SteemitBoard World Cup Contest - Semi Finals - Day 2

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Here are the intermediate results of the contest

Once again, the second semi-final between Croatia and England as been a big surprise as Croatia beat the favorite.

We now know who will play the play-off for third place: Belgium vs England
The final will pit France against Croatia.

For those who want to join the contest, it's time to hurry up because there are only a few badges to win. Better late than never and have a bit of fun! Carefully read the rules in the contest announcement post and the Knockout phase post!

To register for the contest, send 0.010 SBD or 0.010 STEEM to @steemitboardpool with wordlcup2018 in the memo.

Spread the word: invite your friends and RESTEEM this post!


TeamsValid betsTeam ATeam BWinner
France vs Belgium534243291France
Croatia vs England534217367Crotatia

Special mention

We have 3 excellent oracles : @igweyakubu, @nzikak and @zool237. They were able to guess the result of ALL matches from the round of 16, the quarter-finals and the semi-finals. Impressive!

We also congratulate @agcoeficiente10, @alicedorin77, @andipratama6183, @anothervoice, @arshitha, @aulnyaksyabandi, @ayesha0018, @barindo, @bgreza, @blockcryptochain, @boomi, @cekmailna, @cjofficial, @davor27, @deadman1, @dewaled507, @dindanazila181, @djfunk, @drakos, @dwiazzahra, @ediputra3211, @elshadr, @faroel, @fractal-team, @gadgetaddict, @hasbydiaz, @igweyakubu, @isabelpena, @jasiu, @josenic0306, @kaneyung, @kyleperez117, @kylestam, @liberton, @maanabdullah, @magictoni, @mamo90, @mauerpark, @mdashik1411, @mey, @minders, @minsoe, @momekato, @mrjl, @my451r, @nathanielibe, @nzikak, @omkardivya, @oneherrera, @peppermint24, @randomgoodstuff, @richgang, @sailor-moon, @sat6711, @stayoutoftherz, @stimialiti, @suheri, @superfazio, @swapnaram, @totalblogal, @tripleem, @tsubasa-ohzora, @twinner, @tychoxi, @walid321, @womenchildcare, @ziarul31 and @zufrizal for being able to successfully guess all results of the 2 matches of the semi-finals.

Contest top 25 ranking

Congratulation to @bidbots. He is still in pole position with 42 badges but not safe yet as there are still 2 matches coming and his lead over his challenger is only 2 badges.

Congratulations to @tychoxi who now has 40 badges? He stole the second place from @minimining who unfortunately failed in his 2 prediction for the semi-finals.

Third position is occupied by the same 6 players with 38 badges. They just swapped places according to the speed with which they made their bet. Congratulations to @minimining, @luisrojas06, @chehkuna, @ascheriit, @kinakomochi, and @kylestam.

1 @bidbots42
2 @tychoxi40
3 @minimining39
4 @luisrojas0639
5 @chehkuna39
6 @ascheriit39
7 @kinakomochi39
8 @kylestam39
9 @flemingfarm38
10 @yulismal38
11 @fw20638
12 @misbahjuli37
13 @vicspics37
14 @correia37
15 @full-measure37
16 @georgebush137
17 @vicentelardo37
18 @elshadr37
19 @stayoutoftherz37
20 @minders37
21 @stimp102437
22 @bitpizza36
23 @cranium36
24 @thuzartun36
25 @alucare36

You can now find the complete ranking on the SteemitBoard's website.

Read this post to find out more.

Check out your board to see if you got your badge:

Congratulations to anyone who successfully guessed the result of the match.

Good luck and enjoy the World Cup 2018!

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Go England Go !!!
You are my only hope to stay in the top this contest.

Will u have any other contest when this is over?
This was very very good.


I thought the same. But it has to be with global events. ¿My be in tennis with the grand slams?


Or biggest soccer matches. Championsleague.


Si o una liga de futbol en especial, como la liga de españa o la premier de inglaterra


Like it !!


We will first take a break, because this contest was one month long and really exhausting. Lot of work has to be done behind the scene.

But yes, when receiving feedback as yours, we feel really encouraged to do similar events in the future.

Thanks for your participation and congrats for your good score!

have a good journey

England will win this match☺️

The Force was with me.

sir iam also enjoy this match..

Hohohooo..... I Love thist post, first time, my name in the list.. Thanks @steemitboard, great job @arcange

This is the most beautiful post of all content ever post @steemitboad cause, since I participated in this contest, that is, from the second day of the game, today my name can appear on the front page, on eighteen ranked or being in level five, is a dream for me, but now it is real, and I am very happy, as a proof, I have made a pitch as an expression of all flavors, here :



I love to see you in play, Belgium. What you think guys?