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One of the least intuitive features here on Steemit are the tags.

After putting hours of effort to writing a great post, agonising over the title and the first picture, that are going to catch peoples attention, tags are often an afterthought. But they are an essential element if you wish to get your post viewed and voted on.

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Which tag should you use?

There is no strict rule but in general appropiate realted tags, you have a limit of 5 so use sparingly and the first one is what shows up in your feed as the main tag.

Special Tags

There are some tags which will get you included in competitions or initiatives from time to time.


Some examples

  • One I came across today was beachwednesday.
  • Another one I see from time to time is steemitphotochallenge.


An initiative which I regularly tag is minnowsunite. The use of this tag will automatically result in upvotes according to a post by @endgame some months back.
New comers should also be aware of the introduceyourself tag. Posting here gives new users the opportunity to introduce themselves to the community and begin to get a following. You might also get a boost from a whale or two if your lucky with a few big upvotes. Whales have been seen in these waters.

Make your own Tags

You can tag any post with any word, I have recently mistyped introduceyourelf as a tag. I hope I haven't disappointed people searching Steemit for elves. 😁 Using your own tags means you can sort your posts as you like at a later stage.


I can't make a decision

Sometimes you just want to get your post out there. A technique I use sometimes is to look at trending tags to see what is the top trending tags, what tags would get my post most viability?

Click on the top right of your blog home page (the three line button)

This gives a dropdown menu where you can select trending topics

Sort the trending topics by Payouts, Comments or Posts to find the top.

Here I have sorted by Payouts, It's now easy to choose relevant tags to add to my post that are related to the content in it.

For additional reading @biletskly wrote an article some months back with some useful advice Secrets of tags in Steemit! How to use it properly. Yes! You better do it to be more popular and gain money!

Come Across any good tags lately?

Please add comments to this post with any tags that your involved with and a link to the announcement post if possible. It might also be useful to point out here in the comments tags that are misused for the benefit of newer people to Steemit.

Thank you for reading this. I write on Steemit about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Travel and lots of random topics.

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Good idea! XD

This is quite helpful, thanks!

Your welcome, thanks for the resteem.

Great advice thanks for the post!

Excelent post, tags are often overloooked and people dont value the importance of using the right tags. Resteemed!

Thanks @mallorcaman

I like the idea of tags like minnowsunite; I think tags which also feature help or answers for new people would move SteemIt forward. I've seen a few unanswered questions on this platform from new people and a tag that people could use that would get answered, like steemithelp or something, would be welcome here.

I have used steem-help in this post, as I found that trending a while back. I am not sure if there is an official tag I should be using, I generally go with what is trending if I can so that it gets the most visibility.

Really very interesting post. Thank you for the enlightenment on tags. Sometimes it is horrible to find the right ones!

It's not my favourite part of posting. Glad this helped.

Great post. I really hope some day we will be able to save our favourite tags so they appear at the top of the list. This would be useful for those extra niche tags like community competitions and initiatives.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Try out busy.org, you can save tags on that app as favourites. Id love to see it on steemit.com too.

Ahh I had no idea. Thanks a million. Will check it out now.

I like it

Thank you.

You are welcome...

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Thanks @screenname. Hope this past helps new authors even of it's undervalued.

tag must be the thing that you post...

You did an excellent job. And thankfully with gratitude, you clarified a few things that have been on my mind. Most appreciated.
Regards. V

Thanks for the help I use to be a victim of that and it has really helped me cudous to that dear

Thanks man!!

You helped me A LOT man.

I'm new here on Steemit and I also happen to write about Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Technology.

If you want to share any thought about my work it'll be appreciated!

nice topic :)