How Newbies Avoid Frustration on Steemit

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I hear a lot of complaints about newbies not getting people to see their posts. Not comments about it, complaints, even accusations against the platform. That means they think it SHOULD somehow be different.

I've experienced how hard it is to get new posts seen as a newbie myself. But for me, there is nothing to complain about.

That's because I've had blogs before, both on my own website and on Medium, plus guest blogging on other people's blogs. I know that when you're starting out on any blog you expect it to be crickets except for however much you promote your post by linking to it in other places or paying to promote it.

I think the thing with Steemit that makes people have a different expectation (so be disappointed) is that this is a mashup between a blog and social media. On your own website, you know no one is seeing your article if you don't drive them there to see it. But on Facebook, for example, you only joined because you had friends on there. So there was a ready made audience and the FB algorithm intentionally showed your posts to new friends a lot for quite some time.

Here on Steemit there is the expectation of an experience like FB because it is on a platform, not one's own website. But there is no algorithm here sending people to you! And for most of us there isn't a friend/family network already here to "introduce us around." Friends of friends aren't suggested for us to follow.

In general, it's a lot like having a blog on your own website, even though it's hosted on a platform. We should feel grateful we have the chance to have articles seen at all before we have collected a community of followers. That perspective will make us feel inspired when we see a stranger upvote our post, rather than deflated when we see we only made a couple pennies on an article we put a lot of work into.

Source: Pexels - Markus Spiske

The closest comparison to Steemit is Medium, where you blog on a shared platform. Have you ever blogged on Medium? If you have, you'll realize that you have to do a lot of work off Medium to drive people to your posts there. They are shown to strangers much less than on Steemit when you are first starting out. In fact, after over a year blogging on that platform, I still haven't figured out how to get much visibility. I've even joined prominent publications on there, but still my articles are seen by maybe 50 people in months! My comments on other people's highly visible posts get a ridiculous number of likes though, so I know that people like my content when they actually see it.

Contrast that with Steemit where within my first 10 articles I've been able to attract upvotes from many, many people I never knew before. I even have some friendships growing on here that I think will last a lifetime. And on top of all that, I actually get paid when people like my stuff!

Now Medium is trying this new feature where when you like (clap for) someone's article they give that writer some money. I'm not clear on how it works, but I think ad dollars have something to do with it. Clearly they are trying to learn a thing or two from Steemit. But I think the Steemit crypto model is a better one than the old advertising model. And anyway, I go back to my previous observation that this is only going to help the established writers on the platform or new people who come with a massive following they can drive there from elsewhere.

In the end, I don't think there is anyplace else on the entire internet that a new blogger can get as much visibility and earnings as on Steemit. It is the nature of being new at anything that you have to pay your dues.

How you pay them on Steemit seems to come down to:

  • Write as close to once a day as you can manage, and make it the best article you can write that day
  • Comment on other people's posts a lot and make them genuine comments. Put some thought into your comments that make them worthy of being read by the people you're writing to.
  • Make it easy for people to find your best articles by linking to them at the bottom of your current article (something I'm just starting to do myself)
  • Remind people that you'd like them to resteem if they like the article. A lot of people will if you remind them, and just don't think of it otherwise.
  • If you can afford an investment of $100, buy some STEEM and use it to powerup so that you have more SP. This will allow you to have a more powerful upvote and eliminate bandwidth issues I've heard of newbies often encounter. I did this early on since I had that much sitting in a coin on Binance that I'd grown to not want anymore, so just swapped it for some STEEM. If you can't afford this, see if you can find someone you've interacted with who has a lot of SP and ask them if they can delegate 50 or so SP to you for a month. You'll be able to use that to get a lot of traction in that amount of time, before it reverts back to them.
  • If you can afford another $50 or so to invest in your career here on Steemit, consider buying some SBD and using it to pay bots to upvote your article when you first publish it. I'm still experimenting with this, and have never personally experienced it getting one of my articles onto the trending page. I may not be spending enough money on a given article. But I do see that my articles where I've done it get more upvotes than ones where I don't. So could be that just on the "new" page where you may be seen for 10 mins. if you have some money showing on your post those first 10 mins., more people are likely to check it out. Then if it is a good article, they'll upvote it themselves, both because they support it and because they want some of the curation rewards. You can check for available bots and their costs here: Steem Bot Tracker
  • Keep your reward setting when posting to 50/50 instead of putting it all toward SP. Then powerup your SBD to SP. You'll get more SP that way so long as SBD is worth more than $1 USD. And if you want to earn SBD so you can pay the bots, you'll definitely be better off earning both. Right now I power up everything because my SP is low.
  • Join contests! This is the way I've gotten the most visibility on here.
  • Read all the many posts on succeeding on Steemit. After your 5th or so, they will start sounding redundant, but I find that every one has at least one new idea for me. If you are serious about this as a way to become a paid writer, then apply yourself to mastery of it as a professional would.

