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I would like to address an area of improvement for Steemit. It is in regards to users having the ability to flag content that is not plagarism or not scamming Steemians. I call this spam flagging.


Incident #1:

I have initially used the flag with @sirwinchester. At first, I noticed several of my logos from an early post were being used as the main image and would inform him that I wanted a link back or I would leave a flag.

This happened several times and instead of asking first, I would flag first then remove it when he linked back.

Other users were using them as well, but they all linked either to the post or to my steemit blog.

@sirwinchester has gotten much better about citing his sources (not just me), and I appreciate his posts because they always lead to a good discussion as seen in the comments.


Incident #2:

This was the first time one of my posts was flagged. It was by user @asshole on this post and I didn't understand why. I make most of my content and even when I use the royalty free source called, I still cite the reference. I do so because I don't want to block opportunity from someone when they've earned it.

My post had a flag and despite my request the flag to be removed. @asshole just kept it there blocking some of my upvote revenue.

There was nothing I could do to contest it.


Incident #3:

@onceuponatime and @twiceuponatime both ganged up and flagged several of my last 10 posts. This sucks because I was going to use data from my last Hoppy Hour beer review for a post.

I asked @onceuponatime and @twiceuponatime in the last post why they flagged my content and they didn't resoond. I assume it was because I flagged the recent @mattrainer post and their spam flagging is retaliation.


@onceuponatime has written about flagging and After reviewing this post I will be removing my flags from the comments supporting for @matttrainer project post.

After rereading @matttrainer's posts and comments I flagged @stan and once's. I realized that I flagged their comments because their support of a heavily flagged scammer made them look suspicious. And their defense or encouragement of his project made them look complicit with the scam. This is a personal opinion and I won't flag on opinion in the future.


  • What is the best way to prevent spam flagging?

  • What do you suggest I do when I am repeatedly flagged as I've described in this post?

  • What design feature can help EOS prevent situations that would lead to spam flagging?


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I guess there wasn't just 1 incident where the user was behaving like @asshole.

I think flagging should have a threshold before it is applied. Eg. 5 flags get five downvotes. 4 or less flags get no flag.

something I just learned yesterday from @officialfuzzy is that apparently it takes 3 times the voting power for someone to downvote a post versus upvoting it. also, @asshole bot was going around doing that to everyone trying to prove some kind of point at the time, so it wasn't "personal":

Link: New account @asshole troll-bot flagging HUNDREDS of Steemit Posts

Thanks for that link. Thanks for sharing this info.

That won't really achieve anything, because someone can easily create and control multiple accounts. It would just limit the power in a somewhat unfair way.

Im not keen on flagging to much - there must be a positive approach to all this spamming going on here on Steem.

I did a post on it here: