(HELP CANCER) Steemit help us fight cancer! [Photo 1][ENGLISH]

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You would not find a lot of explanatory photos, because I could not upload my emotions far too deep.
It's not long! promised and it can save lives! yes lives really!

One month on steemit, is so moved, by the meetings that I had the opportunity to make, that it is on the mutual technical aspect, or on personal projects.

Difficult is the beginning of our actions, but once my vital purpose of being human has been discovered, my determination not is the equal.

Lost, literally on steemit, on created content. By chance, I met a group of @asapers curators, who led me on their discord.

I am even quoted in their newspapers number 9: EXTRA EXTRA, READ ME A.S.A.P! Number 9
All the modalities on their blog. Go support them, he really deserves it.

(thank you to the whole team of understand-steem.fr for the tools put at my disposal, I am improving from day to day)

I Click, click and I discover @insideoutlet you will not go unscathed and deeply touched by this and @ shai-hulud his guardian angel.

These people fight cancer. And I can not humanly, not contribute to the fight, whatever the way, on steemit or otherwise!

We were touched by their strength, and for the dear ones we lost, we will go to the end of the project. I will tell you more about me at another time, it and more important to read the following.

He and she will donate all SBDs raised from all positions with (FCK Cancer) in the title until early March, Go follow them and vote for a good cause.

FCK Cancer! COME ON STEEMIT! Do not Let Facebook WIN!

The importance of resentment is what you can give to others without losing yourself.

In this case the initiative is to raise funds to find a cure for leukemia.
And to grow hair (minimum 30 cm) for a child suffering from hair loss associated with leukemia.
Who will benefit after being transformed into a wig.

(photo used with permission from @insideoutlet and @shai-hulud.)
(you are both too cute)


A whale or two, five to ten dolphins, ten to hundred minnows or 1000+ plankton, no matter what the mix you can all help us help others, an upvote costs you nothing and it can SAVE lives! and maybe buy him a beanie... Just Jokin, he can freeze all that money is for the kids. lol…


I advise you to watch this very moving film "Premonition", American film where the daughter of the character played by "Anthony Hopkins" has leukemia.
Now it's good. (very upsetting)

Beyond the good action, I thought of my children, my 8 year old son and my 4 year old daughter, imagining for a moment to be immersed in such a hard time.

I cried. And if you think about it, at your own children, you do not have eyes full of tears you are not human.
Anyone in such a situation needs people like them.

So I took the initiative to my get closer institutions in my area and inform me on the internet and there, I was overwhelmed by those I discovered, the number of leukemias, just as devastating.

Some examples to touch your mind:

Leukemia can occur at any age, from the neonatal period to the 4th age, but depending on age and some antecedents, the risk of contracting certain types of leukemia differs.

LAL: the most common leukaemias of the child. The peak frequency is observed between 2 and 5 years, but all ages are concerned. In adults, it is rarer than AML.
AML: rare in children, it is the most common acute leukemia in adults.
CML: adult leukemia, rare in children.
LLC: only at the 3rd or the 4th age, exceptionally from the age of 50.

There is no difference between men and women.

Treatment varies according to the type of leukemia:

Acute leukemias are treated with intensive chemotherapy which usually requires a long hospitalization.

The chances of successful treatment vary according to the age and type of leukemia with the chances of recovery that are for the child's LAL of 80% . Nevertheless, in case of relapse, the chances of recovery fall to 30%.

You want to help others. But you do not know how? Think about the gift of hair.

Why give her hair?

Giving hair is a way to allow people with cancer who have little means to buy a wig with good-quality natural hair, the low social security contributions of many countries are shameful.

To participate in giving a smile to all these women victims of cancer. Mothers, girls, sisters, who thanks to your gift and upvote will regain their femininity.
Take them out of their hair loss complex, see their daughter go to school without mockery or just ignore that is surely even more difficult, we can give a social life to this extraordinary person deep inside them.

But also to men and little boys of course.

By offering your hair, you help these men and women with the loss of their hair.

(logo @hairshares)

The @hairshares project is looking to reward people willing to donate their hair to a worthy cause or those able to convince a loved one to do the same.