If you can do these things, and also make this mental shift from seeing what is challenging for newbies to seeing what is a blessing in this opportunity, then I think in not long you'll be incredibly happy with your Steemit experience. You'll start having more revenue but even before that, you'll start having more fun. And isn't the point of doing anything because it makes for a happy life to do it?

Check out some of my recent posts:

Is there anything else you can think of that can lead to newbies being more excited than disappointed about how it is first starting out here on Steemit?

Resteems always appreciated!

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Great post, really useful for newbies!

Thank you!

Well done ..
I liked your work .. wonderful words
Creativity and patience .. Who works hard deserves
Thanks for sharing this with us

I think of it as eating the feast one bite at a time. If you just keep going, you'll get there. And the process is quite enjoyable as you go!

Good job on the article. I really like how you put the links on the bottom like you suggested as something to do. Resteemed and am following you. I hope we stay in touch and read more of one another articles.

I'm shocked at how few people seem to take the time to put in a comment. I am more shocked at how so many of the authors do not like their followers comments. If you ever comment on one of my posts and it is valid I will upvote. We have to support our community.

I think for a lot of people it may be voting power and bandwidth issues. I've learned this the hard way myself lately. I've gotten so low on voting power that I couldn't even upvote someone a penny and saw that I needed to not upvote for 50 hours to get back to 100% voting power! And on the bandwidth, just today I saw I was commenting too much and my bandwidth was almost zero, meaning I wouldn't be able to do anything on the platform until it came back.

And I'm having all these issues having invested $100 in SP! Those people who can't do that and only have the delegated SP must have a really restricted diet of getting to interact. I am going to believe people are being as generous as they can. I look forward to having more SP so I can be more generous. I think there is some tie between SP and bandwidth too, though I'm not clear on that.

You got a point there :)

Thanks so much for the resteem! Nice to meet you.

I saw this post - gem resteemed by @suesa and I am happy to discover it.

I like the fact that not only you have managed to identify (in my opinion) one of the most important problems encountered by newbies (which is false expectations) but also propose some very important solutions.
(I only do not know about bots, not tried that yet)

I believe that we need to educate new people, but it is also important that the new people entering or thinking to enter, should be willing to learn new things and understand that it takes effort and time to 'build up' their steemit reputation and steemit friends.

And by the time they will manage to do that, rewards will be of secondary value :)

This post deserves a resteem, and it is done with all my heart.

Thank you so much! Your words really bring a smile to my heart. And thanks also for letting me know about your resteem and Seusa's. I'm now following you both.

Thank You!!
You can monitor your resteems by setting up @ginabot or by visiting (where you see all your steemit activity) + new followers
Please let me know if you need any steemit help, I have recently created a mini markdown guide you might find a little bit helpful :)
p.s. I have just sent you a twit, hope it will be well received!

Thank you so much. I've been trying to figure out ginabot, but is great. I see now that I'm also low on bandwidth! I never noticed that before. And all I've been doing is commenting, so I learned something else new. It's not just about the upvoting. I have to also slow down my commenting until I have more SP!

Good read, as a newbie here on Steemit, and also not a writer or a blogger, I used my other skills to share to the community. Since my wife @junebride and I love to travel and collected a lot of photographs along the way, I used those in my posts and added some short stories with them. Like what you've said, I also tend to join photography contests also to gain more visibility and commented on other posts if I have the time to do so.

I've been really delighted by the number of people I've found on here sharing artwork, whether photography, poetry, shots of their paintings. It makes for a much richer environment for us all. And yes, lots of contests for artists! That's one of the many things I love about this platform.

You know what? I don't know what kind of SEO Steemit does but I think writing curated articles might help with traffic from Google itself rather than just the Steemit Community.

For example, one of my most-read articles on Medium is "7 TED Talks that Reveal What Nobody Told You About Happiness, Success and Creativity".

That one has over 3K views. The stats show that 2,927 come from Google. Only 16 come from Facebook. And only 19 comes from the Medium community itself.

Speaking of which: does Steem provides these kinds of stats? That would be a good improvement to their platform because it would help us with our traffic strategy.

Anyways, thank you as always for a clear articulate article.

Steemit is reputed to have excellent SEO. It just takes time for an article to make it into the index, as always. I don't know if anyone has a project to collect stats on traffic sources. Possibly.

