I feel like thia post is directed at me lol I know a lot of people who gave up on Steemit easily, myself included. This post makes me want to reinvent myself, Steemit is hars but it's not impossible to make it here, you're one of the testament lol. It's not fun to be forever minnow, good thing I'm a narwhal now lol. I guess this is when I say "gr33t p0zt el friendo". xD

It will be cool once you're back here. Even if you can't post a lot, be sure to check in with your dawgs!

Hey today someone called me @everkillcoin... I'm a scamcoin, not a grim reaper :O :O :O

Ha everkillcoin! And you know I always check in with my Steemit doges whenever my turtle dial up connection allows me. You are an inspiration to Steemit :)

That dial up has GOT to go!

One day you can throw it in the trash I hope?

I'm a coinspiration!

Thanks for your supportz! XD*

*Oh, wait some prudish blogger said that "XD" equates to a lack of self-respect. I'd better start making more of them! XD XD XD

DUDE please make MORE OF THESE and dont expect to get whale attention till its all done and you have paid for upvotes! then maybe but dude, steem NEEDS it, u may not get paid for it but u Might , but dont expect it BUT steem will NEED it man... u will end up getting upvotes later i bet

and LOL PAL discord still works and is making peoepl $ICH now with PAL coin and

Can't keep up with all the requests man lolz

I got this voice over done if you want to check it out

What a nice post! But keeping up with group chats on discord is not easy.

I agree. Chat might not be for everyone. I don't chat as much as I used to, but maybe I should try again.

In step 2 on the image, the fact that they're shaking left hands instead of right makes me slightly uncomfortable 😅

It's easy to get discouraged if one spends a decent amount of time blogging and doesn't get noticed. I think the difference between someone who's here for the money vs someone who genuinely cares to grow here is that the former rage quits after seeing low upvotes while the latter keeps putting in more work and putting out better blogs.

Haaha, great catch! I'll update that right away.

This deserves an upvote, I'll return later once I'm charged.

I agree. My first post was really cool and made 4 cents. I floundered around for 3 - 4 weeks with dumb articles and memes till I decided to give it my best without any serious concern about payments... and that approach eventually worked out for me. ☺

That gives me hope! :)
I'm new ish here (less than 2 months) and still working on building a good follower base so the posts that I take hours to make don't get spammed with "great post. Follow me", "nice", and the likes haha

I'm planning to make a video mocking spammers, but I just don't have the time lately... Glad you see the value of the system despite the piglets. I invited a colleague here and the spam scared him off.

That would be one amusing video! 😄

The spam condition is ridiculous but if you can ignore it, there's so much room to prosper here. I'm super glad I joined!

I'm guessing you're new to my content, but I'll paste something I made in October. I retold a story about a run-in with an actual spammer in a (hopefully) funny way.

I keep track of funny spams, some are outrageously funny.

Hahahahaha thank you for showing me this. Yes, I'm new to your page. Please do make another video mocking spammers! You are one funny dude.

I already told you, this was an animated banner for acidyo. He lives out in Finland!

I lold pretty hard at this 🤣

I have one underway already, audio's done and it's maybe 45% animated... but life keeps getting in the way ☺

I also made another video where I do a rant about the remora fish, but those are my only 2 videos besides speed art.

Take care!

YAY!!!! You're kickin' ass and taking names, I love these, I know I'll be seeing them in google images for years and years to come!!! What a beautiful contribution to the STEEM community, and for all the soon to be Steemians!!!

Thanks so much for your constant support ☺ At first, all the info's so overwhelming, one doesn't know where to start, so it was time to just 'wing it'. Hopefully I can do one of these every day for a few weeks, or at least several a week ☺

Great work @overkillcoin! I love your series and its great for Steemit! The answer is yes giving up corporate chains for block chains!

Yessir! Should have started earlier, but I'm always behind the curve ☺ @otage

I think you timed it perfectly... its like a booster rocket!

Totally Agree! This is what I tell others but I LOVE the way you presented it!

ReSteemed! UP voted, of course! :)

And thanks so much for your support here and on Twitter. REALLY appreciate it!!!

No problem @kenny-crane - and thank you for your support as well.

I'm hoping to make a small library of Steemit infographics that can be used to help speed the learning process and ease and potential frustration. ☺

May i share this awesomesauce infographic to my friends who are waiting for their confirmation in Steemit? ^u^

Of course, all my infographics can be shared anywhere :D

Yes, that is the basics. If it's not working or I lose patience after half a year, I look at this, which I made for not to give up blogging!

Thanks zoltan, your infographic makes some very good points. Motivation is always elusive when life is so demanding, but I'm glad you're keeping up the useful content!

