Getting Started on Steemit - a step-by-step guide for newbies

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If you're brand new on Steemit and looking to start well to end well, this is a step-by-step getting start guide for you. Also share this with your friends you invite onto the platform, so that they will have an easier start and not get discouraged before they start seeing success.

It's easy to get overwhelmed by how much there is to learn as a beginner. When I started just a few weeks ago I found myself jumping back and forth between one idea and the next until I felt like I was going around in circles. I couldn't even remember half of what I'd already read.

I hope this guide will spare you that. May it lead you to focusing on the right things in the right order to make consuming a huge amount of vital information to be something not so overwhelming. Just eat the elephant one bite at a time. (But don't eat real elephants. That's mean.)

I suggest you read this twice. First, read it start to finish to get a high level understanding of how it all fits together. Then go back through a second time, following the links and reading those linked articles as you go. This second time through should take you a few days, so be sure to bookmark this page. I suggest you create a bookmarks folder for Steemit and put all the linked pages there as you go, plus any others you find in your study of of the platform.

What to Do First After Joining

Once you have an account, it’s a good idea to go through the material in the Welcome section you’ll be landed on. You may want to rush in and get your first article written so you can start earning, but plan on spending a few days just learning and commenting on articles from others, then make your first post sometime in that first week.

I would amend the Welcome 'To Do list' slightly to cover your first few days like this:

  1. Read the Quick Start Guide in Welcome.
  2. Read this article on security and start immediately with the suggestion of using a password manager like to secure your passwords. Once you’ve stored an entry for each of your passwords from the Permissions tab, log out and log back in with your Posting or Active password. Never log in anywhere with your Owner password, unless it is so that you can change the other passwords! I use my Posting password mostly, but have to use my Active one when I want to send, receive or spend the digital currency. You’ll be prompted to enter your log in details again if you are logged in with Posting but trying to do something that requires Active. If you’ve stored both in your password manager, it’s just a couple clicks to flip between them. Take all this seriously. If you lose your Owner password, no one can get it back for you and any money in your account is lost to you forever.
  3. Setup your Profile, Avatar, and Cover Image
  4. In the top bar, search for a topic that interests you to start finding people blogging on that topic
  5. Take a look at all the tags on the site so you can also start learning what tags people are using (so you can use existing tags people actually search for)
  6. Once you’re in a category you care about, click the “Trending” tab. It shows top earning posts by category if you’re already in a category when you click it. This is much more useful than clicking it from the Steemit homepage and just seeing top earning posts across the entire site. You’ll do best on Steemit and avoid frustration if you only focus on what’s happening in your topics of interest. Speaking of avoiding frustration, here’s my recent article on avoiding frustration as a newbie on the platform.
  7. Take a look at some of the top articles under Hot/Trending for your desired posting topics/categories/tags and especially pay attention to the comments. If you see that the author doesn’t respond to comments, move on. You need to start building relationships, and while that certainly does happen among the people who comment on a given author’s posts, the primary relationship building will be between the author and his/her readers. You need someone who actually wants to talk to their readers. If you’re a spiritual or nature writer or are interested in values-based investing in crypto, definitely follow me at @indigoocean. I don’t promise I’ll follow you back, but if you pay attention to #8 and do that well, I generally will, and will also sometimes resteem you to help your posts gain visibility. Here's a great article on succeeding with commenting as a newbie.
  8. Once you find a good author to connect with, follow them and also comment on one of their recent posts. Don’t ever bother commenting on or upvoting a post that is older than 7 days. The author can’t earn anything on those posts and needs to focus on the more recent ones, as will you soon! Be sure to leave meaningful comments that add to the discussion the author started in their post. Don’t just say, “nice article.” And definitely don’t leave links to your own article unless you leave a very meaningful comment of at least 50 words AND use Steemit markdown to turn the link into linked text, not just a raw, crazy-long http link. (Check the Etiquette guide for more on good platform behavior.)
  9. Check your Replies page at least a few times a day to see if anyone has replied to your comments. If they do reply, then be sure to reply to their reply with at least a thank you, or upvote their reply. Respond in some way. If you can keep the conversation going in a meaningful way, that’s ideal for growing a relationship and increasing the likelihood that author or his/her followers will follow you. You need followers.
  10. Once you’ve engaged with a few writers and gained a few followers, you can either decide to keep going like this, just commenting, until you’ve built more relationships OR you can write your Introduce Yourself post, putting the first tag as introduceyourself. Here’s a great video that goes into more depth about this: Writing your introduce yourself post. Unless you have a famous name, I’d skip the thing about holding up a piece of paper saying the date and ‘Hi Steemit’ to prove you’re really you. We’ll take your word for it. Just use an attractive picture, remembering that the first picture you put in your article will become the thumbnail for the article showing in search results. This will be the post that gets you the most attention for a while, so really put some effort into it. My first post earned me about $8 (about $25 in USD), but my second one earned me only $0.13.

