Vlog 186: Basic account security you need to uphold + Why steempower is the best security.

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When you sign up to Steemit you are presented with this:

The first rule of Steemit is: Do not lose your password.
The second rule of Steemit is: Do not lose your password.
The third rule of Steemit is: We cannot recover your password.
The fourth rule: If you can remember the password, it's not secure.
The fifth rule: Use only randomly-generated passwords.
The sixth rule: Do not tell anyone your password.
The seventh rule: Always back up your password.

This is 100% true. The Steem blockchain is not like any other platform you are used to on the internet.

You can't press a button that says 'forgot your password? ' and expect that it will be mailed to you. (like any other website).

You are 100% responsible for your own actions here. The blockchain is decentralized. There is no third party to help you out.

Make sure you have your security in order straight from the start.

The best time to do it is when you just created your account. Your account won't have much value and in case you do make a mistake it's not the end of the world.

You don't want to learn about these things once your account is worth thousands. It's a lot scarier then I can tell you that from experience.

Don't ever log in with your master key (the one you got when you created your account).

There are 3 keys you need to know about. The posting key, the active key, and the master key.

You can log in with each of these keys.

With the posting key, you can only post, comment and upvote. (not transfer funds).

With the active key, you can post, comment, upvote, and transfer funds.

With the master key, you can change all the keys, including the master key.

There is not a single reason why under normal circumstances you want to log in with your Master key, so don't do it!

Always log in with your posting key. You can find it here. Only login with your active key if you intend to transfer funds.

Steempower is the best security.

In case your account is compromised (the active key was stolen). Steempower offers another security barrier. Because it takes a week to power down 1/13th of your STEEMPOWER to liquid STEEM (that can be transferred).

It gives you therefor a whole week to fix the situation and undo the hack.

This is where your master key comes in. And the only time you should use it.

With the master key, you can change all the other keys. Locking out any hacker and undo the power down.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

Starts @ 1.35

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I spilled coffee on my laptop in the summer, and once I got a new temporary laptop, I found out I had misspelled my million digit Steemit password on a piece of paper.

It was quite a joy to figure out which letter or number was the incorrect one.

It took me all night, but I was able to figure it out.


Dang. But you're a pro hacker then:)


I thought there was no problem since I knew I had the piece of paper. But my heart did skip a few beats when my eyes saw the red text that said "Incorrect Password".

"Oh. Shit."

"This is gonna take a while."


Haha I can imagine:)


Thats whats happening to me. Uh oh. So just push reset for a new one?


Damn dude. That's like a nightmare scenario :). Makes for a good story though.


Hah, yes. I now have it on my two external hard drives, on a piece of paper - correctly - as well as my mom's computer, just in case.

I trust my mom. :)


Du hast den Schatten offenbar geschnappt👍

This warning is very important, so you did the right thing by posting this reminder. There are a lot of newbies who don't know how important it is to be very prudent with your keys.


Yes...that's right.... Thank God for people like @exyle for always encouraging and counselling


@clio Your Son is why I LOVE STEEMIT. @exyle You have a GREAT MOM !

This is the first time I heard an explanation about all steem password so simple.
I thank you and I resteemed this post.
Keep on steemit

Wow thank you for the info man!
I learned something new today, I always login with my master key i think.
I'm going to change that now , Thanks for the info!


Make sure you backup your masterkey!

steemconnect is asking our master key when we transfer funds to @blocktrades is it ok?


This what it says.

This operation requires your active, owner key or master password.

Use your active key is what I would recommend.

I always use my master key to login or transfer funds...Thanks for such a useful information...i dont know about the difference in between these keys,,, Resteemed

Thanks for posting this, important for both new Steemians but also people who have been around for a while but may not have been aware of this.


You are welcome!

This is a valuable thing to most of STEEMIANs! They are just using Master Key to logging to every app built top of STEEM blockchain and some how they used it with spams! If they follow what you said today, atleast they can secure their accounts! Specially STEEM is based on Proof of Brian (PoB) concept! So, we must secure your hard earnings from scammers!


I think you should be informed how this 3 layer password system from the start because it is quite unique and people are just used to having one password.

Always thanks for your useful posting :)

With the master key, you can change all the keys, including the master key.

