Steemit has introduced a new Reputation Score, what is it and how can you boost up your Score

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Today i was made aware of the new Reputation Score of Steemit. Behind your username, you will see a number from -8 to 10 (-8 would be really bad, while 10 would be the best score)

So lets have a look at the numbers how the Score is distributed along all users:

So first of all, this chart reveals something very interesting, the user numbers of Steemit :   44523    

How does the Score Calculation work:

Technical Explanation for geeks and IQ170+ :

Explanation for normal humans:

So this updates totally changes the game. Bots will have a hard time to earn reputation (See @wang with -8 but a lot SP) , so the good thing is they wont be able to hurt your reputation with a down-vote (The will still affect your payout with a down-vote)

In the long-term, this change will make sure, that good content creators will be rewarded, and the most criticized thing on Steemit, that Whales have too much power will be not so relevant anymore. Check the reputations of the whales on, you can see that some of the whales only have 5-7 scores. 

So until now everybody was just chasing the whales, but now everyone with a score higher than 4 will add something to your Reputation Score. So this will play nicely with the soon to be activated Followers Function. Build up your followers network, and you will be rewarded with higher Reputation scores (i wrote about the Follow Function here)

I am really excited about this new function, i have been giving constant feedback to other posters, voting them up if i liked the content. My vote is currently worth around 43Cent per vote, but seeing some posts only generating 2-3$ even having 120+ votes was depressing sometimes. Now i will vote even more carefully, as i know that i am in the 3rd category of top Reputation holders and i have to make sure, every of my votes counts.  

What the Reputation score might do in the future (These are just my thoughts)

  • Shuffle posts/content from relevant posters to other users
  • Generate automatic reading lists
  • Eventually High reputation users will get Mod functions for discussions
  • Comments of high reputation holders will be bumped up to first place (now its about the $ amount)
  • Making Steemit independent from the SP only system, SP and Rep. Score influencing votes etc.

So how can we improve our reputation score (the legit way - no cheating)

1.) Post quality, forget quantity, its all about quality now!

2.) Engage in Discussion (remember that some members are earning more rewards and reputations scores through their comments)

3.) Up-vote Carefully (Try to not vote on crap, just vote up relevant content and posters)

4.) Build up your followers and following list

So hurry, start building your own followers list, engage in discussions and of course please post Quality Content on Steemit !

P.S. @Dan, it would be great if you could leave a comment, what the Reputation score will change from, am i right with my assumption, that this is your solution to the Whale problem, so many users are complaining about? 

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Thank you for commentary .
My reputation is -6. But i am not Bot.
@dantheman is Down Vote to me before.
Please Help me....

i upvoted you and your are back to +6

Thank you!!
I was in despair at -6. It was saved thanks to you guys.

Once it is BOT certification, because even if the comment does not appear, but it is even difficult to raise the evaluation.

incredbily after i upvoted her, it went back to +6

I was searching for this kind of overview. Thank you! Surprised, that not many people voted.

hey pal. i can see that you have a score 7 too. so it seems i am in good company ;)
please tell your friends about this post , maybe they will vote too :)

i started following you! please follow me too :)

Thanks for the post. The new reputation score shows us that Steemit is still in the making. Its getting better and better every week.

thanks capitalism. i am following you for 2 weeks now. and i would love to read more of your posts ! you are already 6.8 so almost a 7 :) the next post might make you a 7!

I am following you too.

thanks for the upvote! another 7 upvoting me. this is really exciting.
more exciting than watch the $ go up or down ;)

great post, i comment to see my score :) a bit scared

haha, you have 7. that's a great score ;) s

@knozaki2015 No this isn't a solution to the whale problem. It's an answer to the spambots that doesn't require people to use their mute button :)

i am not so sure. i think it will co-exists with sp and will have some weight in the future

Nice read. Thanks for breaking things down. i personally really like this idea. its another insentive for users to post quality posts and comments.

hi warren. i like your username. very smart to put steem into it ;)
i see you have a score of 6, that's really exciting that i already received so many quality votes !!!

yes its genius, the quality of the posts will go up, and steemit wont be so depended on whales.