Hello Indigo Ocean,
I am a newbie and I greatly appreciated your brief, but informative article.
I was especially impressed with your very positive attitude and hard work reaps rewards line of thinking. I think the road to success is paved with hard work. When I first found out about Steemit I was amazed and very happy that such a vehicle exists. I know there are tricks, tips, techniques and plenty of nuances to learn, but I am not discouraged. It’s a challenge which I accept and I hope to enjoy the journey. It’s already been great to meet people like you and I hope to form friendships from these acquaintances. I will follow you and look forward to reading your other pieces soon. Any and all tips are appreciated. Thanks again.

Glad you found this helpful. I wouldn't exactly say that hard work is necessary though. I think you will do much better with passion, even obsession. If you love this platform and really enjoy learning the nuances, you may put a lot of time into it but it will never feel like work. It will feel more like playing a game, one that involves strategy, rewards, and great social experiences. It's a great game to play!

I agree with you. I am often asked why I work so hard and I explain that when you love what you do it’s not “work” it’s what you do. I think your right it is more of my passion and learning is more like a game. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I hope your move goes well.

I am late to this post. This is one of the more informative newbie posts. I think the point about steem power cannot be overstated. But, as you rightly say, you have to love your craft and be thankful for the platform that allows you that expression. Thank you.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. I just followed you. Yes, the greatest value here really is the community of content creators. This is an incredible place.

I saw this post to someone I followed don't know him personally. But I thank him because I have now an idea on how to deal frustrations since I started 28days ago with no earnings lol. No one assisted on how to do the right thing. I just know steemit from a friend far from me.. she's busy with her own too so she can't assist me though. And also my grammar is not really good so, this quite difficult for me to make an article that I wanted to. Anyway, I'm @charity from Philippines

I'm so glad to hear that it is helpful to you. I know that it can be really hard to get oriented on here. May following the steps in this post (and the one I did right after this one on getting started well on here) really serve your success on the platform.

Looking forward to see your future post that can be beneficial for us beginners to this platform. I followed you. Thank you for having time to read and respond my comment..more power to you ma'am @indigoocean

I think some people expect to make money fast. which is possible, but it really takes 4-5 months to create a baseline on anything. I am currently working just putting in the work knowing that I may only get 1 view. I think people should view Steemit as an investment, and getting discouraged early is just silly, as they will be more upset if Steemit becomes popular.

Also, think long term as well: if you make 1 Steem a day, and it is worth $3 today, and $100 three years from now, you could think you are earning $3 a day, when in fact, you earning $100. Now that is general terms but still.

I echo your point about investing in Steem. I reinvested some of my Ether profits into Steem and I don't regret it, I think a lot more people should follow suite.

Very good point about the appreciation of STEEM over time! I enjoy following you and love how you're investing yourself in building a quality blog.

Thank you very much.

Yes, holding steem is a really good idea. Same as investing into the other large and "stable" coins. I like to split my sbd between a steem power upgrade and investments into other cryptos.

That's an interesting idea. Right now I'm just trying to get more money to put into STEEM so I can increase my SP faster, but I suppose at some point one might start sending the money the other way.... earning on Steemit to buy other crypto. Other crypto appreciates in value, but to me only STEEM both appreciates and helps you earn more of itself when it is SP.

When you say other "stable" coins, do you mean you don't want to be "all in" just on Steemit related coins?

Yeah, putting sbd etc into sp has a really great return on steemit. I don't like to put all my eggs into one basket so to speak. This is not that I'm second guessing steemit, but it is always a good investment to have diverse options. For example, I also invest in gold and silver, the new and smaller/cheaper "shit" coins, as well as powering up my steem and buying pieces of dash, monero, ripple and so on. You can do a great deal of trading on only a few sbd.

Like with everything in life starting is definitely hard. But you just have to push through the beginning phase. Like the saying goes, "good things come to those who wait."

The problem with our generation is that we don't have any patience anymore. We want it and we want it now. Oh well, the world doesn't work like this and the sooner we accept this fact the better.

Spot on mate.

I think so too. People really undermine themselves with that impatience.

Just got in and read your post.. as of this moment im in this kind of situation like "where are they? Haven't they notice me?? My post?? But still here I am continuing what I can offer. This post of you give me some reason to hold on to and to keep steeming on. I'll practice that one article per day and paying much attention for a comment and also in powering up little by little to grow. Thank you for this nice post, a great way of encouraging and helping others. God bless

I'm so glad this is helpful to you. Yes, please do keep posting! And commenting. Did you see my more recent article on getting started on here well? Even though you're not that new, it might be good for you to read to fill in any gaps.

Haven't seen it yet.. Sure I'll visit and read it for sure it will help... Thanks to you


There is a lot to learn from this post of yours! I have bookmarked it for future reference.

