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Our Story

HyperFundIt began as a response to two different issues. The first is the growing split amongst Americans due to political and social tensions. The other is the financial barriers to entry project creators face due to the lack of support and reach in their communities.

We designed HyperFundIt to be a platform that breeds acceptance and become a place where people of different backgrounds can come together to support each other’s dreams. We bring together leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, social influencers, and consumers from across America to build, hype, and support campaigns to raise the awareness and funds needed for expanding small businesses/projects. Our platform works to break down barriers both socially and economically. We believe if we can create a diverse and accepting online community, we can spread our message of communication, support and acceptance into local communities across America.

As of February of 2018, HyperFundIt began to focus on growing it’s audience along with the Steem community. As a company with roots in social media, we found the best way to build a supportive and diverse community was to help grow start up online communities such as Steemit, DLive, DTube, and Steepshot. In May of 2018, HyperFundIt launched @hyperfundit.com and began incorporating Steem functions to better carry out our mission through the Steem community.

How It Works

1. Start a Campaign

Project Creators can raise funds and awareness by building a campaign to illustrate their project’s goals.

2. Connect With Influencers

Influencers can help promote their favorite campaigns and earn a percentage of the funds raised.

3. Raise Funds & Awareness

Supporters can get some awesome rewards from the project creator and influencers that they love and support.

Payment Models

Starting a campaign is free, percentage-based fees are only collected at the end of a campaign

Hyper Funding

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For projects that are focused on raising funds

Half & Half

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For projects looking to raise both funds and awareness

Heavy Marketing

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For projects that are focused mainly on raising awareness



For project that needs some more flexibility, the campaign host can customize the precentage they want to give to influencers.

Join our community

HyperFundIt focuses on creating a strong community of diverse project creators, influencers, and supporters. Join us to get started on building your dreams.


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Our Partners

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