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To submit a campaign, copy this post, fill out the information, then post it on your account. Be sure to include:

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Category: Apps | Art & Comics | Dance Environmental | Events | Fashion & Wearable | Film & Video | Food & Beverages | Games | Health & Fitness | Home | Music | Photography | Technology | Theatre | Transportation | Travel & Outdoors | Writing & Publishing


Influencer Info

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Payment Model: Hyper Funding | Half & Half | Heavy Marketing | Custom
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Platforms: Steemit | DLive | DTube | Steepshot

Post Type: Review | Mention | Haul | Lookbook | Favorites | Tutorial | Game Play | Comedic Sketch | Unboxing | Vlog


Funding Goal: Enter Number in SBD

About: What is your story? What is your project? Why are you fundraising?

Timeline: Please explain the upcoming plans for your project in detail

Breakdown: How will you spend the funds raised?

Stretch Goals: What will you do with the extra funds if you exceed your funding goal?

Challenges: What can hinder your project success

Campaign Video URL: We strongly recommended you make a video. On average people are 4x more likely to support a campaign that has a compelling video. Please upload to YouTube so that the video can be embedded into your campaign.

Website: If you have one


Donation Rewards: Copy and paste for as many rewards as you have to offer. Do you need help coming up with rewards? Refer to this guide.

Reward Name: Early Bird
Reward Details: Get exclusive access to our beta app
Donation Amount: 10 SBD
Available Quantity: 50
Estimated Delivery Month and Year: December, 2018

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