I appreciate your candor about paying one's dues, and what you said about Medium is interesting, as I know one well-known blogger who advocates that his students start off with guest posting on Medium.

I've resteemed your post. If you'd like to find out about me, my introductory post is here:

Take care!

I'm glad you found it helpful. Be sure to also take a look at my "getting started" post from the following day. Between the two posts, I think you'll have a solid foundation to take you up to a reputation of 40 or so. There is still more to learn after that, but if you can focus on the essentials now, you'll be able to grow without stress.

Thank you! I will look it up - unless you have the post url handy? ;-)

Found it!!! Thanks again!

I really love all your post.. Thanks for shedding your light to us newbies. Will keep on eyeing your post. It is very helpful. I hope you continue what you are doing, contributing value to the community. Thank you @indigoocean

On my medium blog I never really had other readers than the ones I personally sent over. The good thing with Steemit is, that people get rewarded to interact and most of them try to write useful comments - some of them may even read your whole article! 😀
I guess, one of the best ways to get your content seen - besides the useful tips you already gave - is to comment and discuss with people on their posts. Pretty much what you have done too so far. Thanks for your article and I always love to read more from you!

Yes, thanks for highlighting that. There are incentives on this platform that aren't found on other blogging platforms, such as to interact with new people and to also be positive. No one wants to get downvoted, so it becomes a very different vibe than someplace like FB where people seem to take delight in leaving comments that piss people off.

I always thought, that negative comments were a thing I only experience in German (fun fact: I'm Austrian ;)) on FB. I didn't know, that this is also happening in English. I haven't experienced this here very often though. Yes, downvoting and flag wars are an issue, but mostly because of whales playing the "power game". I'm very annoyed by people like Bernie Sanders, who claim to be the Robin Hoods of the reward pool, while "raping" it themselves from the backdoor through useless flame posts and paying upvote bots with horrendous amounts to promote their one line "F*** all!* posts. Also people don't dare to speak up against these people, because they have so much SP (and in case of the BS guy) also several fake accounts and bots, that will downvote your hard earned money to 0, if you dare to speak up. This is pure censorship and I sometimes wonder, why so many people celebrate the BS guy as a Robin Hood and not seeing, how he is damaging this platform in so many harmful ways.

I didn't know you were from Austria! I love learning new fun facts about you atmosblack, my first Steemit friend! Also I'm disappointed to hear about BS. Is that really him or someone using his name? Seems so weird.

No, BS ist just some grumpy guy who behaves like any schoolyard bully. He managed to attract some followers who believe in his mission and threatens everyone with an opposing point of view with flags - which unfortunately is quite successful, since he and his downvote-bots can do lots of damage.
His reputation is already -20 or so, which is totally justified, but reputation has no meaning inside the system. I would like to see the reputation have an effect on the voting power and in rare cases where people really have a negative reputation reducing the voting power to zero, so that they can't do harm - but he still has bots and many fake accounts - so we are talking about a full time bully here...

Are we talking about the BS who ran for president in the US a couple years ago? He is doing all this, or someone using his name?

Also, I read something in the Welcome files when I joined that said that someone with less reputation than you can downvote you, but it will have no effect on your reputation. Only someone with a higher rep than you can harm your reputation with their downvotes. I'll see if I can find the exact article to link to later.

Yes, most likely someone using his name and therefore being fake...
Right, it won't hurt your reputation, but if you would earn 100$ with let's say 50 upvotes from people and a single vote from a bully is worth 100$, he can reduce your earning to zero with one click - even if his reputation in in the negative...


Great write-pu, thank you1 I'm almost 2 months into steemit now and I find myself falling between getting frustrated then getting infinitely optimistic when an article gets some traction. I've wanted to get paid for music and sports writing almost all my life but never came across a platform I like so I pursued other things. Got introduced to steemit and couldn't believe how well its worked out. It really is a blessing and we are lucky to know about it, I feel like it's still "early", barely anyone knows about this yet so we are a step ahead :)

You are so right! It's all about how people are comparing themselves to others unfavorably. If you just started and compare yourself to people who've been on here 6 months, you'll feel like it isn't working for you or like you'll never "catch up." But we are the early adopters. Those of us even starting now are the ones someone else will be thinking are the old timers 6 months from now!

I hope this post encourages you to keep the faith, even for those inevitable posts that fall into a silent abyss, never to be seen by anyone.

I'm already on the "posts sounding redundant" when I stumbled on this. There were some points worthy of note taking, glad I read this. Thanks

This was a good read for me and I liked some of the tips you shared such as writing as close to once a day and promoting older content to be seen by adding links. Those are definitely keepers for anyone to get more practice as well as establishing a brand. Thank you for sharing!

