The Truly Organic, NoBidbot, Trending, Hot and New Lists are coming soon! Stay Tuned.

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You can read more about it here
The replies to this post reflect the reasons behind this change.

I @bycoleman, am happy to turn it over and hope that the @whatamidoing team can bring it to its full glory!

The #nobidbot tag was introduced by @whatamidoing a few weeks back in his post:

Why don’t we all protest the Trending and Hot page? - #nobidbot

@whatamidoing wrote:

Is there any point in checking the Trending page? Any whatsoever?
Nearly all of the posts in Trending and Hot have been paid for. Even whales can’t compete with an army of bidbots anymore.

If the whole page is filled with posts who merely paid to get there, it means that there is absolutely NO correlation between quality and payout. There are posts with $200 payouts where $196 is from paid bidbots. The high payout merely gives the illusion of quality.

I propose we make use of a tag (#nobidbot) for users who are not using any bidbots and encourage whales and dolphins to get onboard and support us. If we can get some good curation on the #nobidbot tag we can also encourage many of the users of those bidbots to stop and join our cause as they discover there are more ways to succeed without these kind of schemes.

The #nobidbot tag was further adopted by @looktothefuture in this post.

So, the more I thought about this concept, the more I realized how @byColeman and I could utilize @transparencybot to help bring awareness and incentives to this tag.

As of 4/18/18, @transparencybot will begin upvoting random posts that use the #nobidbot tag and have not used bidbots on the post.

The number of posts it does per day depends on its remaining voting power.

The tag does not need to be your first tag, i.e., it can be any of your five tags used. NSFW articles are filtered out.

The upvote will not occur for at least 24 hours after you have posted your article.

Currently the upvote value at 100% is about $.15. As @Transparencybot receives more delegations or increases in SP on its own, the upvote value will increase as well.

So the logical progression of course is to have a central place for quality posts

using the #nobidbot tags which are programmatically selected but MANUALLY curated.

This blog will attempt to select and highlight quality posts that meet both the programmatic and manual curation standards.

  • Must use the #nobidbot tag
  • Must not use any bidbots, resteemers are not strictly forbidden but discouraged.
  • Post must be at least 24 hours old (To be added to the manually curated list).
  • Currently there is no author reputation limit, wealth filters or exclusions based on quantity, but these factors may influence manual curation.
  • Although not fully disallowed, auto-voting and circular voting (from multi-account authors) logic will be considered to prevent abuse of these tools.

Posts that meet the above programmatic criteria

will be selected and listed in our organic Trending, Hot and New list. This is a list of articles that DID NOT USE BIDBOTS; therefor, if they are voted up, it is because people believe they are worth their vote ... Pretty simple concept isn't it!

Exceptional post that are found via additional manual curation will appear in both a separate list and may also be resteemed here and other companion blogs including @transparencybot, @introbot, @looktofuture as well as other participating authors.

This is just a start and much of this may be revised as we receive feedback and gain knowledge.

Please stay tuned. If you would like to be involved, please let us know.

Curators will be listed in the replies below.

Brought to you by @Transparencybot and @byColeman, with special thanks to @whatamidoing for introducing the #nobidbot tag.

Let's start a fire and get quality back on the trending list!!



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