A Help request for my friend @cryptopie

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My dear Steemit friends, today I want to request for help for one of our steemit community member @cryptopie. Some of you may already be knowing him and assisting him but the more support he gets it's better for him.


@cryptopie has been having a meducal condition of hyperparathyroidism and failed kidneys plus many other clinical issues and complications and is on regular treatment with a very heavy cost. His support is his dear family specially his parents who take very good care of him in all ways. His financial support is Steemit where he keeps blogging and tries to get as much as he can.
I feel very proud of him that despite his condition he keeps making multiple posts in a day to keep his earnings on.
A lot of good souls are already supporting him but it is my request that more and more people can together do a bit for him in whatever big or small way one can. You may not vote every post of his but one post a day or one in 2 days also will be helpful for him.

As of now the steem prices have also slumped drastically and it is a big challenge for him to meet his medical expenses. Together we can make a difference for him.

I am sure my dear steemit community members will do their best for @cryptopie. God bless him and his family.

As for the steem prices I really wonder where it's heading to.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


GIF Courtesy @enginewitty 😍😍

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My votes are not presently big enough to make a difference so I will just send him a few steem.

Thanks for taking the time to help a community member. Very noble.

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5 steem sent. Not that much but hopefully a drop in the bucket that will be filled by the steem community. Keep fighting steem warrior.

That's very kind of you @zekepickleman, 5 or 50 it does not matter, it's the thought that matters. God bless you.
You are a very kind soul. Thank you for the help

You are one of the kindest steemians that I know of @nainaztengra
That is why I am drawn unto you like a butterfly to a beautiful flower.

I do appreciate your support and I cherish it with all my heart. :)
I am really making a self-funding effort through my blogging here and I am happy that at least I am making results but it is a slow process and I do not know if I ever achieve my goals.

But maybe God will make it happen soon I just have to continue and persevere.
God bless you my friend.

You efforts are commendable my friend and the way you keep going on daily basis surely is to be admired.
We are all here to support each other and grow together. It is just a small bit from my side. I wish you loads of success in your endeavors.

Me too I always vote his post because he is filipino

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That's very kind of you @blaogao

Are you sending the proceeds of this post to @cryptopie? Where in the world is he located? You have a good heart, my dear

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Yes for sure it goes to him my dear @artemislives without saying. He is from Philippines.
Thank you very much for visiting my post. Though I feel sad that hardly few people have a taken a glimpse of it.

You perhaps simply haven't told us enough of his story to engage most people... But thank you for having such a big heart.

Seen a few here and there and help when I can. Was first brought to my attention by @zeartul a (what seems like) long time ago.

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That's very kind of you @enginewitty. I hope more and more people can support him in his condition

It makes me so happy to see this post, I know @cryptopie well and he is a true inspiration- despite the hardships he faces in life he never asks for anything, and creates posts daily that are truly astounding. The amount of thought and effort that goes into every post put’s people to shame - I have never see a post he has done that has not impressed with the amount of written content - he writes so well especially given English is a second language.

Regarding Steem the value has been up and down a little, but there is a lot of confidence that the price will rally again soon and trend upwards.

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That's true, I really admire his courage with all the circumstances he has. His never give up attitude is what keeps him going. I wish he get ample amount of support from Steemians so that he can take his regular treatments with ease.
Btw some upward rally so lets hope for the best.

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