Do you a post for this @zoltanbristol? I can resteemed it for other newbies out there. This is a very good info.

I would love to share this, but there is no resteemed icon. I wonder why?

@zoltanbristol this is a great infographic for staying motivated. I've been here for over 2 months and even though my posts earn very little, I try my best to make time atleast twice a week to post on my page. Other times I am upvoting other posts and commenting. It takes some work to get results but I love it on Steemit. Thanks for sharing!

Nice, simple and easy to action. That’s one hot infographic. I may have to request your services sometime soon. 😎

Thanks @mazzle, you know where to find me!

Good day human,

I just tell people I’m an unconfirmed time traveling cat here to make them loads of meow if I show up in their comment’s meow.

People often forget the importance of good comments. They can be funny, they can add to the conversion, or they can just be meow crazy. I prefer a good fun comment when I can get them in.

I’ll be honest, my most enjoyable thing about Steemit is other people’s comment sections. I put out a couple of blogs here or there but my bread and butter are comments and some random meow.

Too many people just sit on their own blog and think fun and interesting people will come to them. That is the best way to be lost in the giant ocean of Steemit. Even more so if you just join a dozen communities’ and only post your blogs in their link share channel. If everyone is so busy spamming links who is reading and going upvote them?

People need to go out and interact with others. They seem to follow everyone and anything that moves. The funny thing about cats we tend to only follow a couple of people. I want to see what my followers are up to and interact with them when I can. Can’t do that if my feed moves faster than the new feed page.

Far too many stress about “earnings.” There are other rewards here on the blockchain then financial ones. I’ve met such amazing people and learned quite a few things. Most importantly I’ve had so many laughs. Many good days when life was not so kind to me in real life. I just go out and have a good time.


Kindness and authenticity are rare, so practicing them is a great way to stand out ☺

Thanks, time cat!


Soooo... you like it then??? 😄😄😄

I need this kind of post to motivate me. Me as a newbie here and being not a writer, its hard for me to do certain topic that will like byothers, I often thinking what I post but in the end I post nothing. But I want to stay here longer thay's why I often others post to motivate me to continue..thanks for this.keep on inspiring:)

Hi @saskia, you can post photos with a paragraph or two, some of your graphics work, etc. You're not limited to writing only. Most of my posts are pencil sketches!

Also, be sure you read articles and then give feedback on the articles - especially with popular posts - and you'll get seen and hopefully get some upvotes :)

Thank you for the suggestion :) you're right maybe I am too focus on writing.. maybe I should focus more on myself, on what I can do. I appreciate your response, thank you :)

Awesome isometric art and awesome infographics? You're a man of many talents, overkillcoin. ;)

Great infographic!

In two years I hope to be in a place to either give up the corporate chains or to be in a place at anytime I can give up the chains. I'll have F U crypto. Whenever I'm fed up with work I can say FU and walk out.

@gniksivart I'm right there with you, I'd love to have a 20 hour (or less) work week and still have enough spending money. It's doable!

If I had extra time, I could really start to innovate and improve my skills.

Yeah if only I could survive without sleep.

I think number 4 is the most important.. don't try to fake it

That's the hardest one for me, I'm like the biggest phony on here lolzzz...

Aye great job as usual, your absolutely killing the infographic game right now! How long does it normal take to make one of these without animations?

And I've minnow power or slothicorn, but I assume the former is just a group of minnows which is right up my alley! Is slothicorn a similar group?

slothicorn is pretty specific - crypto artists. Def. not for everyone, but I'd like to see the group grow ☺

Well these take less headaches and effort than a color illustration for sure, maybe 1 or so hours, potentially 1.5 with edits, etc.

Animations can add 1 - 2 hours... it all depends on how tired and distracted I am - or if there are tech glitches that I have to wrestle with - although I'm getting quicker...

I'm sure there are people that can do this much faster than I can!

Thanks for the guide, I will definitely make more friends through Discord and Steemit as social networking is important to change me into a better person. Good job @overkillcoin

Sounds great @jiashin thank you for your support, best wishes!

Love those graphics! You didn't overkill them. You killed them just right ;)


I am still struggling with making posts daily with consistency.
I do spend a lot of time though commenting and it is so effective in getting known and developing a following.

Lol this is great, thanks for sharing!!

Thanks, my favourite part is the creepy smile man entering through the door. Hide your ghosts, it's PACMAN!! XD

Well done in your style @overkillcoin, had to resteem this one :)

Thanks a lot!!!

I've done everything but not everybody in a discord community is so welcoming

Personally I don't have much time for discord chat except I speak to individuals some times.

I know what you are saying, but I guarantee you'll find a circle of friends that treat you better!

