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Welcome to Steemit likely one of the most revolutionary blockchain related applications that exist today.

Likely you are here because you heard you can earn money from posting and upvoting quality content.

There are more new users than ever on Steemit which makes the prize pool more competitive, those publishers that are creative enough to earn the trust of a larger audience will always be the bigger winners at the end of the day.

Don't Spam

Well this is quite correct but don't expect to suddenly start to earn thousands of $ worth of cryptocurrencies by spamming other people's posts with follow and upvote requests. Here is something interesting to read regarding spam on steemit  by @rubenalexander

Don't get angry and impatient

In my personal experience it took me weeks until my first post got enough upvotes to make a dollar worth of steem. Im a slow learner but I kept insisting and as I had made an investment in steempower I felt the obligation to keep trying. Many a user here has quit steemit gone on a big rant and made a big fool of him/her self. That includes me I also had this problem but it had more to do with my personal situation and ongoing depression problems.

Keep posting, engage other posts that interest you and your follower count will increase and over time you will continue to earn more and more upvotes which will obv increase your payouts. Here is a relevant post from @fisteganos Have you noticed a potential drop in payouts

Tell your friends

Make sure that you spread the word of Steemit and other cryptocurrencies, on a daily basis I inform new people about the the amazing oportunity we have to reset most of our problems by switching on decentralization. I have been quite the advocate since my first blockchain transaccion early in 2014 and since then I have not stopped talking about cryptocurrencies to people and the change we need. Found a very cool article about converting your friends to Steemit written by @shenanigator Steemit recruitment

Buy Some Steem and convert to SP

If you are sitting on  any spare change or fake paper money and dont need to spend it any time soon, why not convert it into Steem. This will increase your Steempower which in turn will allow for bigger curation rewards. The price is a big high right now but in a few years time when Steem is worth hundreds of dolars we will be laughing at the missed oportunity of not having purchased more steem while it was being given away. Here is a very interesting post by @fxminer about why to buy steem and invest in Steempower

Make sure you tag your posts properly

Before hitting that publish button make sure that you have selected the correct tags for your post. This will help users to find your content which is relevant to them in a much more organized and efficient manner. Check the most popular tags for posts if you are unsure about how to tag properly. Here is a post from @eroche that explains in better terms how to properly tag a post

Hope this has helped to guide the new Steemit user in the right direction 

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All upvotes, follows and comments very much apreciated


Hello @mallorcaman

First of all this post is very useful for new people as I see it, thank you.

I think it is important that people use one tag for their country or place.
People like to find each other and read about their fellow man. It is a nice way of orientation sometimes.

As they say in this video:
"A global community with a small-town feeling."

  • Have a nice day everybody!

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Best reply ever and so very colourfull. Thanks for cheering me up and supporting! Hope you have a great weekend @barbro

Great tips man, I am putting these into action whenever I can.

I am wondering if I have to power down my steem power to get the effects of it, or is it the more I have, the better the effect. Or is like like Karma on Reddit?

I am new however fired up and promoting steem to more success. I am sure that steem will take over social media soon , a win win for all of us isnt it?

Great @mallorcaman...I agree with you. Upvoted and following you buddy..lets stay in contact

The danger I run into is not being patient. I know that my content is undervalued right now, that's ok. Of course I want to see all sorts of big upvotes on my stuff, but I haven't built up a reputation yet. Working on it. Thanks for the post. Steem on! @ironshield

Way to go MallorcaMan! Even this post did very well, you seem to have figured out the formula to a good post. [email protected]

Very helpful, thank you :)

Some great points to think about there and very true, thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing
Great post

Few days ago I was asked here and in particular "Is STEEM making real money? "

Here was my answer

As I am new here I hope I did good.. hopping my post help the new steemers
I like to hear your point of view
thanking in advance

I just joined the steemit for three days, What should I do so that my vote and follow up will [email protected]

Very helpful post, I think the key here is being patient, adding value to the community by making good, insightful comments and making content which is creative, original and engaging

As a new steemer I find this very helpful and I admit In the beging I asked for a follow on a comment then I felt guilty about it and realized that the best way to earn it is to participate and being patient.
Thank you for the great post.

I saw you comment on my neighbour's blog giantbear. I take a look at your blog now. Thank you for this posts as I am also new to steemit it is very helpful, I see you are a dad, then I suppose you are married. I have a blog on Love and marriage if you would like to follow me @hope777

"Many a user here has quit steemit gone on a big rant and made a big fool of him/her self."

Hehe, I'm pretty sure the quit rant has never gone well on any site in the history of the internet

Hi, me again!
Me and my wife have been using steemit for a while. She cashes out some SBD and I try to invest a little in steem to power up. My question isn't about that thought. I was told I better made two post for introducing myself, because I can do so in both spanish and english. I did the spanish one when I started but haven't been able to do the english one. As I now have 9 days on the network, but posted only two articles in spanish. Do you think that it shoud be a good idea to make my english presentation even thought I have now almost two weeks and two posts already gone? Again I thank you and everybody for they support Have a great weekend, and steem on!

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