STEEMIT:Is it real?

in steemit •  2 years ago

Well, steemit is the best source to earn money.
And what we have to do for that?
The answer is 'nothing'.We just have to post about what we think,
what we want to share i.e., our ideas,our thoughts,our knowledge,our experiences,remarkable incident or event or on social,political and economical issues which can be helpful for others.
Even we can post videos which can be informational,funny or may be helpful for others.And in turn we receive suggestions and comments on what they think about my article.It's awesome bro.....really liked it❤
#having amazing experience
#steemitians rocks

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Welcome to Steemit @pikachu01 :)

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Thanks man

welcome.....wlcm to money making social platform

Welcome to steemit. Be careful when commenting on posts asking for upvotes. Some people don't appreciate it and you could get flagged.


Okk thanks for the advice