Once you’ve gotten your introduce yourself post out there and started building connections with others in your topic area, it’s time to mostly focus on writing great content consistently. Try to stick to one new post per day, or if you can’t manage that, one new post every other day (which honestly is what I wind up managing to do). It’s more important to write high quality articles than to just put something out. Remember that you want to build a reputation as a quality writer, so that other quality writers will read and share you.

Here are a few advance topics to slowly take on after you’ve gotten the hang of simply writing well on the platform:

Understand the Power Dynamics

It’s important to keep in mind the difference between Steem Power (SP), Voting Power (VP) and Reputation.

SP is how much money you can give with your upvotes, and VP is how often you can give it. (Thanks to @felander for helping me flesh this out.) You lose voting power every time you vote and it takes about 2 hours for each vote’s power to be recouped. If you upvote just 10-20 times per day (between posts and comments) you should be okay. If you vote more than that you may find that your upvote isn’t giving anyone even a penny. (Actually, I only even got to where I was giving a penny at full voting power once I hit 23 SP. At 70 SP you can give .02 with each upvote.)

You can increase how often you can give money by decreasing the % you give each time using an app like SteemPlus. So think of power in the system as the power to give, and realize it is a factor of SP and VP available that you can parcel out within each 24 hour period.

Reputation is earned by getting upvotes from others on your posts and comments. Someone with a lower reputation can help but not hurt the reputation of someone with a higher reputation by up/down voting them.

(Please don’t downvote people’s posts/comments. It isn’t just a ‘dislike’ button but actually flags them and you’ll make enemies like that. Just ignore posts you don’t like, unless you feel they are harmful to the community or abusive.)

Note that someone with a lower reputation who has a lot of SP can financially hurt someone with a higher reputation by using downvotes to decrease rewards in their post’s earnings pool.

You can get more SP simply by buying it. You can buy STEEM then “power up” to convert it into Steem Power (SP). (The easiest way to buy STEEM for powering up is under your wallet within the system using Blocktrades. I traded one of my altcoins on Binance for it and had to then send it to Blocktrades for my Steemit account, which was a little confusing. I’ll make a video on that method at some point.)

If you can afford it, this is a good thing to do. You will succeed much more quickly on the platform if you can give upvotes that give people at least a few pennies. People notice that, especially on their comments. (It’s harder to tell who gave what with an upvote on a post.) You’ll also get to enjoy being more generous on the platform, which is a big part of the Steemit experience. And when you post yourself and take the default of upvoting your own post, you’ll also earn more of the rewards pool for yourself.

So by investing a little in STEEM, you’ll earn more and give more, right from the start.

(Remember that the money for rewards doesn’t come from your own SP or STEEM balances. Your SP determines how much power you have to parcel out the rewards pool for the entire platform. So your stash doesn’t decrease when you upvote people.)

Speaking of money, let’s dive more deeply into that too….

Understand the Money Dynamics

The main currencies on Steemit are STEEM, SBD (steem dollars) and SP. I’m not going to try to give a comprehensive treatment of that here, because it’s been done to death elsewhere.

The main thing I want you to keep in mind is that you should think of your Steemit financial experience the way you’d think about any business and realize that if you want to make more, you’ve got to be willing to invest in your business.

So if you can buy some STEEM to increase the amounts given and received with your upvotes, do. If you can buy some SBD to pay bots to advertise your posts for you, do. You can read more on this in my avoiding frustration post.

