hyperfundit.com is now on steemit

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We’ve moved the entire hyperfundit website to Steemit account @hyperfundit.com


https://hyperfundit.com now redirects to https://steemit.com/@hyperfundit.com. We made this move to make life easier for you. You no longer need to register for hyperfundit and the entire process and experience is more streamlined.


This means you no longer need to leave the steemit domain to support a project. You can now do the following directly on steemit.com

  • upvote
  • resteem
  • follow project creators and influencers that you like
  • follow @hyperfundit.com to see all new campaigns
  • starting a campaign got so much easier, simply write a post about your story and project, then tag @hyperfundit.com

The only time you would have to leave steemit.com is to transfer SBD when clicking “Claim Reward”, this is done via SteemConnect for your convenience. However, if you REALLY want to stay within the steemit.com domain, you can optionally use your Steemit Wallet to make the transfer, just write the project name that you want to support into the memo.

What’s really cool is that we’ve also implemented an “upvote up to 5x” system, if you would like to support a project with more than one upvote.

upvote more.JPG

Unfortunately this one got buried in the comments, but as the @hyperfundit, @hyperfundit.com, @hyperfundit.supp upvotes get bigger, and more people start to use this feature, I'm hoping it'll make its way to the top of the comments in future posts.

We created account @hyperfundit.supp to enable you to upvote and support projects after the initial post expires. Campaigns usually run for a total of six weeks (42 days). Two weeks of connecting with influencers and hyping the campaign up (14 days), followed by four weeks of funding (28 days).

The @hyperfundit.supp account allows for the @hyperfundit.com acc to be free of duplicate posts for ease of browsing through campaigns. This account @hyperfundit will continue serving as a blog and keep bringing you more informative content from improving writing, photography, vlogging, to raising awareness about steem projects. We will also be using the @hypefoundation account to upvote charities and meaningful causes outside of @hyperfundit.com's scope.

Ultimately the move from our external hyperfundit.com domain to @hyperfundit.com will better help project creators get the funding and visibility they need to succeed. This is still an early beta and we welcome all comments and feedback to continue improving. If you have any concerns or notice any flaws, please bring it to our attention! :)

Teaming Up

I’ve spoke with @taskmanager from @upfundme and @hightouch from @fundition and I’m happy to say that we all want to mutually support each other’s platforms to better help all project creators get funded. This is what Steemit and crowdfunding are all about! :D

Please take a look at fundition.io if you haven’t already been there! It’s beautifully designed and already hosting dozens of projects, show some love and support for the project creators aka Founders. The #upfundme hashtag has been around the longest and has a thriving community, please check out some posts and show some support, a single upvote can go a long way!

"Tagging @hyperfundit.com and using #upfundme at the same time will allow people crowdfunding to reach a larger audience and an increased chance of getting support from various communities."

I'm looking forward to the changes we can make together! :)

rob chen 100px.png @robchen, co-founder

line break.jpg

Our Partners

partiko 100px.png theshop logo square 100px.png steemreviews logo square 100px.png hypefoundation logo square 100px.png upfundme 100px.png


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Awesome Project @robchen excited to see more and was awesome meeting you at the steem conference!


Thanks Joe! Great meeting and chatting with you in person too :)

I've watched the whole steemit 2.0 course, super helpful!

I've lowkey launched @theshop 2 days ago, could you take a look and see if you'd like to list your courses there?

I'm asking various sellers to put up inventory before I announce theshop in about two weeks


Nice ..
Well done, wonderful words from you
Thanks for sharing..

I'm so flaccid right now, it's unbelievably disappointing.


flagged for being ridiculously unnecessary


Flag removed. I get the joke now. Had to look at the account first, but still man, does it need to be on this post? How does that make sense? This guy is trying to do something decent...

Tagging @hyperfundit.com and using #upfundme at the same time will allow people crowdfunding to reach a larger audience and an increased chance of getting support from various communities.


Let me just add that into the post ;)


The Tree of Life, or Etz haChayim (עץ החיים) has upvoted you with divine emanations of G-ds creation itself ex nihilo. We reveal Light by transforming our Desire to Receive for Ourselves to a Desire to Receive for Others. I am part of the Curators Guild (Sephiroth), through which Ein Sof (The Infinite) reveals Itself!


Thank you for your support! :)

  • Iris

I hope other fund raising take heed into crypto like you are

Glad to see more and more adoption of steemit!


