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Hello ! planet steemit Do you think of your dematerialized monaies?

Yes, I mean, your apartment or other materials will come back to your child? But your cryptocurrencies will benefit a who? If you are more of our world, and no one can connect?

So, being afraid of death and forgetting this resource, I decided to make an appointment some time ago.


Today, I had a meeting at the notary to validate my will.

So, of course, I have all the material goods that I have written on it, but also my property in cryptocurrency.

My accounts with login information:

(all his lock up, in a bank vault)

  • Steemit
  • Coinbase
  • Binance

A nano ledger (they will have the surprise because I do not know how much it will contain)

With a little blog under book they will have something to succeed each step.

"" There are some life insurances that look like insurance on death. ""

Quote by Sacha Guitry ; A trip to paradise (1933)

It is with great intention to live very long and fill this nano, that I leave you and done the same!

Do not hesitate to take a look at my blog! You will find tutorials, tools, articles, etc.

If you like this article, do not hesitate to upvote / comment / resteem, it gives me the courage to continue.

See you soon !



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My return of experiences in the world of cryptocurrencies to help new.
Do you think it's a natural desire to help others?
What would happen if the sun went out suddenly and forever?
If you go down to the deepest ocean?
What if the Internet stopped walking suddenly?
My farewells for Facebook!
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Pretty cool. I really like the idea of crytpocurrency.


yes thanks to you


woo doesnt

Informative, thanks for sharing. Following as well Steem on!!

thin, I had forgotten the beginning of my post, I corrected!

Well said!
Crypto is the future!
Your future generation will thank you one day for the gift you have to be presented to them!


thanks you, yes, my 8 year old son knows a lot about crypto. it is his future that I must teach him.

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