If you don’t care about the money dynamics and just want to write and interact on a platform that rewards generosity and kindness, then do so. Enjoy the experience that is unique to Steemit and don’t worry about how much you make on any given post or comment. There’s plenty of reason to be here even without the money. Which brings me to another important point….

The Values Perspective of STEEM and Steemit

As I mentioned previously, I’m a values-based crypto investor. That means I care about profiting from my crypto investments, but I know I can do that with many coins, more than I can actually invest in. So in picking the short list of coins for my portfolio I aim higher than mere profit potential. I also want to see that a coin expresses my values.

In the case of STEEM and the Steemit platform that uses it, yes, it very much does. I value kindness. I value generosity. I value paying content creators for their content. I value creating communities of shared interest from around the world.

Investing in STEEM supports all of this, so even if you didn’t blog on the platform, it would still make a great values investment. (Thanks @timcliff for helping me focus in on the importance of spreading the word about that.) But if you do blog on the platform, it just makes good sense to prioritize buying this crypto above others when you’re investing.

Useful Tools

Once you get the above basics down, there is still more you can do to really accelerate your path to success on the platform. Note that I say accelerate it, because really the only thing it takes to be successful is to keep putting out quality writing, consistently, over time, while replying to comments on your posts and commenting on the posts of others. That’s it. You do that and in time you’ll be earning on here within a community you really look forward to interacting with each day.

But let’s say you want to speed that up a bit. In addition to things I’ve already stated above, here are some resources that can help you.

  • For stats that give you more insight into what’s going on, my favorites are Steemd, (replace my handle with your own to see your stats in each of these) which easily shows your remaining bandwidth and voting power., which shows upcoming payouts, and Steemnow, for which I simply like the UI for summarizing my recent posts and activities.
  • For being alerted to new replies to your comments, consider @Ginabot. It took some work to understand how to use this and then a bit of work to get it set up, but it is well worth it. @ilyastarar has a great article on setting it up, and many great articles actually. You’ll need to use Discord to use it and it will notify you anytime you have discord open with notifications on. You can also set it to notify you of other things besides replies, but this is the big one for me. That way you don’t have to keep checking for replies all day. A similar tool that gives you the option of being notified on Discord, Telegram, Slack or Steemit Chat is SteemWatch. It’s easier to set up than Ginabot but has fewer options. Still, it let me choose to be notified of replies to or upvotes of my comments, and that’s the main thing for me.
  • For an assortment of other helpful tools, check out Steem Tools. Just don’t overwhelm yourself with that one! Try to add no more than a couple new tools to your Steemit toolset each week, and realize that you don’t ever need to use it all.

Well this is pretty extensive, so while there is certainly more beyond this that you will learn during your time on Steemit, I think this is enough to get you off to a really strong start.

Pace yourself in applying everything you just learned, and don’t be hesitant to read some of the linked articles more than once.

Best of luck to you with your Steemit life!

And please do follow me if you have interests in spirituality, nature, and/or values-based crypto investing. I have an article coming up on values-based investing, then will probably be going back to sharing the spiritual stories and inspirations I joined Steemit to connect around.

If you write on such topics, definitely let me know in the comments so that I’ll know to check out your blog. Or if you aren’t posting just yet, mention me when you get to the point that you’re writing articles on those topics and I’ll come check out your articles then. I’m pretty new myself, and have greatly appreciated help from those who have gone before me, so very happy to pay it forward.

Resteems always appreciated

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well, you really did go all out for this one... thanks for the mention.
I would just add:

  • get steemify on the app store. it sends alerts on whatever you want to your phone. I use it all the time, made by @exyle and the @blockbrothers
  • check out smartcash, i think it might be up your alley
  • and personally, if someone comments on one of my older posts and its relevant i tend to give them an upvote either way. Its just common decency.

so in light of all your work you are getting my full vote. its not huge but its not bad either... If you keep making posts like this one you will be a dolphin in no time...

LOL me a dolphin! Well I suppose someday. Thanks for the vote of confidence, and for the additional tips. Happy to give you a mention. I'm trying to point newbies toward good people to learn from, so want them to know who has helped me.

