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My entry to the #NaturalMedicine Challenge - Home Remedies

When it comes to regular ailments, I always prefer doing my Home remedies rather than going for pills and toxifying my body further. I do not remember when did I last take a pill for any regular problem like headache, flu.....and I am so happy about that. Even when last year I had a problem with my back I had only 1 pill for pain reliever in the span of my 4 months ailment and it did not work effectively so I never took it after that.

Today I will share some of my home remedies that I use for common problems of Cough, Cold, Headache, Flu, Body pain and so on. First of all thankfully I never fall sick, so the use is much less but I always recommend it to people and they find it effective.


Home Remedy for problems of Cough, Cold, Headache, Flu:

Clinical Treatment - Antibiotics

Home Remedy - This mixture I also prepare and have it on regular basis and not only when I am sick. This one helps build up immunity and reduce inflammation in the body.


Mint Leaves
Tulsi Leaves
Ginger chopped into small pieces
Cinnamon pieces
Pinch of Turmeric powder.
Add all of it in water and boil it for 10 minutes, and have it.
This mixture is very very effective for Cough. It gives relief in a day or two if had 3 to 4 glasses in a day.
My Mom has a regular cough problem, whenever she is with me, I make this for her and she feels a lot of relief. Her sleep also gets better.

Consumption of diluted Oregano Oil is also a good therapy to address this issue.

If the cough is too bad one can also keep some cloves in mouth and sleep. This will completely give a relaxation to the throat and one can sleep peacefully.

Insomnia, Snoring & Nightmares

Clinical Treatment - Sleeping pills

Home Remedy - This one is my super favorite because this is a Crystal therapy. If one has a snoring or Insomnia problem then this crystal therapy is very effective to use.


Rose quartz Crystal
Aventurine Crystal
Amethyst Crystal
All the crystal should be in small tumble form or small rocks which will be comfortable to keep under the pillow. In one or two days you will see the difference and the person sleeping next to you will also get peaceful sleep...😃😃

I used this therapy for my Husband cause he has a major snoring problem. It works beautifully and I get peaceful sleep.

For Nightmares

Black Tourmaline
Smokey Quartz

Nightmares occur when one has some unknown fears, phobias or when one is not grounded enough. This crystal therapy helps balance the energies and brings in stability. Small tumble form or small rocks to be kept under the bed-sheet on the leg side. Do not make a mistake to keep it under the pillow else one has chances to lose sleep.


Anxiety, Fear, Stress, Depression

Clinical Treatment - Antidepressants pills

Home Remedy - These are destructive patterns and can lead to major health issues if not controlled.

  • A Himalayan rock salt head bath. One can do it for a prolonged period on a daily basis
  • Daily White light Meditation
  • Keeping a Selenite & Amethyst Crystal around
  • Positive affirmations

This is a very subtle treatment and will take sometime to show results but once it starts it will work beautifully addressing the problem at the root level.
Whenever I feel low, I do a 3 day cycle of this and by 3rd day I am up and running around.

Body Pain

Clinical Treatment - Anti-inflammatory pills

Home Remedies - Body pain is one regular issue, if one has had a hectic day it is very much obvious a body pain may occur. So for that you do not need to take pills to comfort yourself. Rather use these therapies and there will be relief.

  • Best is to give body enough rest and recover by itself
  • Himalayan Rock Salt- A big piece of Himalayan rock salt should be heated up for 15 to 20 seconds and then to be massaged on the paining part. This will help reduce the inflammation and relieve the pain
  • A paste of Gram flour, Turmeric and Himalayan Bath salt powder to be made and applied all over the body. Keep it for a minimum of 10 minutes on the body and then bath off. This will help reduce the inflammation and relieve the pain
  • A clear quartz crystal massager can be used on the paining area, this will give relief over a period of 2 to 3 days.


I was a heavy Asthmatic patient as a Child and this was the Therapy that my father did it for me for around 3 years and it cured me by 95%.

  • A raw egg (free range) everyday in morning first thing to be consumed.
  • 2 hrs later to this a glass of milk with a powder mixture of walnut, almonds, cardamom, saffron to be had.

I advise this to many but don't really see anyone following it, cause the idea of having raw eggs disgust many and it is a prolonged one.

For Dandruff and Hair fall

Home Remedy - Prepare Onion juice and apply it to the scalp. Leave it for 1 hour maximum and wash it with lukewarm water. In 1 application you will have a clear scalp and also feel the smoothness and softness in the Hair. Regular application will help reduce hair fall and also promote new hair growth. I do this therapy once a month and find it very very effective.

These are some of my regular home made therapies for most common problems. Crystals can be used for almost every ailment, the only thing one needs is patience while using them as they take time to start working with you and for you to feel the change.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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Wow....i have taken many leaf out of it...👍...to add on...what about golden milk for bodyache or lukewarm water. I saw it works on me too....for snoring I have a totally desi nuska....put a drop of mustard oil in nostrils before sleeping😉

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I was not aware of the Mustard oil therapy. Yes Hydrotherapy is very good for bodyaches. There are so many hoe remedies to cure you from anything, it just needs patience when you do it. Our ancestors were much smarter then us to discover so many home based remedies.

You’ve been visited by @porters on behalf of Natural Medicine!

I love your examples of home remedies for some of the common ailments! Most of them are new to me, so I will add them to my arsenal of treatments. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you @porters. It is always good to go with home remedies then the conventional ones. There are so many of them for almost all the possible ailments, we just need to gain knowledge on it.

The mixture sounds amazing, I have heard about mint leaves and tulsi leaves as separate remedies but this mixture sounds good, I will try it. :) Thanks for sharing your wisdom :)

Yes it works very well, Having it daily also overall helps with the immune system

Thank you for so many different remedies. I appreciate your effort to share your knowledge with others. I wish you all the best.

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Thank you @emmamia for visiting my blog

Here in my country some of our local proven herbal preparations are sold for minor ailments, but for other ailments chemically prepared drugs are really the solution @nainaztengra although they are also making other ailments in the form of side-effects especially if taken for long term.

Herbal treatments are very good and effective even for major ailments my friend, only thing is they would take time to work and you need to have patience for that

My family and I have been taking CBD oil for a few months now. I will tell you it does work, the is the ultimate natural medicine you can use. It is hemp CBD has no THC and it will help with many things.

As you know I am a veteran and I use it to treat my PTSD and other ailments and for pain. I am more active and in a better mood from taking it and I am getting things done here on the homestead.

I am not a doctor or a medicine man! I am just a guy that uses CBD and I will tell you from my experience it has done wonders for me. Do your own research on things and find something that works for you. Give CBD oil a try I think you will like it and what it can do for your health.

I have been in too much favor of using CBD oil but sadly here in Middle east it is strictly banned and if you are caught you will be have a heavy punishment. When my husband was diagnosed with Autoimmune I so much wanted to use it but sadly could not. I know it does wonders, a lot of my friends have been using it in other places and they see very good results.

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Wow @nainaztengra, you've shared so many home remedies here! I love that you are able to help your mum feel better when she visits you.

Thank you @walkerland. Sadly she does not continue when she goes back to her place and I get very pissed off that she wants to go with the easy way out.

I have complete sympathy for you - my parents are exactly like that as well. All we can do is our best to help but I get frustrated too.

Old age brings lot of it's own challenges :-D

Love the article @nainaztengra! My favourite new information is the one with the clove, that you can sleep with it in your mouth. Interesting.
Cheers :x:X:X

Thanx. It is a very good soother for the throat and instant relief

I will definetely try it when the time comes!! 💜

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