In regards to #1 (showing up)... I have seen so many members that joined the same time I did (6 months ago) and they have left, disappeared, or show up infrequently; I know life is hectic, after all, we just had the holidays and events happening. And like you, I'd like to see many of them return. They were a wealth of information.

And I cannot say enough about joining Discord groups. I dallied here and there the first month and it wasn't until I joined three specific Discord groups/communities that my steemit life (career) took off!

I actually made more posts over the holidays than at any other time. :P

The wife got very angry with me. :D

Oops! Not good at all!

I think the holidays may have been a mixture really. SO many people and members busy or traveling, while others were home from work and did have more time than normal.

Be careful. Be veryyyy careful. And invite her to join steemit :D

She is on Steemit, just no where near active enough yet. :) @bluebellpossum

Yes! Hopefully I can grow my account and be extra helpful when they return. And, I may need to take my own advice with chat. ☺

This post has been resteemed from MSP3K courtesy of @juliakponsford from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ).

Bots Information:

Join the P.A.L. Discord | Check out MSPSteem | Listen to MSP-Waves

Very resteem worthy, Mr overhelpfulcoin

I'm ready to trade my corporate chains for block chains - how about YOU???

Sign me up. I want to be apart of the crypto revolution!

Love the graphics they are Really cool. Yes I edited my comment.

Great post! Those are indeed the main steps that separate the successful from the rest. Another great Discord community is @geopolis. They support and connect authors who post in the fields of Earth Sciences (geography, geology, ecology, anthropology...) and there are already quite a few enthusiastic members. Might be another good way to get launched in the Steemit communty 😃

Thanks @samve, hopefully some scientists will see your comment! :)

@overkillcoin thank you for sharing this infographic. I've joined a few groups on there since I started and I am still learning the ropes with each. I try my best to get on Steemit whenever I can. Its a great place and I have seen a great opportunity on here since I started. Keep steeming on.

Hi, I thought I'd responded earlier, sorry.

I appreciate this. I think I've seen you around discord chat before.

Keep up your presence here! I try my best and it gets tiresome with the complexity of my posts, but still it's very worthwhile!!

Great information!

this a nice graphic, is there still time to get notice in steemit?

Well I just noticed you, right? It's a step by step thing I guess... I think there's time, but really the time is NOW... only 600,000 users but it's going to go big... make your connections now! :D

I'm lovin' your stuff. So simple, esthetic and helpful!

Glad to hear this @yato, hopefully I'll have more. This could be a great tool to help new arrivals get started ♫

True words bro.

re-steeming this super helpful article. :) always a quality content from you okc, i do wanna thank you for always your never ending support!

Wowowoww glad you resteemed this. I hope it helps a lot of new members!
Always glad to be supportive, hopefully I'm only getting started...

I will get noticed here in few more days bcoz im working like it has to get notice.

Keep it up!!! Remember to leave comments and sometimes you get upvotes that way too.

Thanks for this. Maybe you don't have the answer to this, but do you know any specific Discord groups for writers/poets?

Hi, there's a sub-section of PAL Chat for poetry. As for writing, I might ask @gmuxx or @d-pend, they might know. Thanks for your comment ☺

Thanks @overkillcoin.

Hi @jessandthesea, I am co-administrator for The Writers' Block. We are community dedicated to fiction writers, poets and writers of other formats. Our discord link is:

You are best infographer on steemit .Thanks for tips. Keep promoting steemit by your artistic work.

Glad to help!!! :D I don;t know if I'm the best, hopefully one of the best.

I gotta try #3 !
When I used chatting system I constantly get annoying messages, so I was staying away from it but I will try to use it again :)
Thank you so much for great advice, Getting advice from successful steemian is very convincing❤️

Someone is annoying you in chat? I swear it's not me!!

I feel like this is only the beginning of this site. Guys like taskmaster4450 state that everyone here is early to the successful run that will take place.

of course its not you! I enjoy talking to you and it will be awesome to chat 😊 I will check out taskmaster4450 🙆

You have taught me something new today..joining discord groups. I will take this up immediately.

You’ll notice the benefit very quickly too. It’s an excellent way to get to know your fellow Steemians.

To be honest, I need to be more active on discord, I'm too hyper to sit too long in chat, but I drop in quite a bit.

Quick Fix:
P.A.L. Chat:

Thanks for the info, I only knew about P.A.L. and they are just great. If others are the same I believe I won't even open steemit again, I'll just stuck in discord :)

Thanks for pointing my typo out ☺

Great infographic. As a new Steemian, it's helpful to see tip posts but it's also even more beneficial when they aren't too long and wordy! I'll keep showing up and building trust. 🤞

Thanks, Amelia. I realized it's up to the community to get the word out and to promote Steemit.