I'd definitely give a look at those additional apps too. Thanks for everything.

and personally, if someone comments on one of my older posts and its relevant i tend to give them an upvote either way. Its just common decency.

I totally agree with you. The posts duration (in terms of payout) is 7 days but it does not mean that it will not add value after that. For instance this post is very useful with lots of information and I am sure it will be discovered and linked to long after its pay out.

Have a great Monday and week ahead!

Wow. I learned a lot from this post. I never knew that the posting key can be used to log in on steemit. I thought the master key who can only do that.
The introduceyourself: I had regret about this. The 1st thing i did after getting my password from steemit is posting my introduceyourself. For me at that time is to just post and to see if steemit wasnt a scam with no follower at all, no profile and cover photo. My attached photo did not even show any proof that im a real human. Gosh if a have read this post earlier. But im sure ill recommend this to my friends joining steemit.
And especially this

Remember that the money for rewards doesn’t come from your own SP or STEEM balances. Your SP determines how much power you have to parcel out the rewards pool for the entire platform. So your stash doesn’t decrease when you upvote people.)

This is what I was just looking for yesterday. I got to encounter steemauto where we can control the value of the upvotes we're giving. I wondered why some people control the value?
It made me think that maybe by upvoting our sbd decreases. But now I know. Thanks to this post. And maybe it's bc of this that they want to control the value of their upvotes.

You can increase how often you can give money by decreasing the % you give each time using an app like SteemPlus

Good job @indigoocean! Thank you.

Thanks so much for you thoughtful comment. Glad to hear this has helped you and that you intend to share it with others. If you've done enough other posts, maybe do another introduceyourself post once you reach some landmark in your life on here. Maybe you get your first X followers or you start writing on a new topic. You don't want to abuse that powerful label, but try to find a way you really have a reason to introduce yourself to the platform again.

Yes, we give a % of our upvote when we use tools allowing us to (or once we get above 500 SP) because that allows us to preserve voting power. I upvote people a lot for both posts and especially comments, so I'm always running low on VP. So I tend to upvote posts 33-100% and comments 20-50%.

Hi @indigoocean indeed this is very educational. Thank you so much I suck up all information like a sponge and try to get the puzzle together. @stellabelle is also very helpful and I love it that everybody is willing to help. To me that's what a community is all about. Thanks again.

Glad it is helpful to you. I'll also take a look at stellabelle, who I haven't met before. 😊

Great advice 👍
Thank you for doing what u do!

This is genuinely good work! It gives a lot of vlaue to the intended audience and contains fair bit of help in getting started.

The way you have organized the information is also tremendous. Keep doing the good work. You will go a long way the way you are going.

You should follow @inquiringtimes and participate in his welcoming contests. Two months ago, this guide should have earned you some Steem from him.

Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. And I will definitely check out inquiringtimes too. Have a good night.

Another great post @indigooocean, with lots of useful information for newbies!
I am happy to see new people gathering information and share it, it means that steemit goes forward and that there is will for knowledge, for understanding steemit, its etiquette and how to contribute in the best way.

I would only like to add, if I may a couple of things..

a. Please pay attention to the tags you use, they can help you find great content and be found if used wisely

b. I also have usually open, it tracks all the activity happening to my account

c. You might want to check this MarkDown Guide too, which includes information about how to justify text, how to align images and how to use gifs.

And something I have learned here is .. do not be afraid to ask; There are people that enjoy helping other people :)

Also, patience is a virtue :)

Steem on!

Thanks for this addition. I hope folks are reading the comments.

Yes, tags are very important, especially the first one, but really all 5. I like too but I find I more often go to the other 3. I'd originally included it, but edited it out for brevity and focus. I'll definitely take a look at the additional markdown guide. I often find myself not being able to do what I'm trying to do with formatting on here. Thanks again.

I've saved this post as a favourite to my browser so i can re-read again later, but seriously, thank you, the logging in with your 'posting key' bit was worth it by itself! Considering how hot i am on security, i feel so stupid that i did not know this, or, did not give extra time to doing a bit of research on this before getting started. Thank you, that's the second article in like two days that i've read of yours and got so much out of, thanks :)

I'm so glad to hear that you're taking it all in. That's all we really ask for when we write these things, that it really help people.

