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I have a premise in my life, that I apply in everything I do and everywhere I go, I will be looking for ways to improve both myself and everything around me.

I can not understand why I could not give my contribution to improve that space that I will live for a certain time.

This helps me to improve constantly, to break the routine, to feel better about myself feeling that despite the adversities that may arise there is always possibility to overcome.

There is no excuse for doing things wrong, if everyone is prepared to do things in a better way, time will take care of giving back.

We can all do great things, but why do some people do it and others not?

DISPOSITION, that determines many results in life.

*** Always:
"When I leave, everything must look better than when I arrived."***


NOT only do I refer to work, the same applies to studies, relationships, sports teams, and of course STEEMIT.


A law that we should apply. In this financial ecosystem it is worthwhile that those who are part of it have the greatest and best disposition to be able to grow and advance, and indirectly this is benefiting many along the way, and in fact, if I decided to leave steemit, it would be a space that It improved while he made life in it.

It is necessary for this, our platform, to keep it active with quality post, with variety, with a high level of interactions, where multiculturalism is present through relationships based on respect and support.



The premise to be in steemit should not be just to make money, but rather that this is the result of a good job in this financial ecosystem, which alone will give you benefits beyond the economic.

A good way to do it is to offer help to those who are starting, so they do not make the same mistakes that we surely made when taking our first steps.

The important thing is to ensure that steemit continues its upward career in time and lasts, achieving consolidation as the platform that most users achieve ...

So what is the goal? the images speak for themselves:





si te gustó. INGLESjpg.jpg


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I belive that you asked why more people do not try to leave things in a better condition than before they came. Well people are selfish, and some people do not care about other people...and the other people (although they are selfish) they like to think that they are good hearted and they make the world a more deplorable place when they try to leave the world better than they found it. Christianity is not just a nice list of rules, Christianity is a code of conduct, and it is the only code that will leave things better than we found them.

Like I told my friend today 'either you are a tyrant, or you are a tyrant in the making'. Tyrants are selfish, everything that they do at the heart of the issue is selfish.


Definitely selfishness is a bad guide, and there are those who move through it.
It's sad that, I would like to change that reality, it would be a great step for humanity, but it does not depend on just one, but on everyone.

For now, everyone in your world and with those around you looking for the way to do well what we do, and to do good to those we treat.

Thanks for the input.


Something that I like to think about is that most people think that they are decent people. I think that most laws are put into place by people with good intentions, and like the saying goes 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions.' The truth is that mankind is rotten to the core, all of mankind's ideas are built on a foundation of quicksand.' Thats a glaring flaw in the theory of evoloution. Evolution teaches that things keep getting better and better.

We both can see that mankind's default switch is set on destruction!

It is a pleasure of mine to comment on what you said :)

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