Here's how it works. @nepd is putting aside an amount of HAIRSHARE tokens... he'll add to that total every day until someone takes the plunge and makes a hair donation. If multiple people donate on the same day (per CST calendar), they will split the rewards equally.

If you are able to get a wife, husband, sister, father, girlfriend, mother, father, babysitter, whatever... to donate their hair, that counts too! Just document it in a post and use the "hairshares" and "hairshares-jackpot" tags.

We will help give a person a wig. !!!

Each month, until the day of the hairdressing salon (day C), we will write one or two articles, with the advance of the length, photo, meeting and the state of the donations put in place. For one or more associations.

Here is the first picture of a future long series:
(three months without cutting)
(He is complexed by his photos, tell him that he is beautiful like that, maybe he will remove the mask ^^! Lol)

All articles with at the beginning of the title:
(CANCER HELP) will be refunded at 50% sbd until the end of their quest at @insideoutlet or @shai-hulud. For their own association.

The remaining 50% placed in the pot (HELP CANCER) or (HC), will be donated to the day of the hairdresser, the totality of the profits collected, in the form of donation to this association for the moment (others will be added):

If, by kindness, you wish to make a donation to support us and encourage us on the project hair in steem, sbd, or delegation for the project, use the memo (HELP CANCER), so that I can easily update the jackpot.
(no matter the amounts, even small ones)
Being recorded on the blockchain thanks to the memo we will be able to follow the donations.


On my home profile steemit you will find the count of the sum obtained, updated, to each gain obtained for the project.

I do not have the financial means to do more for the moment, but I can give my time, my votes and resteem to help others.

Your upvote costs nothing and helps a lot!

Participating in this kind of project makes you feel better.

Please avoid negative comments or that have no real value to the project or just for butte to be voted, for others who will give me strength, thank you in advance, I love you.

Thanks to all the benefactors who work on steemit, god will give it to us.
Thanks to you @insideoutlet, @shai-hulud for making us aware!

I count on you my friends, in the life or on steemit to support us, all the communities will be called to help, one will leave all more alive.

I am also looking for help to organize the discord, whether French or English.

Let us know if any of you wish to be part of the project.

Possible future internet page to explain the project, if someone has the skills.

The discord will aim at mutual help and only mutual help.
A section of curations and self-promotion will be required as well as other room, in order to help his neighbor!

If you leave this page without reading or leaving a vote, here, or on the links that I have communicated, shame on you ^^ naughty. But I do not blame you, open your eyes and come back when you understand.

For the others we find ourselves in the comments! Sorry in advance if I can not answer everyone immediately I have a small bandwidth for the moment.

See you soon!

(source: @insideoutlet, @shai-hulud, https://www.lmc-france.fr/, www.laurettefugain.org/, www.leucemie-espoir.org/, www.dons-recherche.net, wikipedia. , and unfortunately many others)



1000 followers and + !!! I love you all, I'll resteem you!

Cryptocurrencies, written on my last will after death !!!
By the way, were you aware that you can earn STEEM just by upvoting and responding to comments? XD


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I just read this it’s been 8 days if I vote no reward :(


Thank you very much, no problem, my friend. You can vote all the articles they're not mi for nothing.

How awesome of you! They are some great people, doing some great work, as are you! #fuckcancer


thanks i really appreciate the support, especially today.


You have my support today and every other day! Always remember when the days get bad, its not a bad life just a bad day! This too shall pass!


Thank you really, you're absolutely right, positivons!

Thanks for sharing our cause with the world, we appreciate it and are excited you took the cause on for yourself. Happy shaving :)

I'm 100% with you on your journey to help the people in need!
Resteemed the post for wider exposure!

P.S. Resteem the article if you have a heart!


hello, very very good commentaire much love to you ,my friend you join my discord here please.



Thank you for that's premiers donations, resteem, voted. I love you!
Thanks for them!

I'm sure you have a big heart my steemian friends!

Help us please !

(HELP CANCER) Steemit help us fight cancer! [Photo 1][ENGLISH]

(HELP CANCER) Steemit aidez nous à combattre le cancer ! [Photo 1][Français]

Thank you really, you're absolutely right, positivons!

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