dont seem to be able to differentiate the ability to aquire 'things' from having money and ultimately when they receive either, the only thing they don't have is happiness. I have very little money, and few things, this does not on its own bring happiness, but the one thing it does give me is a level of freedom to chase 2 things, human interaction and life experiences.

I like the idea of a future where I can earn, and spend SBD for doing everyday things, I wouldn't be here if I didn't think that was possible. If I did receive a quantity of SBD big or small, my life goals will not change, but with greater resources I'm sure I could achieve much more.

I like your way of thinking.

There are so many people worrying for having things and they never worry about living, I always remember a quote from the book/movie Fight Club “We buy things we don’t need, with Money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like”.

I always wanted to have a career to have a good work and earn money, but I never thought in “I want a car, I want new clothes every week, I want to get the biggest house, I want to eat in the best restaurants”. My dream was simple, getting money to travel, to try new food and to be able to supply my parents with food and comfort. Unfortunately, right now I have a good job, with a bad salary in a country with a hyperinflation of 6,500%, where is really hard to live. I’m basically broke, but I’m happy, because I’m healthy, my love ones are healthy and so far I have been able of getting food for my family and have been lucky for having enough to help others. At the end, happiness is one of the few things that nobody can’t take away from us, because we are the owners of our happiness.

I’m really investing (time) in cryptocurrency, I haven’t figure out everything on Steemit, but what I know is that I’m not chasing whales and I don’t want to. I want to get things by my own, follow the people (I don’t like the word “users”) that I like and comment and invest time in what they want to say and share.

This is a lot of rambling and I’m sorry for that, but lately I’m just rambling.

I’m thinking in a good question for you, I have a few, but I need to pick one from the sea of questions.

I also am a big fan of that particular Fightclub quote(and the movie as a whole). I do enjoy the rambling. I think there should be more rambling in this world. One of the points that stops me talking to groups of people is, on the off chance a subject I am interested in comes up, if I start talking with any amount of real detail about a topic, peoples eyes quickly glaze over (I am a fan of run on sentences too). Small talkers don't want details. I have on several occasions stopped talking mid sentence to see if anyone even notices and usually its a resounding no. I guess you could say that my lack of 'social' skills or my 'shy quietness' does not come from any fear of rejection or similar anxiety, it's from learned behavior. Just as the 'regular folk' have no interest in in depth discussion, I have no interest in discussing 'nothing' although I would quite enjoy an in depth discussion about the concept nothing. Side note, If you call it 'Stream of consciousness' instead of rambling, it has a much more professional sound to it.

Fight Club is one of my favorites movies, I have played it for friends before and they say "it's just a bunch of guys fighting and a shirtless Brad Pitt" and then fall asleep... Painful.

Sometimes I start talking and I see people just lose interest and I think I most be pretty boring to them and I do the same thing as you do, I wait to see how long they notice I stopped talking, sometimes they don't even notice. With time I started to act the same to then, I just lose interest to their boring "normal" conversation, if it isn't interesting or new my brain enterns into hibernation mode (pretty usefull for political and religious fanatics).

I like the "stream of consciousness" thing, sounds much better than rambling, it even sounds deeper, I'll start using it.

Why many people still enjoyed in the internet's world while they're know social interaction like talking or face to face in the real life is going disappear slowly ?