You're quite welcome, and thanks for leaving a comment. I hope you do very well on here.

How guys u write these long and long posts

Yes, that helps too LOL

I think that in order to get a reward you first need to be patient and constant . Just continue working hard and waits for the result later. Take as example the farmer who sows and then waits for the harvest.

Great example. We are planting seeds with our articles and comments.

You make a scary subject (the money side of Steemit) much more comfortable for me. Thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful and friendly post.

You're welcome and I'm glad to hear it.

Thanks @indigoocean, some very usefull things I never would have thought of.

You're welcome. May it serve you well in practice.

Voting bots is probably most interesting mechanics here in steemit. It's basically advertisement driven directly by market.

Yes, it's a lot like boosting a post on FB. I had dead pages on there for years, then at a certain point I resigned myself to the fact that if I didn't boost, I would not get my stuff seen. So when I came to Steemit I was already prepared to have to invest a little in getting traction. Thankfully I learned about the bots very early on.

I think you still have to prioritize creating good content, but also realize that putting even $5 into a little boost for a given post using bots will greatly decrease the time it takes to get that good writing seen by someone.

This is great! People forget that you initially have to make an effort to make money, no-one is here to give free handouts. Put the effort in and money will come. I don't have that much on here, but I know my effort was lacking. As I learn more about the Steem blockchain and all the other apps that run on it, I'm getting more knowledgeable.

Yes, that whole "money for nothing" mentality is poison! How about money for doing something you love but have to apply yourself to learning first! Sounds pretty good to me.

100% agreee!

You have said it all,people have too high expectations when they join steemit that they forget that the key is to keep writing quality articles instead of thinking of the immediate gain,with time you will be rewarded


Hole idea of "I start making money right from the start" is very common in many other things as well, like poker, investing, steemit etc.

You mean people expect that? Or people promise that?

I'm going to be introducing Steemit to a bunch of people tomorrow night, and I'm definitely going to be careful to emphasize that it takes work over time to get anywhere.

Meant to say people tend to expect that. Even if we can think these things rationally and "know" it's not going to be that easy, there is always that dreamer inside who makes us think otherwise.

LOL, yes very true. The wish and a prayer approach! But thankfully the reality is pretty sweet too. You do have a lot to learn and a lot of trial and error. And some great posts get overlooked for more than a week along the way. But it's still just an awesome platform.

Hey, a very well written article. Hope a lot of new comers will take help out of this. Being a new comer myself, am unable to make myself recognize. This whole bit coin industry is new to me, sorry for being so naive :) but am just observing and trying to get hold of a lot of things.
Thanks a lot

Thanks for your comment. You're already doing something right just to leave a meaningful comment like this. Keep doing that and you'll build your following. I'm following you now.

So nice of you. Thanks a lot.

Great tips, thank you! I'm personally having trouble to attract an audience, my posts have usually zero or one upvote but I keep doing them because it's really fun. I get more or less one new follower a day so I think people who are finding the posts are liking it (I hope so) and that makes me want to continue :)

I think you have to have patience and make an effort to make the best content you can (After all it will be here forever!)

The things I'd focus on if you're only getting one new follower per day are contests and commenting. Those are the two biggies for newbies. Good luck!

What are these contests you talk about?

I replied to tenhanger above with some, one still in progress.

Great write up, and thanks for the exposition

You're welcome, and thanks for the appreciation.

Well written. Although we keep repeating these things in many posts, many newbies still don't know how to get around. I hope those reading this will learn a few things.

Thank you!

nice post, how much did you spend on bots for this one?

I spend about 1 SBD for every post since I started noticing the difference between using bots or not using them. However, realize that I don't think I'm having extreme success with bots. I still have a lot to learn there.

I have been experimenting and so far it seems like spending one or two has a better return than spending 4-5 but maybe some people are spending like 50. You seem to be getting a much better return than me.

I think some people are spending like 50! I just stick to 1 for now. I seem to get less than a 1:1 return though, just from the bots. Once the bot's fee is taken out I usually have paid a little more than I got directly from the bot. But I think the return is coming from the extra attractiveness to humans looking at the post in the new list.

yup, you win some you lose some, it's hard to tell what people will like

An excellent article that is both encouraging and informative for newbies like myself. However, I have read a lot of posts that are generously made by others to help out new starts and their opinions can vary enormously; even contradict at times. For example, many have said that bots and upvoting yourself is almost like cheating. All, however, agree that perseverance is key. I cannot afford to buy steem and have no one to help me out with that either so I am plodding along the best I can. Another problem is that there are a lot of us who are not as computer literate as the rest and our major gaps in techno knowledge holds us back. I have just over 3 SBD and I have know idea how to convert this into steem or invest in coins. Nor do I know how to do the links to sources, other articles or anything regarding the "blue writing" as I call it. It can be very difficult for people like us. Thank you for your insight....I shall resteem.