Yes, will be great for the steemit community

This is f**king awesome! I hope to see more and more stories like.
Very happy to see that Steemit community is growing:)


Thanks man, we won't disappoint! Same here, so glad there are so many driven people on the platform from all around the world :)


This is a great idea, you guys are always thinking about how best to improve in other to touch the lives of the community members positively. Good job guys.

And yes i have given my tini tiny vote.


Thanks izge! I'm sure there's still areas to improve upon, just need to keep thinking more!

Everyone only has 10 votes a day regardless of the size. Thank you, it means a lot that you gave a vote to me today :)



Although i am not some wizard or some nerd who can initiate any project, is it possible to be a bench warmer in your unit on steemit? If yes how do yours faithfully join you guys?


You can join our discord for now and chat with the community :)



wow great idea

Awesome. The 5x upvote idea is really clever!


Thanks nikema! Only sometimes can I be clever :P


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Thats great. Looks like a nice project, will check it out. Keep up the good work :)


Thanks hanen for dropping by again, always appreciate your support! :)

Well this is very informative @hyperfundit

Wow a nice development,great idea.

Love it ✌️

Wooow it is grateful!

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yes I want to continously support this project


thank you! We're grateful for your support! You can support all the amazing projects that we host at @hyperfundit.com by donating to them or just upvoting them :)

  • Iris

This is great idea very interesting project.


thank you! We hope that you check out @hyperfundit.com and the projects we're hosting there :)

  • Iris

Nice one

i want to know about this site...after then i will think...
btw thanks for share..

Hello hyperfundit!

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Cool thanks! :)


Good project @huperfundit. Good job. Wish a better job

This is a good trend for steemit. I am happy all of you are here. I am resteeming this post. I am following, please follow back.


Thank you for resteeming us and following us! Your support is greatly appreciated! :)

  • Iris

Follow me @Patricawalters & I Will follow you
And read my blog.
If you like my blog then please give me Upvote in My Blog

thanks friends, very good knowledge

That's really great news. You have written on a big issue. This link will support me.

Any projects that will cater for more people in the steemit community is very much welcome.
But I need to read more about this projects to see how it works in real scenario.


Thanks for stopping by :)

You can see live campaigns on @hyperfundit.com, we're currently hosting two and launching two more by the end of next week


The Black Cat Initiative is running a fundraising campaign to support the care and spaying/neutering of stray cats in hard to reach areas. Show your support by grabbing your own #theblackcatinitiative Tee! This campaign ends on May 30, 2018 so don't miss out on this opportunity to help cats in need! #fortheloveofcats !

Purchase link: https://www.bonfire.com/the-black-cat-initiative/


Cool! Would you like to list your t-shirts on @theshop?

I launched that account two days ago and am looking for sellers to post products.

I will be making an announcement about it in two weeks. Hope this can help sell some shirts and save some cats!



I'd love to! I also want to try starting a campaign with hyperfundit. Maybe it will help the cats even more :)

whoaa! I'm move by it..

When this website made and how much people are work there??


https://hyperfundit.com started over a year ago, but we entered the steemit universe in January with this account, then made the account @hyperfundit.com replacing https://hyperfundit.com two weeks ago

Currently we're a team of eight :)


Awesome project! : )


thank you! :)

  • Iris

Excelente post

Awesome project. ..cool

This is really cool stuff. It's great to have new platforms and feature added here in Steemit, more ways to be discover and be inspired. Well look for that definitely

Wosome your post for steemit.I
like this your post.I am new user please send me upvhote.

Awesome project @robchen very well

it's really a great news for steemit user.
thanks to the creator group .

really interesting news keep it up!!

This is great idea I am apprciating it too much.

Great idea.

This is brilliant, and I will definitely let my business partners know about this amazing community that you are setting up from which we can all benefit from as humanity and change the world!

seems a great project.but now we have to see how its perform.

This really is what crowdfunding is all about. Awesome project!

This is a great idea. I am interested. Awesome. its just fabulous.

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This is great for all. Easier access to hyperfundit.

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I am excited to see the projects that make it onto @hyperfundit! there have already been a couple interesting ones and i know steem has a very creative community so this will be exciting!


Yes the steem community always has something in the works, I'm excited too for what we will discover :D


It is somewhat like crowdfunding, did I get it right?


yep that's exactly it!


Awesome Project @robchen excited to see more and was awesome meeting you at the steem conference!Glad to see more and more adoption of steemit!

This is a wonderful idea and looking forward to seeing it in full swing.

So just wondering (new here to steemit, so forgive me for my noobness), essentially this is to help people with projects to get upvotes to fund their project? :D