Hi -- I'm a Writer for CoinDesk and I'm Doing Research for a Story on Steemit

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My name is Jacob Donnelly and I am a contributing writer to CoinDesk. I've already introduced myself on Steemit once and have even written a few pieces, experimenting with different types of content. I've experimented with powering down and trying what mechanics I can. However, I've been away for a few weeks so that I could re-approach Steemit with a clear mind. 

The above image is a screenshot of my author page and here is a tweet (liked by CoinDesk) that verifies my identity as a writer. I know, I could take a picture, but I've never much liked photography, so I hope this confirms who I am. 

What I am looking to do is a piece about Steemit, mixing in narrative about people's success on the site, and the underlying function of the site. To achieve that, I obviously plan on talking to guys like @ned and @dan, but I also want to talk to users who have been on the site prior to the explosion in price. Further, I'm interested in talking to witnesses to provide insight into how the DPOS of the platform works. 

Due to the nature of the piece, I'll need people to be on-the-record and will need to fact check what you say. 

Should this piece do well, there might be room for some interesting stories regarding people who have found tremendous success on the site. However, for now, we'll just stick to the higher-level "how does it work" piece. Please recommend anyone in the comments below that I should reach out to. 

If you'd prefer to reach out to me, my email is jacob(at)cryptobrief(dot)com

I appreciate everyone's help.



If you have been here for several weeks and continued to read the "trending post" you would see that a lot has happened. I hope someone will see this that can provide you with the information you are looking for. I did see some of the articles you contributed on CoinDesk. Have you entered one of the chat areas, slack, or engaged in conversations with any of the whales?

Good luck....

yes good luck with your article, will be interesting to read it and look forward to your opinions !!

Yeah, I hopped in a little each day just to see what was up. And I have a friend who signed up, so I was reading his stuff. But other than that, I haven't really seen much. That's what I'm hoping to change.

I seem to recall people saying that the slack was locked down to new members. Know anywhere else I can try to engage with the whales?

I put another post out to hopefully get you some more info. I put two of your links in the post. I hope you will be contacted soon. Good Luck.....


JayCoDon Jacob Donnelly tweeted @ 08 Aug 2016 - 13:51 UTC

I'll be doing research this week for a story about Steemit. This tweet is for verification of identity.

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

I was here early.

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