You Wrote, He Wrote, Everyone Want Upvote / For New Steemains

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After the 50k SP Delegation,
I started to get a lot of upvote requests from some new steemains..
I ask you so kindly to do not request..
Be sure that your blog will be checked and if good post was found
will be upvoted..
Every day since 4 SEP,
I upvote daily 50 posts (between 3% and 50% voting power) ..
You know, that take a lot of time ( must be read )..
So patience is needed..
I am sure that you will keep producing good quality contents and
your post will be upvoted..

"I Don't Upvote An Author / I Upvote Good Quality Contents"


Steem on..

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Every comment, every upvote, every support is really appreciated.
Thanks For Reading

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Thats the way it is. Small minnows want to get upvotes by whales. I think the more SP you have the more such requests you will get. You cannot stop this. You'll have to find ways to quicker decide what to look at and what to ignore. Its not always easy to find the good content.
Just my opinion.

Edit: and just to clarify: what would a single full upvote of you get me (and for most minnows)? It would get me more sdb than i got from all posts and comments last week.


Thanks for your opinion..
It is no problem , I enjoy reading when I have time
The upvote is between 3% and 50% voting power
For today already 50 good posts was found and upvoted
Note, no upvote over the weekend
Thanks for comment and support

I know a lot of new member here are already quit steeming because they disapoint on the result, they are expecting to earn hundred with there post but instead get 0. And I am pitty to them, some of these guys is my invite from my 76 invite only 9 get there nose up and swim forward. Others are decide to go back fb and youtube.

Quality Content, Quality Content, Quality Content.....


Your last post was upvoted


please write quality content.....

This post recieved an upvote from minnowpond. If you would like to recieve upvotes from minnowpond on all your posts, simply FOLLOW @minnowpond

This post recieved an upvote from minnowpond. If you would like to recieve upvotes from minnowpond on all your posts, simply FOLLOW @minnowpond

amigo #resteemia at your service

'I Don't Upvote An Author / I Upvote Good Quality Contents' got it :) nice work @lordoftruth

'UpVote ReSteem Comment'


Thanks mate
Why you do not post
As I see you just resteem
Am I right !!

That is indeed great advice - only voting high quality content. That is an extremely important thing to do for this platform to thrive.


3% for you to keep blogging

posts that attract friends and I like your post ...i like you @lordoftruth.


Thanks my friend
Keep the good work


Yes ...i like post you and i resteem post you dear friend @lordoftruth

That's a great initiative and @xaero1 has really been boon for all minnows. Just wanted to check if there any place where we can share out post to you in order for you to review?


No share needed
Keep the good work
Your last post really have a good content
Upvoted with 5%


Thanks a lot for upvote.

Yes ,,,. I agree with your argumen
It's very useful for us

I totally agree with your thought. Steemit is a a valuable platform and we should not misuse with unnecessary contents. Lets make a better place to live here. Lovely thoughts. I respect


Thanks for support
Will blog will be checked soon

Respect your work my dear friend! Yeah you upvoted my posts few times! Yeah I never asked it but you did it! Thank you very much for that help! And respect the way you are doing!



Your last post was upvoted


Thank you very much friend!


I read dozens of posts a day. Fortunately, many authors monitor the quality of their content.

content is the king

congratulations for the great work you are doing dear friend @lordoftruth
Have a great day

Haha ... nice to see it's not just me (getting the crazy upvote requests)!!


After the 50k SP Delegation, I start to understand you..
Thanks for great support..
Have a great weekend..

Thanks for your words of wisdom for a newbie like me. I am following you now.

I definetly agree with you , however as a new author i find it very hard "to be seen". Oh well, i guees everythng takes time :)

Whoa, nice initiative. Would be working hard to make sure my posts are with quality :)


You are right
Your last post was upvoted
Steem on


Cool, thanks @lordoftruth!
Steem on

great post and advise

Amen :)

what did you do to get that big SP

Helloo @lordoftruth
I am vote


Your last post already upvoted mate for the good content


Thank you very much @lordoftruth