This is the theme of this very useful blog post. And the second beautiful thing that Sir @exyle have mentioned is:
Steempower is the best security.

This is the beauty of this awesome platform, that seniors always take care of juniors. They spend time just sake of awareness towards community. I have been following since last 3 months and I got lot of useful things from here and also I have learnt various things which give me experience and now I can handle each and everything. All the best for your superb work. And Stay blessed. Say hello to wagon!
Vlog 186 is really a great guideline specially for the newbies. Going to share with my family and friends. Thanks @exyle!

I have talked about this before too, thanks for this post. And today I found out busy play dtube video wtihin it. But it's still too heavy to load on my internet connection. It seemed to play fine for first 30secs then started buffering.

Am was really happy when I saw the title of your post, I quickly click on it to read. Wow!!, Today post will really help any steemian reading to know how to secure his or her password.
Am sharing this post link to all my steemit group chat. For all the new steemians there to read, because it will really help them alot.

Thanks so much for sharing @exyle

I've got a password manager to deal with my logins. Nothing like having my stupidly long passwords hidden away behind a thumbprint login! 1password, just in case anyone on the thread is curious.

I do have some secure passwords that I could technically memorise though! In the xkcd vein of "correct horse battery staple":



The fourth rule: If you can remember the password, it's not secure :)

Very meaningful and simple explanation of our safety with you, my friend, and here you are absolutely right, if we are invited to introduce an active key on third-party sites, then it is necessary to think many times whether it should be done at all. I also completely agree with you that the STEEMPOWER is another opportunity to protect our funds! Thank you Mark and keep us informed.

Im one of those noobs logged in with my master key :-(
Signing in with another one now, didnt think about the security risk. Thanks.

Losing your master key would be the worst nightmare! But it does happen. Be like a good boy scout and be prepared. Save it umpteen dozen places.

Holy shit, i did NOT realize this, thank you so much dude. I have been using my master key until now. So i generated new passwords, and is keeping them in cold storage, and on paper now. Thank you a million times, you might just have saved me down the line


Glad you found it useful.

This is possibly the most advanced security tips I ever got to learn about since joining Steemit. This is even more important than the money we make here. Always a pleasure get these valuable tips from you @exyle

Great post, this is the first time after being here 6 months I've seen the full description of each key !!

Yeah, only took me about half a year before I realized this... Honestly, I don't know if they changed it by now, but it should be made more clear once you create an account.

so i should never use master key anywhere else just on steemit main website @exyle


No never. not even on Steemit.com. Just use your posting key and when you want to transfer funds use your active key. Never ever use your master key.

I remember the time I “lost” my key and I cried before I was so addicted to this paltform but I ended up finding it . Now I literally have it backed up in so many places that I’d never be lost again

Excellent post and video my friend and i agree with your thoughts we all have to use active and posting keys to login to our account and use steemit and we must have to save our master password in a very safe place where no one can steal it because master password is the way to recover our lost steemit account and i did follow your steps and i successfully enhanced the security of my account too, thanks for sharing very nice and most important information with us, Stay blessed.

Hey! I maybe have a dumb question but how do I know with wich key im logged in? I just made an account for 3 weeks ago but didnt know about these different keys then.


If you don't know about the keys you are using your master key at this moment. I would suggest taking the steps I wrote down. Backup your master key and login with your posting key.

This is a very important thing to know. I wasn't paying attention to all this stuff before. I backed all my keys now, thanks Mark :d
It would be so much fun if my laptop suddenly stopped working.

Thx again for reminding us again, I think the different keys is for a lot of new users complex.. especially when they are happy when account is approved and have received the one key.. maybe there should be some option in Steemit to show the user that he logged in with master PW.. ( if that is possible) to create more awareness.

I am thinking about tattooing these keys on my body, like the guy in Memento did :) I would like to hear your opinion @exyle on another topic: do you think that Steem has already hit the support line of $4 and will go up or will we experience the last year's "dark ages of Steem"?