Thanks for the resteem. In your situation, I honestly think the most important things for you is to enter contests (where you can earn coins or resteems), comment a lot so that people see your quality writing and decide to follow you (as I just did), and go ahead and use that 3 SBD for bots!

Yes, some people have issues with bots. But you know, some people on Facebook have an issue with boosting posts too. There will always be purists who think that anything you do to pay to play is somehow a diminishment. I find that those people are either really early adopters who have first mover's advantage, so don't need the help of advertising, or they're people who aren't doing as well as they could but are happy with that just on principle.

I personally have no problem with the idea that I have to invest in something I care about if I expect to succeed. I see nothing unethical about advertising at all. Put just 1 SBD into every other post of yours for the next week (assuming you write one post per day), so that by the end of the week your payout reimburses you, and all you'll have done is increase the number of people seeing your posts. You'll have to use the bots wisely to even break even on SBD from the bot's upvote, so it's not like paying $1 to make $2 immediately.

(btw, you seriously need to put up a profile pic and preferably also an "about" sentence if you want more people to follow you.)

Well outlined and articulated.. Thanks

Thanks for the appreciation.

Thank you so much for this new ideas because i am a newbie here i want to expose my article to everyone..

You're quite welcome.

What is an example of a contest you've used?

Like your tone more than your advice; we've always believed that if you write good articles, "build it and...", like Costner in that baseball fantasy movie "they will come". You've written a nice article here, mostly of inspiration. We're not taking your advice on bots, think it's a cheapass way to go, but we understand writers wanting to be read and being desperate for attention. Writers are prima-donnas by nature, otherwise they wouldn't write. We just accept that part of their nature, but we've seen a lot of people criticize that behavior (for the wrong reasons). When we say "they", we include our prima-donna selves-- cauwrse!

Keep writing, keep writing well, and we'll keep reading so long as the content is good!

btw, we found you bc @reggaemuffin resteemed this-- just so you know who to thank.

Thanks so much for letting me know about reggaemuffin's resteem. I've joined a few contests so far. Jerry Banfield had one for the Spiritual Writing Contest. @rensoul17 has one still going for using at least 4 of 30 words in a post of poetry or poetic prose. There was another about how one might promote STEEM. I'm always looking for contests!

For the bots, some people think they are good some that they are bad. I just think that they're advertising, and I resigned myself to paying for that on any platform about a year ago.

You should look into @ginabot, if you want to know when people resteem/upvote/reply to your posts or comments.

I've been using it for about 2 weeks now, and I love it.

I will look at that. Thanks for the article.

Great article. Keep patience and keep steeming future will be good.


Thank you

I agree with everything in here, mainly because I had a similar experience building out my own network on another site called Tsu.

People simply don't realize what it takes to build out a social media profile in a way that is profitable. For me, I realized it too late. They shut down shortly after I took off.

I remember Tsu! I wasn't able to figure out how to make it on there. I think a big problem for me was that I just couldn't get my friends to join, so I still had to spend a lot of time on FB. This time I'm really trying hard to get my friends to come over here where I am. I hope to largely be off FB a year from now, just looking at pictures from family back East on there.

I deleted my FB account in 2012, so it's been easy for me to jump into a newer network. I remember the Tsu dilemma, it was difficult to get people to check it out. They thought it was a scam.

But it instilled an ideal in me. Your name is a brand. @indigoocean is a brand. Your interests have value. If you're not being rewarded, you're being robbed blind. I wanted it to succeed, but not everyone saw it that way, unfortunately...

Great post and an encouragement for newbies not to give up. Focus on your goals and try to achieve them. My buzzword in my previous blog. ;) resteemed.

Thanks so much for the resteem. And yes! We have to stay focused on our goals not on challenges along the way to them. We have to find a way around the challenges and keep going.

I imagine that a lot of steem's initial users are crypto speculators that have been primed to expect unrealistic expectations given crypto's 2017 monster returns on everything ending in "coin". Also most steemit users have never blogged before so may not appreciate the grind that comes with the traction.

So true. That's a really helpful observation. It's easy to be a purist when you're lucky enough to get in on the ground floor. Those who come later have to hustle a little more, and that doesn't make them less noble. It just makes them harder working!

Very nice


Thanks @indigoocean. You really said many helpful things which I'll try to implement. Thanks again.

Thanks for taking the time to let me know. Your appreciation is fuel for my keyboard 😀

Informative and very helpful! I've been around for a month, yet still have very much to learn. Thanks for the help :)

You're quite welcome. Good luck.

