How single downvote ruined my reputation :(

in #steemit8 years ago

Okay, 4 months ago I ported xeroc's graphene wallet to Steem wallet generator to help newbie miner (like me) to get private/pubkey for their miner easily and post it to steemit here.

I got downvoted by @dantheman, I don't know what's Dan motivation when downvoting that post.


And now, 4 months later all my post and comments muted by new steemit anti spam algorithm. that single downvote completely ruined my @penambang reputation, every post/comment I made automatically muted/hidden because of that bad reputation :(


@dantheman, I'm Steem supporter since the beginning, NOT a spammer, please consider bring back my good reputation.


I upvoted here, rep looks okay now.

Thanks very much....

That's an awesome story! I mean the resolution part!

I agree, happy ending ;)
Thanks for all my fellow stemian...

smooth, i like the way you use our voting powers!
whats your take on reputation, will it be more important than sp in the future?

i wrote about it here

Spammer. That's almost as bad as scammer! ;P

I think it does give a balance of power with SP in some ways. Good analysis in your post. SP will still be important, but it won't be they only thing that is important any more.

yes, i think it will be a mix of SP, reputation and other things which will balance out.

one question, is there a reason you have never voted for one of my postings would like to learn the reason, so i can improve my writing !

And that's just pathetic.

Welcome back on track :)

Here my upvote to you , i believe in second chance dont blew it away again . dont offend a whales . they dangerous .


Have an Uptuck from me. See you around.

It seems like you have regained your good standing. I think that there was a glitch in the algorithm as it was originally pushed out.

You have more rep than me! Nothing to complain about now by the looks of it. Have a warm potato upvote!

it's -6 before smooth upvote this post, you can check the screenshot :)

Wow! Smooth used his magical whale power to resurrect you! Interesting.

Sad story. Hopefully it'll be okay now. Seems it's already ok

Wow that's brutal, I'm in a similar situation where a couple downvotes from whales got me to -6 as well.
Can you please check out my post and help me ?

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