I can't tell you I'm afraid. I don't have a crystal ball :)


Smiles, that's funny no need of tatooing the key on ur body just try to keep it well in a safe place..@alexpavlenko

In the beginning of my steemit registration i was given a master key which i still use to login till now, i wiol definitely get the other keys i didnt even know they existed till now. This post is a blessing. STEEM ON!!

yes and i agree on this steem security system bcz it also help us to secure our accounts and our balance from hackers...but today i tried to sell some steem and i amaized to see that the blocktrades use it via steemconnect

Thanks friend for the great information about the security system of this world. In this context I would like to mention the great share from the great steemians @kafkanarchy. "you are the highest othority of your own here so be careful in every way ".yes friend in the world of decentralized system the third party may become dangerous to you. Thanks for sharing such a valuable information to the people. Wish you a very beautiful time friend, I have mentioned something about your family, if you don't mind please give a visit on my post.

Great vlog you explained Many things which are very useful for every Steemian Today !!

I was not that much aware about the different keys as i am new here but you explained each and every thing about each key so very thankful to you and most importantly i got my account in the same way as your friend got so i too need to change my master password thanks for that suggestion and telling us all how to do.

GREAT Security System steemit has such a master stroke that is by the developers so sense of satisfaction too from the any kind of hacking.

Time to learn it from the start thanks again a lot and that christmas tree looks beautiful in the background don't remove that hahah :) 


@exyle Thank You for reminding me AGAIN that I need to have my Keys copied down and in multiple secured places. You can NEVER be to SECURE !!

Due to the possibility to own Steem Power I have a much more secure feeling with steem than with many other crypto currencies. I had once 8 ETH stolen from me - I still do not know what happened... This cannot happen so easily with Steem - which is one of the reasons why I like Steem.

This where almost every one especially newbies make a lot of mistake thereby compromise and losing their password. A newbie once wrote the password down immediately she received it but surprisingly it didn't go through. This will be of great help

Sir @exyle thanks to you for these worthy information about the Security of our Steemit account.

Don't ever log in with your master key (the one you got when you created your account).
Steempower is the best security.

To convert our payouts rewards in Steem Power is wonderful option for security,This is guideline for all specially me because i am not much aware about that. so again thanks.

Nice post, thanks for sharing

Agreed, doing it the same currently - increasing SP is what I aim for, have my BTC and IOTA locked and will not trade anything in the near future - maybe one currency soon - but here I stick to what I get and increase Steem Power.

yes i agree with you the posting key is best key for sign in the steemit site
steemit account security = steem save

this is very informative post for steemit tutorial
thanks ^^

Mark, we are so lucky that we ony have 3 key's to take care for it. Why only 3; Just because of the fact that STEEM is the most important, as you say; in future we can do everything with our STEEM !

Oh my gosh! I didn't know I can log in with an active key. Thank you so much for posting this.

Thanks for the reminders, but I really want to know how hackers would get the passwords at all, from fake sites?

This is a nice warning and am sure steemit advices same during registration.

Also if the guys with masks and guns show up to rob you they can force you to give up wallet passwords for bitcoin but the long wait to power down makes robbing you for steem impossible they would need to hold you hostage for months

Ok, thank you, will take better measurements in securing my account

vital information... thanks

it's really helpful and great information sir. @exyle
I did not know about this information before.
Thanks for sharing it

this is a informative and valuable post about streem because an steemer is always careful
thank you so much

Thanks a lot for the information, you are a life saver. I must confess: i have not really been prudent with those keys of mine but now, i know better.

"The first rule of Steemit is: Do not lose your password."
"The second rule of Steemit is: Do not lose your password."
"The third rule of Steemit is: We cannot recover your password."
"The fourth rule: If you can remember the password, it's not secure."
"The fifth rule: Use only randomly-generated passwords."
"The sixth rule: Do not tell anyone your password."
"The seventh rule: Always back up your password."
These goldens are just like the "Ten cocommandments" which are suppose to be abide by in order to avoid the story that touches a soul. Thank you for reminding us of what what we ought to be reminding ourselves of.

Thankyou sir for this informative news.

Thanks for the info I was not aware of that.

Well @exyle

Thank You so so much for elaborating this issue regarding Basic Account Security. Yes I know about those 3 keys but did not know their perfect use you just thrown light upon it.

This is something new for me

With the master key, you can change all the other keys. Locking out any hacker and undo the power down.

You always try to bring awareness among Steemians especially the minnows and new comers who really need some guideline from the the old Steemians.