La verdad es que es algo largo pero vale la pena estudiarlo minuciosamente para tener éxito en la plataforma, muchos serán los consejos de este post que aplicare para intentar tener éxito.

Wooow i love what you did here, you have gathered quit a lot of information for a newbie. I didn't really get a good tutorial on how things work here until after my first post. Well so far i've learnt a lot on my own doing research, like how to lease SP on minnobooster and using bots as well. I LOVE GINABOT, their services are awesome. Look how fast your SP has gone up, im jealous lol Thanks for sharing these useful tips with us. Resteemed and upvoted @indigoocean.

I had to do soooo much research to create this. Really it is a subset of all the research I've done just to be active on here well. My biggest task was deciding what to leave out, what people don't really need to know that first week. The problem on here is overwhelm. So I'm seeking here to give people just the getting started essentials, and then let them start learning about bots and delegations later.

Just a subset? I can imagine what the universal sets entails. You are one of my favourite person on this platform already. @indigoocean best of luck my friend.

Overwhelm is definitely a big thing for me right now, especially since I had almost given up on getting in and had not done very much reading ahead of time! Thanks for this guide, @indigoocean. I'll be adding it to my favorites and coming back to digest it bit by bit. I've resteemed this!

Yes, the overwhelm is always the hardest thing when starting anything new without a teacher. The main thing a teacher does it tell the student what to focus on now, and then now, putting the right things in the right order. I hope this provides that foundation for you. And up, up, up you go!

Resteemed by @resteembot! Good Luck!
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You got a 7.78% upvote from @bid4joy courtesy of @indigoocean!

You just had to make such an awesome post and make me use my next to last vote before dipping below 80%. This is one of the best posts I have seen collecting vast areas of information in one spot. Thank you for sharing, I learned several things and I have spent many hours in the last several weeks researching.

I did want to point out that until you hit 20 SP your vote isn't worth even .01. I have been playing around with this site to understand. Maybe you could edit it into your post as more people may see it who do not read the comments.

Thank you, I resteemed this so it would be easier for me to revisit, as well as reward the few people who have chosen to follow me.

Thanks for reminding me of that. Yes, I invested $100 in STEEM early on, so that's why my vote has been worth a penny from just about when I started. Will edit to clarify that for folks

So glad you enjoyed the article, and thanks for that last drop of daily upvote power!

nice post... this a good information for newbies include me... because we need to learn more thing for make a good steemian...

I'm glad you find it helpful and I hope you can stick with this long enough for it to support you well someday.

thank's for support... because like me a newbie need support from senior in steemit...

Great tutorial. This may just be the beat i've seen on steemit

Thank you. Glad it's useful. I appreciate your stopping by.

I've just read this post after your previous "avoiding frustration" one and, again, thank you for sharing so many insights. I just bookmarked your post to re-read it a few times. I will actually head over to Binance and trade another altcoin for some STEEM - your line of reasoning (especially the value-congruency part) was very convincing ;)

Looking forward to reading more from you in the future - happy to follow you!

I upvoted but it seems my vote is not more worth than a penny yet... I'm sure this will change though :)

Thanks and greetings from Laos!

LOL, yes we newbies have all this time we're wishing so much our upvote could give even a penny! It points out a great thing about this platform though. It brings out all of our natural desire to express generosity. You "almost penny" is quite appreciated, and glad you liked the articles. 😄

Thanks for sharing such an helpful post.
Thanks once again.

wow very helpful post thnx........

This is very informative for me as a beginner. Thank you for this post.

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Thank you for this in depth tutorial

You're quite welcome. May it serve your success.

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Thank for posting this! There is so much confusing information out there and I really struggle to understand it all.

So did I! That's how I wound up putting this together. As I was sorting it all out for myself by writing it out it occurred to me I should shape it into a form that others would also benefit.