I was wondering what this new update represented nice article

thanks for the upvote! another 6 ;) this is amazing !

Great Post!

thank you! i see you have a high score of 6, this will help my reputation ;)

Short posts like this could be generated by bots. Try to write comments that would pass the Turing test.

Hi Dan thanks for the reply. did you mean the comment of anon blog? or did you mean my post itself? i thought it was already longer than many posts i have written before.

after re-reading your comment, i realized that you mentioned "comment" :)

so i hope my post length is alright.

personal question, are you pissed at me ;) because i wrote this ? (was hoping i would receive an upvote from you, but that didn't happen for my past articles)

what i realized today again was, that your announcement being made through a personal account and not as a sticky annoucement is not so good, as i missed your post for 12 hours !!!

He meant the comment from @anonblog.

haha no one of people from Microsoft support I called cannot pass Turing test

;) well they are sitting all in outsourced centers...

Great article -- but either I'm confused and/or missing something or somehow I have a reputation of 11 . . . .

EDIT: Now that I blogged a BUG REPORT (, it has, of course, fixed itself. Probably something to do with never having up-voted (and the blog up-voted when I didn't uncheck the box).

I made my Steemit Account today and i had a rep of 11 too. (at this time i did not know what this number was)
Now its on 1.

Thanks for the info.
I was wondering what that number was about since I'm new to steemit.

Actions speak louder than words.

hi konti. care to elaborate in the meaning of your post!?

But it is the number of followers is not related to the calculation formula of Reputation?
For me to raise the Reputation, I think you get Vote to increase the followers?
Because it was not higher than my Reputation thought. . .

hi, i think the more followers you have the easier you will gain reputation, as every vote counts.
i cant say at the moment if the number of followers will affect your rep. score in the future

Hi! @knozaki2015
Answer Thank you very much.
To not give up, will continue to write in the future is also good article.

Essencial article, well done.

hi reosevard thanks for the feedback, i will try to write more good posts!

Amazing article, thank you!

thank you. its amazing to see that a 4 and 6 rep holder has already pushed my score up again ;)
this is really incentivize me to post more good content articles on steemit.

in the past i have to admit, i was waiting for the whales too, but now i value every vote of every single user and i will write my posts without constantly thinking to optimize it for the whales...

I think this is not a solution to the problem of whales, in this respect, it seems like a crutch. But this is a very effective solution to deal with bots and abuse downvoting by whales.

you might be right, but i think its the way of getting another measurement, not only sp to the table.
everybody can earn reputation, its not that difficult as to earn SP

I wonder how this number was calculated. There are not that many 7's in this land.

reply to my own comment. I wonder if the amount of steem power factors into the calculation.

i just read
it seems to me that only the Rshares count and SP is not relevant

Scoring mechanism looks very positively. It'll be easier for the beginners to follow big fish. Thank you!

thanks busser. it would be interesting to see, if under the voters list, the score was displayed too!

Good move on the teams part I'm excited about this as well!

Thank you very much for this explanation. I was wondering myself what is the meaning of the number behind our names.

I have to say that I was guessing that is has something to do with te reputation :)

I am very happy to see that I am at level 7. I will certainly do my best to maintain and improve this.

Excellent explanation and analysis. I think this goes a long way to balance some things in STEEM that I had some concern about.

Just stumbled on this post and realize it's a year old today! Steemit you have come so far!

thank you ! old memories and I was able to be one of the very first steeemit users to reach a high 77 rep score.

It's crazy high, yes :) You pioneers deserve this kind of reward though, thank you for paving the way

Just the article I was looking for when I logged in today to find this had been implemented. Interesting point about people chasing users with high reputation for upvotes as opposed to whales. I'm not sure the whale-bait will ever cease, but it will definitely add a new dimension and dynamic to people's activities now reputations are visible and hopefully push us in a good direction.
Thanks @knozaki2015!

hi fleetinuance

i see your score of 6, now i know that i receive 3 x 6 , 1 x 4 and 1 x7 voting on my post. even this post might only earn 20cents, i know that i am receiving Reputation rewards, so this is totally motivating.

its genius, how the steemit team is attacking problems (whales power too strong, bots etc) with this simple upgrade !!

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