A visit to the Royal Opera in Muscat

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A couple of days back I made a visit to the Royal Opera House here in Muscat City. This is not the first time I visited, I have been here for shows but still I had never explored and known the facts about it till I visited it as a Tourist to see the finer details of the place.

In the Opera there are events that happen from across the globe like Opera, Jazz, Flamingo, Islamic and Arabic concerts and the Royal Parades also. If you see the opera from outside it looks like a castle. It's spread out over a huge piece of land, and the interiors are all inspired from the Omani and Arabic traditional styles. The Interiors is all completely in Marble from Italy and Wood from Burma. I must say the structures here are planned very meticulously giving lot of grandeur to the place.

This is at the Entrance Hall and the way to go to the Auditorium.You can see the combination of the Marble and Wood all over the place which makes it so glamorous. I felt like I was in a Palace.


Then they have a section where all the musical instruments are displayed which are from 17th to 19th century. Very interesting.




The Opera hall is very beautiful and very hi-tech. There are multiple language choices which takes care of everyone's preference. The whole of the seating and the stage space is movable hydraulically including the ceiling, balconies. It pushes forwards, backwards as per the need. At the look of it, doesn't look like it can move, it is so well planned.
There is a separate area for the Royal Family also. Wow, so fascinating and so much glamour and style in the whole of the place.

Where we see the 3 big lights is te seating area of the Royal family.

I loved the designs of these doors. They look so elegant.

The other interesting thing i noticed here is the Pipe organ, it is one of the biggest movable pipe organ in the world. Moves forward and backward and has 4542 pipes. I have never seen something like this before. Truly marvelous.

After we finished touring the Opera House, we finished with a cup of Green Tea at the coffee shop. It was a delightful morning spent. Hope you all enjoyed the Opera visit with me.

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GIF Courtesy @enginewitty 😍😍

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Ya know, I never used to like opera until I actually went to one and could feel the massive amount of energy in the performers. Amazing hun.

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Oh my husband does not like it till date and I drag him along with me. You bet there is so much to the performers that you sway away with them.

Ooooh it is the big. As i always assumed it big hall with red seats all over...a place called opera 🥺

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This one is massive and very impressive @steemflow, makes you feel luxurious :-D

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