You're welcome and thanks for the comment.

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Wow! That's a delight to see. Thank you. Will take a look at your blog. I do have witness votes left and am looking for great folks to help make the steemit platform even better, especially for newbies. Thanks for saying hello.

This is a good post that will help a newbie like me. I will put every factors into consedration. I am thrilled.


These suggestions were also given to me at a Steemit meet-up I recently attended. Its good to know you have the newbies at heart with these helpful suggestions you give. I'm a newbie and I have got a lot to learn from you through this post. Thank you.

I'm glad it is helpful, and also that so many are trying to help those coming to the platform have a good experience on here.

You got a 9.52% upvote from @getboost courtesy of @indigoocean!

I honestly can't get enough of these type of articles at the moment, being a newbie myself, i find them very very useful, and honestly, this is one of the best i've read (thank you). Something i'm applying to Steemit is something i've applied to a few things in life, and that is to have low expectations. It may sounds a bit negative, but, if you don't expect much to begin with, then you won't be disappointed if your first few weeks/months on Steemit don't go as expected. Just enjoy the ride, take it all in, comment, engage, post, upvote, comment some more, and have some fun. Like i said in a previous post just now, success will eventually come and find you, the less you focus on it, the more interest it will have in you! :)

Glad you liked the article and I agree wholeheartedly with the idea that the more you participate for the joy of participation, the better results you'll see. Great to connect with you.

Really a great piece of writing. As a newbie, i have benefited most from one of the points made in this article: participating in contest. I am just 14days old on this platform and i have been able to make good friends and great exposure by means of contests. The main aim for many is to win. I love winning too. But the kind of exposure and connection it gives is overwheming. Currently, i am arranging a whole post on the first ten thing newbies should do here. Writing contestt for me is top 5. So essential

Yes, contests have been one of the biggest things for me too. Great to hear you're getting off to a great start on here.

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Hi Indigoocean!!! I'm so happy to see this post. I'm really new here and I've just checked that my last post had just 4 upvotes but I counted on much more... And I was so frustrated. I spent time to prepare myself for the article and what? :) To let my frustration go I wanted to read sth interesting. I don't know why but in my head I've heard the ''happiness'' word. So i typed it. The first post was yours. And it is exactly about me right now! :) After reading I feel kind of relief. I don't know many things about steemit- SP, buying some power- whhhaaattt???? :D But I need to watch or read something about it I guess :D
Greets from Poland!

Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, you can buy some STEEM under your wallet or the "currency market" link under the three lines in the upper right corner of any page. Then you can click the "power up" option under the little down arrow beside your STEEM in your wallet. It will immediately become SP, which will give you a more powerful upvote and also more bandwidth on the platform (so you can be more active).

Release the Kraken! You got a 4.38% upvote from @seakraken courtesy of @indigoocean!


Good points and great advice. You mentioned medium is using the "clap" for feature to articles you appreciate. I've had my podcast on for awhile and they have that feature as well. Only difference, no money is involved if they clap for you. Yet at least you know people value your podcast. :)

Best of success to you!!

Interesting. I guess new platforms are having to try to compete for audience for their content creation. Steemit is at a whole different level with it. Thanks for your comment.

I think a lot of people saying that this is a Facebook killer are being a little overzealous because Steemit really does seem more of a social blogging site than a facebook sort of site. So, in this Steemit does seem to be a big danger to places like medium and other blogging sites.

One thing that I've had difficulty with since I joined a couple months ago wass how difficult it was for me to figure out what to write or even what to comment about on others posts. Writing and giving my opinions has never been something I naturally do. I'm quiet and more of a listener in real life as well as online. Though, I've always disliked that about myself. It keeps people from ever getting to know me.

So, basically everything I've done on the internet so far has been me lurking and reading others posts. And even though curating content can be a benefit here I feel the people that get the most out of this platform curate, comment and also write their own posts. Changing this habit is very difficult. Also, I'm a visual artist so most of my posts have either been my own art with very few words or me sharing some good music (from other artists).

Yeah, it can't really be a FB killer with current features anyway. If they add groups it will take some energy away from FB, but for connecting with distant family and friends, FB is still going to be there for that. But I look forward to being able to move my FB groups here once communities comes out.

For your question about visibility, first I should say that the great opportunity here is to experiment with being someone knew. Think of it as moving to a new town. You could just revive your old way of relating to everything, and soon new people would relate to you just like the old ones did. But you could also take a chance on presenting yourself differently and see how the world might respond differently.

