For New Steemers / Is STEEM Making Real Money? Absolutely Yes / Proof Inside.

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Thank You For Your Support and For Honoring Me With Your Up Vote...


I have been here from July 2016, But I started to be active the last 3 weeks because I was so busy working in forex field more than 9 years as Official Representative for many forex brokers.

Official XM Representative ( 2010-2014)

Official Hiwayfx Representative ( 2014-2016)

I left everything behind and Few weeks ago, I started to be active here as steemer because I was sure from my first:
Steemit is "...Something more Powerful..!!" than any other social media.

Few days ago I was asked here and in particular "Is STEEM making real money? " The reason why yesterday I withdraw via @BlockTrades few SBD to My Xapo Visa Card (BTC).

Withdraw proof.png
Withdraw Proof

I posted this withdraw proof here just to show every one ( New Steemers ), it is real money and I went with one of our steemers to supermarket to buy some beers using my Xapo Visa Card after I exchanged my SBD to Bitcoin just to show him how I make money By steemit and I did not get crazy yet and how I enjoy my Steemit Beer.


My point of view:
Will be great, if other steemers post thier withdraw proof to show the new users that they can make money in steemit and may also change thier life.

Every comment, every upvote, every support is really appreciated.
Thanks For Reading,

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Hello @lordoftruth

I use
So I can buy whatever I want anywhere in the world.

It is important to understand that STEEM is the real money and you can already use it some places directly from your Steemit Wallet.
I have done that and @mallorcaman do it all the time on Mallorca.

The name of the game is: keep your STEEM as Steem Power until you need to pay something.

Have a nice day everybody ;-)

Thanks for advice.
As you see I am new here..
To be honest I did not make any investment in steem!
as I had some financial problem for some healthy problem, the reason why I can not keep all in SP.
Because I need to withdraw every week my SBD for live..
Hopping in future to be a good steemer and to can do as your advice!
I know it is real money ..and I worked hard for it but I enjoyed it!
I know also that every one of you worked hard before getting a good result.
Maybe after few months I will keep everything in steem power but for now I can not do that ..
I hope you understand me.
I bookmarked and thank you for this great info.
Thanks for great support
Thanks for your time and advice!
By the way I visted Oslo few years ago and really I enjoyed
Takk for advarsel og god støtte

Looking smooth at the trading desk @lordoftruth !! Great pics!!

I am old man .. mate ( in 6 aug ) I am 57 years
Thanks for support

I'm just 10 years below you @lordoftruth ;)

You are young lol .. just 47 !!
I am your old brother
RS My last post Mate
Will be good if the new steemer read it, I think !
As a lot asked me this question

Thanks big brother!! Will take a looko ....

Thanking in advance

No problem brother!!

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I'm only 40 and going to retired next year

Great information. Thank you for sharing. ☆☆☆☆☆😎

Thanks Mate for vist, support and upvote

You're welcome.

Can I ask you so kindly to resteem me this post to give the post more visibilty..
Because a lot asked me the same question, the reason why I put the proof inside.

Thank you for sharing! I think it's great idea to post posts like this for people to trust more to this site! I will do this kind of post too! Good luck to you all!

That was the reason, Why I posted it, as a lot do not believe that we make real money here.
Thanks for visit and support

I originally came here for no censorship but getting paid for things like photographer also im in.

Thanks for visit and support

come and hang with us at

Thanks for invitation
I am already logged in
I can hear some voices but I do not yet how can I use it !!

you´ll get familiar with it. Is easy.
Settings->Voice->Push To Talk Button

I verified my account .. I can see the voice now is connected
I can not dowload in my pc .. as I have xp
Advice me
can I use without download !!
Sorry for taking a lot of your time

Thanks for great support
Happy to be one of your followers as I have a lot to learn from you

Nice post @lordfortruth

Thanks for great support and for your visit

Nice to show people outside of steemit, its real ,happening and not so complicated as all that ) steem On @lordoftruth )

thanks for nice words and for support
Have a great weekend

Congrats...I'm still waiting for my 1st payout...but more than that I enjoy connecting to people and having constructive conversations....rewards are just part of this whole system :)

I agree fully with you
We are not here just for money
Thanks for your visit
Steem on

You may check 1337coin, it start pumpin.. Thats anothe crypto..

So far i earned $60 here in steemit

Well done

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Hey I too just did two power down sessions,the first to try and the second to expand... don't worry folks, back to powering up 100%.

Anyway these were my two experiments:


2017-05-31 17:05:48
470 Steem = $423 0r .189
Complete BTC 0.18930000

2017-06-08 10:25:55
439 Steem = $970 or .353 BTC
Complete BTC 0.35336126

So yes you can make it in fiat... or other cryptos, but if you look... the moral of the story is Steem had better value increase over those times, so maybe just stay put.

Thanks for reply, sharing your WITHDRAWAL HISTORY and your support

my friend also got real money..

Keep blogging
You are in the right way

thank you brother

Very good post my friend...good work ..thank you

Thanks for your visit and nice words
will be great if you can resteemit to let a lot of new steemers read it

Awesome glad you're back on!

Thanks for for support

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Thanks for your support
Followed back

Great post! It will help others :)

Happy to see you here
Thanks for your support

A wonderful article, I am sure it will help people to know more about Steemit!

Thanks for support and reply
I hope to read it a lot of new steemers
May some one resteem it to give the post more visibilty..
Because a lot asked me the same question, the reason why I put the proof inside.

I will resteem it for sure!

Thanks for great support
I have now words
You are great steemer

Thank you, have a nice day!)

Excellent work dear friend @lordoftruth thank you very much for sharing this post
you have a good day

Thanks for visit and support
Havea great weekend

I am very happy for you truth! Nice to see the other cards working. The STEEM Visa card is coming, though i do not know when. I personally use a shiftcard as it is linked to my coinbase and gdax account. I also used a bunch of steem towards a plane ticket recently. But now I am focussed on trying to keep my steem and golos.
I am also impressed by your experience in forex. I started learning to trade almost a year ago. My expertise is in improv performing and teaching, and writing. But I am interested in learning more and being a better forex trader. I started trading binaries with MarketWorld and Nadex. I have an account with 1broker. But also an account with Oanda. I hope to get better and more consistent and eventually understand the bots. But for now just trying to balance steem with trading.
Maybe someday we can exchange what we are learning from one another. But I humbly respect your experience in forex. That might make great posts too.
Thanks for the upvotes and more importantly, the comments. It is nice to meet new people because of steemit. Congratulations on your continued success and be well!

"STEEM Visa card is coming ... "
Sound good..
"someday we can exchange what we are learning from one another..."
For sure..
"Congratulations on your continued success and be well! .."
Thanks for support and nice word..

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YES Steem is real money thanks for sharing lordoftruth

Thanks mate for your visit and for your great support

:P If you need further proof I got a bunch of credit cards I'm pretty much done paying off now.

Thanks for visit and support
The proof needed for new steemers
Not for me.. and this is the reason why I put proof inside
Happy to see you here in my blog
Thanks again..
Wish you a nice weekend

This is an excellent post and I appreciate the detail you put into it! I'm a believer!

Thanks Mate for your support
Wish you a great weekend