Likely Coins Coming to Coinbase - might STEEM be one?

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In this video I show you how to use the GDAX/Coinbase framework to evaluate coins that are likely (or unlikely) to be added to the exchange, resulting in quick price appreciation for that coin. The two coins I use as an example throughout are STEEM and XRP.

Let's put an end to your being dependent on rumors speculation by others. (Thanks to @timcliff for the inspiration to spread the word about STEEM to some new folks.)

Note that in the video I use the term "liquidity" quite often, because the GDAX framework does. But in retrospect I realize they are really using market cap, which is what I was showing. Liquidity would be more related to 24 hour trading volume, and there isn't actually as direct a correlation with what they've already listed on their exchange with that.

You can access the GDAX/Coinbase framework here:

See the Steem bluepaper here:

See the Ripple whitepapers here:

I'd love to hear which coins you think the framework make likely contenders. Please comment below once you analyze any according to their rubric.

Or do you think they intend to ignore their own framework and just go where they think the most money is?

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I really wish steemit had a referral program where people received automatic steem for each new user referred who deposited money into the platform. Similar to the way coinbase offers a one time signup bonus for letting people know about their service.

That would be brilliant! You should suggest it to some of the witnesses. They are the ones who can really bring ideas like that to the fore.

I strongly disagree, since that's easily abusable unless registration gets a lot of extra security layers, which might get people to quit during the sign up process.

Even if that's good for our personal pockets, it's horrible for the platform itself. I vote no.

Maybe one way to avoid abuse would be if the one who had referred the new user got 10% of what the new user earnt the first month or something. Then there would be no point in creating new users to fool the system, since you would have to work for the money anyways.

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I guess it is....... Just been optimistic.
Well might be true
Lovely post @indoocean
Happy to follow you

Thanks. We've got a way to go on market cap, according to their rubric, but it's possible!

I sure hope they bring Steem to coinbase! It'd make buying and selling the stuff a lot easier.

It would be major! Actually, I'll say it WILL be. It's just a question of when we can get the per coin price up enough to get the market cap into the range CB is looking for. We need to be on more exchanges as our #1 priority.

More people are watching Steem than ever. It's gonna happen soon.

Not really related to the pos but I just notice that nicehash is testing a withdraw to coinbase feature.

That's an interesting concept.

Found this from @timcliff. Watching it now just wanted to say I love the layout.

Thanks. It was fun to make, though it was late on a Friday at the end of a busy week and I was sooo tired.

I'm halfway through now. Taking a break from formating my newest post in markdown to watch the rest.

Your tiredness does not show. Amazing quality with your descriptions and pacing.

Subscribed to your channel soley for the reasons that you explained the first paragraph in the gdax document and how its up to them, and you did not try to steer me as a viewer towards any/away from a coin.
Wish we could clone you that was one of the best crypto videos I have seen all month.


I look forward to seeing you grow. I have been on the platform over 14 months now. Feel free to pester me with any questions you may have. I am always available on discord.
Same name. :)

That's so generous of you and I might just take you up on it. I'm getting to the point where I have a decent body of knowledge, but I keep discovering entire new territories of things I previously didn't even know I didn't know.

I love discovering how little I know when I find a completly new sea of information/topics
Crypto analysis is one I am dipping into.