Thanks for your worth reading Blog, it cleared many confusions of mine

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

Well i didn't know that. And now i'm a little scared to be honest. Thank you for sharing that

I agree with you completely @exyle . :)

Great information! Had missed this as a newbie here and will now use your advise to secure my account.
Have you been hacked sometime? I mean I can understand that you who have big accounts might be targeted by hackers

O really this is great information of steemit account security ..I appreciate y friend...

Thanks a lot for providing your great info..
Best of luck...

Extremely helpful :) there are lots of newbie here

This is true , I captured my password , I wrote it on a paper and I put the capture on a stick not to loose my password :)

Not sure though what the purpose of the MEMO Key.

good post,, best information

i apricate your blog please carry on your writing...i really like your every post..
best of luch..

Thank you for the rules and regulations. You were quite a good teacher. It is a good thing to stay close to you sir.

great story..

Brb changing my auto login details now

Thank you for the rules and regulations. You were quite a good teacher. It is a good thing to stay close to you sir.

There can be no better information than this, I agree with you completely. @exyle

I thought it's enough to print your main password on the list of paper and use it when you log in. Seems I was wrong.
Actually, there were more... Thanks man, I've just made copy of all keys.

Thanks for sharing guy

We are a big family .
Steemit is oke

Nice post! You make a lot of sense. Good thing I saw your video.

Good reminder, was just thinking yesterday I need to have my password in different places, just having it saved on my device is not enough!

waoooooooo this is helpful......... i love it

It was such a simple fact which I dint know and was using my master key to login till now. will comeback after logging out. hope I can login again. lol. if not then hackers alert. lol.
Thanks a lot for such a priceless info @exyle


one more question i have. is it safe to save your password on chrome for auto login. it saves a lot of time. i just changed the autosave password to my posting key.


Yeah that should be fine. Not having it there is always better of course.


Thanks for taking time to reply. It's an honor.

Yess man ive gone through it by forgotting password which i never recovered which leads me to open new steemit account.

thanks for sharing the golden rules i will follow them for sure to be on steemit that's the must

yeah...you are right. a friend of mine @alexismugabe just lost his password last week. we did try our level best but couldn't recover the password. On my case, sincerely speaking, i lost also my steemchat password, i hear there is chance of bringing it back but I'm not that sure.
cryptocurrency is just mysterious.

Am i secure if i keep my steemit password on my email account??? need advice please

Very informative blog indeed

It's very helpful information sir...
thank u for sharing...

That is very informative story.I happy to read your post.It very helpful to us.
Keep it up

I slipped on the ice the other day and almost busted my phone- which I store everything on. I instantly decided that was dumb and now I’m taking steps to not be an idiot!

@exyle...yeah This is really a true , I entered my password , I saved it on a my wordprees note pad and copy that and also paste in the password section and I put the capture on a stick not to loose my password .yhis is a very good thing compared to any other social media sites..its diffrent appart from the other cryptocurrencies....thank you for sharing info with us....

wow, powerful tips. Really helpful to newbie like me! will take note of all of the above tips

that is very informative publish for steemit academic
thanks ^^

I was aware of this thing but not in depth!! Thanks for sharing it!!I just saved my password until now but now I have written all those keys on a paper!!Really thanks @exyle for sharing this info!!

Steemit has the best security since the person is 100% resposible for its activity but at first signup the person should be informed about every key usage and security Barre and trait encounter if not take care of.

very nice and informative post.
i just resteem it.

thank you so much for that explanation !

Good writing .I know if I forget my password never I get it at any cost.Your warning is very important for us .Few days ago my friend loss his password he didn't excess his blog. Full day he looking his password but he never found.He was up sad and hope less.After one day he found his password in his smartphone.Now he is happy.I am also happy.Thanks to sharing this kind of essential post.

Very useful and informative post. And for those of us who are unable to watch the video due to being in work, etc, the description was very informative. Thanks.

Thanks for explaining the role of the 3 keys!

I've got all 4 keys stored on several usb drives, but as you said, Steem Power is the best protection because it buys time to react to actions one did not initiate.

This is a good advice i need to write mine in walls and ceiling so that i can remember it @exyle! Super Thanks..

Wow... This is an eye opener. Most especially the part that has do with "3 main keys". Thanks for sharing this sir @exyle

Thanks you for remember the way of Security on steemit..