But if you don't find that thought intriguing, then I would say just post the art with a few words. Maybe if there is a poet you particularly like, you could find poems by him/her that match each art piece and put that with the imagery. There are a lot of photography contests I've seen on here. Really a lot! If you're painting or something I suspect you'll still be able to build quite a following. It will simply take consistency over time.

Thanks for the great info @indigoocean, I think for me, because I came from running a business where I was paying facebook insane amounts of money to Facebook to bring likes/customers to my page... I was actually really happy to receive anything for a post. I also had a page on facebook regarding some sports in my local area, and over 4 years it slowly built up nearly 1000 likers but I never received a dime,not even a free t-shirt, despite them obviously using my hard work and mild creativity to their benefit.

Exactly. It's all relative. People's expectations are what put them in heaven or hell.

Ok @indigoocean I appreciate this article because you've only added to my knowledge especially with your last section about how to get more exposure along the way. I found that a reflection post is another good way to engage people especially newbies because it sort of teaches what you've learned throughout the journey. And I'm realizing how important it is post once a day, thanks for the advice!

Thanks for the idea of the reflection post. I will probably do one in a couple weeks. And yes, a post a day is a good aim. I personally have been doing more like one every other day because I'm just so busy right now, but I am trying to get to consistently doing 1 per day. That way people get used to seeing your byline and also you are earning STEEM every day.

Brilliant! With everything we have a choice to perceive it as an obstacle or an opportunity! Thank you for reminding that! Keep sowing those seeds of knowledge!

Thanks so much! Yes, I always say that a "mistake" is just a blessing that was rejected. We each have to take situations and work them to our advantage as best we can.

I was so negative about bid bots before, in my mind those who are using bid bots don't have belief in their capacity to produce quality contents, or lack the confidence, and will resolve into buying votes just to get attention, but in a way I learned that it is indeed the true essence of these bid bots, to promote our works and possibly get more viewers to upvote. Bid bots does really help.

Talking about discouragement, honestly, I am feeling that now, I really felt that those contents that I put too much efforts were not being noticed. ANd that made me lazy to create more articles to share here on #steemit.

I think I have to re-read this post of yours many times so I will be guided accordingly. I believe and as what you have said, there's no reason to be discouraged. Maybe I just need more time.

Well you are doing great for upvotes in terms of your reputation! Take a look too at my latest article that gives more tips. Even though you're clearly not a beginner, we all benefit from filling in gaps in our understanding by pooling information with others.

I've also joined some contests and not even gotten my entry logged, which is really despiriting, but ultimately we just have to keep going. That's why those who are succeeding are succeeding. They kept going.

You'll also be helping newbies like us earn when you Upvote our comments.😁

I'm on upvote timeout. One other thing I've learned recently is that you have to focus more on commenting than upvoting when you're new, or you'll run out of power! I came to this realization the other day when I saw that my upvoting people wasn't even giving them a penny. Then I took a look at steemworld and saw that my % was very low and that I needed 50 hours to be at full again! That's more than 2 days!

So until I build up SP, I'm being really sparing with the upvotes (mostly saving them for articles) and just interacting in comments. The only time I upvote comments are if I'm in a back and forth exchange with someone where they are really adding value to the conversation. Then to end the conversation, instead of replying I'll upvote their last comment to show appreciation for the entire exchange. I share this so that you don't run into the same issues with SP if you're upvoting a lot.

Wow, thank you so much @indigoocean for putting in the work and sharing your insights! Much appreciated!

I've just posted my 2nd article, including a rather long introduceyourself post and I am putting in a lot of mental energy and time.

It's encouraging to find such good tips early on!

One thing I don't understand quite yet, though, is "bandwidth" - what exactly is meant with that in the Steemit context and why is it a problem for newbies?

Again, thank you!

I only very recently came to understand bandwidth too, and ran out of it for the first time this morning. It seems that how much you can post on the platform is a factor of how much SP you have. So when you start with the delegated SP for newbies, it isn't enough to do much at this time of day. (Another component is how busy the platform is at the time.) So you have to either buy more STEEM and power up to SP, earn more over time, or just not try to comment or post much during busy hours. This morning for the first time I found my bandwidth at zero and couldn't reply to a comment. Ten minutes later is was at 20% and I could start using Steemit again.

Ah, now this makes sense. Thank you!

Good. Btw, my article after this one goes into more of the getting started basics, including a thorough treatments of SP vs VP.

hello @indigoocean :)
i encountered this post as it was resteemed by Ms. Suesa and i'm sure glad i did. :)
Thank you very much for this post. Many can really relate to this especially us minnows and at the same time get insights on what to do.
I really agree on most of your advices and i'm gonna do that starting from now on.
Thanks again and since i've loved this, i'll resteem it. hehe
Have a great day ahead!