I specialize in simple to understand, visual projects, I'm allergic to wordy! ☺

You may find yesterday's post of interest as well, it describes the Steem wallet, etc.

I'm going to go check that out. The wallet still doesn't make much sense to me. 😁

By the way, today's infographic addresses your question about buying steem power...

Easily said, not so much easily done. Definitely committed to pull it off this time around.

  1. Show Up
  2. Make Friends
  3. Join a Discord Community
  4. Be Authentic

Thanks for posting the discord chats. I got to say it's been really confusing starting out when you realize that steemit is so much more than post for money. post like this really helps to navigate me to navigate and who doesn't like a good infographic ^_^

There can be some good career connections here too, depending on what you do for work :) I've done some unexpected designs for several others here!

Perfect and easy to follow steps to building massive success here on steemit

Seems to be all great advice. Being authentic throughout all those steps is what really gets you ahead!

Thanks for this info @overkillcoin..
Really Learned so much from your post..
And wanna take this opportunity to thank you for everything.. continue being a blessings to other as always... GodBless you more @overkillcoin...

Glad to help !

It's hard to balance life in Steemit and in the real world. Personally, I find it difficult to choose which one I should prioritize. It's like I have a whole different life here, that's why. I can be anyone I want in Steemit without fear of judgment.

Staying in steemit for the long run. Thanks for this! I'm definitely joining groups in Discord though I may not have that much time. Atleast know that there is a family that's got my back

I agree, chat is very time consuming. I only drop in once in a while.

I'm making some big time sacrifices, but hopefully this will be a retirement fund for me one day ☺

Keep it up @josejirafa!

All chat room are two much crowded. Difficult to keep track.

I see your point, I prefer personal conversations, but all chat is very time consuming.

Personal conversation turn into a commercial/business conversation as our every intention is to just persuade the person of other side to make an handsome upvote. Initially we don't know his/her voting power. After execution of first business (upvote ), when we come to know that the person's vote not that much worthy, we just move on to next one!
That is happening frequently!

It does seem an uphill battle in the game for followers. But as you said, consistency in posts is what matters. And good tags for the topic you are speaking on.

What about the bots and investing in steem to buy votes from members with big steem power and many followers?

Well yes there are problems here, but I am NEVER going to go back to facebook!!!

Thank you for sharing this info, its good for a newbie like me. Upvoted and resteemed.

Glad you've found it useful. These infographics are over-due I think ☺ Hopefully more will be on the way soon!

I'm looking forward to it 👍😆 and thanks for the vote, really appreciate it.

Good post and I like the simplicity.


I am very proud of you.
Our demand for infographic steam is different, according to their respective abilities. @everkillcoin can change it, for it seems easier to understand. And also can add, to be more understandable.
Mukin your situation is busy with his work. So after your post in steemit you can focus again better. That's the focus of us.

You're missing a step 5. Be patient.

Required viewing for newbs: :D

But you're right, I need to do an update soon.

Fantastic. I wasn't aware of the Discord rooms, so that's definitely something I'm interested in checking out. It's tough here at first, but I can tell that it's a great place, and can feel a little bit of traction on my posts and comments now!

Now that's a lot of comments and thank you for helping all of us:)

Thanks for your support! I need to mention I'll be absent for about 6 hours while my VP recharges and I wrestle with deadlines for my work. Talk soon!!!!!

Oh yay this is a great infographic! I'm hungry for any tips and info I can get in order to improve the quality of my posts and make more friends. I have already met some cool people on here so that alone makes it worth joining! But it's only been 2 weeks for me so I would like to keep exploring!

Good post sir you ara a great infografer

good post for learning

There's so much WOW in my posts!

Sane Advice :)

thanks for your post.. carry on

Very beautiful post and we always wait for your post because your post can make us motivated and support us who are still beginners in order to make a post like you

Thanks brother for sharing a good information for us

you are @overkillcoin's sister?
Nice to meet you.

success is always a friend yes.

A really great article I did well, my dear friend

yvmvtyk3geerh0immevs.jpgNice post sir.You always upload importance post thanks for sharing.I will also wait for your next post.Upvote and resteem done done.

Thank you very much !!! This post has a lot of benefits to share with you in this post, because you did not just share this post.

Your every steps just outstanding and easy..Thanks for sharing....

Excellent informational post , thanks for sharing

Hey, I'm doing Operation Translation by @papa-pepper, and I'd like to translate this post and infographic to Chinese. Would you be up for letting me do it? This is just such a great post and I think more people should read it! I would follow @papa-pepper's guidelines, including a link to your post and crediting you in the title.

@mgsun sorry for the slow reply. I would like you to translate. How long have you spoken Chinese? It's a language that I'm sure I could never understand.

Do you need a text document? From the original?