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just what i badly needed. Thank you, I am so happy I found your post. Saved the link, I will read it back from time to time ahaha. I am a newbie and theres a truckload more to learn! Thank you @indigoocean

I'm glad it helped. It's what I came to once I sorted through everything I had to learn and cut out the things that we just overwhelming and unnecessary to focus on when first starting out.

Yes, we should focus on the major ones. Thank you:)

Thanks for this definitely learned something new!

Awesome. I'm glad to hear it. Thanks for stopping by.

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Good, a nice post. I have followed you!

Glad you liked it!

I would like to translate some quality posts into Chinese.

That's a brilliant idea! Do it.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)


Thanks for stressing the importance of staying focused on one's main topics of interest. I need to do more of that.


the only thing it takes to be successful is to keep putting out quality writing, consistently, over time, while replying to comments on your posts and commenting on the posts of others. That’s it.

Thanks for reaffirming that. I'll start linking to this post in my sig, especially for my challenge posts, because your steps will help to decrease overwhelm and confusion. Resteemed and will FB/tweet too.

This morning I jumped off the cliff with a post announcing the start of a challenge focusing on two posts and 15 meaningful comments daily.... to increase profits over time. BUT I'm just a newb and whyyyyy did I do that???? ;)

btw, consciousness development/spirituality is my thing too...

Awesome! Great to meet you. Just followed you and looking forward to seeing your posts.

And yes, great plan. I think you'll help a lot of people by guiding them to the right focus like that.

Thanks for summing up so many aspects of using Steemit. I'm just 3 weeks old here and have so much to learn. I love the platform and writing posts on a variety of topics, but I realize that focusing on one or two topics is probably a better strategy than my scattershot approach! Thanks for all of the links and tips.

Full STEEM ahead!!

Yes, I'm having to get my focus on when it comes to topics. The more you have a web of relationships within a few related topics, the quicker you'll gain a dedicated following on here. That's crucial unless you want to be paying bots indefinitely for anyone to see your posts. If you are scattered in your topics, you could wind up with no more than 10% of your followers ever liking what you post. Over time some will unfollow you and others will just get used to ignoring your posts as irrelevant to them. But if you have 3 topics that have some overlap in who they appeal to, you may keep followers and keep adding more. And ones who actually enjoy interacting with your content!

Great post, very helpful to a newb like me. Followed you, as you certainly seem to have the same interests as me. Thanks again for the info.

Glad this is helpful to you. Happy steeming!

First of all congratulations on 57 comments for this post, it shows you are truly engaging with the community, you are replying to every comment, taking in the suggestions and its truly amaizing, I see a whale in you.
A suggestion maybe, is you can start an article series on steemit tools, the way you have done for @Ginabot and SteemWatch. You are going far.

Thanks for your kind reply and suggestions. Nice to meet you.

Hi there again :)
I was wondering if I could write a similar guide in Greek, using your structure as a reference :) I will credit you but I will use some different links and maybe alter some things in the structure.
If you agree I can let you know of its content prior to its publication :)

Absolutely. I appreciate the credit, but in general I think it is always a good thing to create translations. If I could write it in Greek myself I would! 😀

I will but most probably in the end of this week :) I will let you know either way. There are some things that I will change according to my point of view and experience but the core will be your own post :)))
Thank you so much, I appreciate it !

This is super in depth and well explained, thanks a bunch! Bookmarked, upvoted and followed. (:

You're so generous. Thank you and glad you find it helpful to you.

Just wanted to thank you for this post. I have been looking everywhere and on different posts for the most information I can gather since I have only had the account for a few days. I especially like the idea to see what tags people are using!

Glad it helps! It's basically a consolidation of all the things that most helped me. Good luck on here!

You got a 15.56% upvote from @inciter courtesy of @indigoocean!

Hi! You will be happy to know that I (at last) managed to create the guide in Greek. Thank you again for allowing me to use your amazing guide as a guidance and structure. I have invited my friends to support you and thank you once more!
I have done some additions, please feel free to check it and let me know what you think!
I am thinking of creating it also in English (always with a dear mention to you)
We will see how it goes because time seems to be reducing more and more :)

Your guide is both welcome and valuable to new users.
With this site I have the feeling that for it to ever reach mainstream all of these things need to be iron out.
It is complicated for a new user.