TheShop is now open!

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Buy or sell almost anything you want with 0% fees. 😊

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new initiative for the Steemit community!

theshop logo 100px.png
Buy | Sell

TheShop is a decentralized marketplace designed in a way so that anyone can sell or buy products. Users can sell a new or used product by simply submitting their post to TheShop. Anything you would find on Amazon or eBay would be 99% appropriate to sell here too.

We would like to give a special shout out and thank you to our friend and first seller @scottshots for posting these breathtaking canvas prints that are now for sale!

Click on the images to go to his product page!

"Milky Way Above Sagehen Meadows 3"


"Bonsai Rock Sunset 7"

bonsai rock

Take a look at a real example of a product post:

bonsai rock.gif

From the buyers' perspective, you can browse through the categories to find a specific item you're looking for. You can also communicate with and transfer SBD directly to the seller to make a purchase.


Buyers also have the option to leave a product review in the comments section of the product post to help the next visitor in their decision-making process. Note that a buyer could additionally review the seller in a different page to help identify legitimate sellers from fraudulent ones.


From a sellers' perspective, you can easily create a product post by using the markdown template we provide. It's so simple, just copy & paste, then fill out the necessary information.



We’re imagining 90% of the upvote activity will happen in the comments section, but when the posts get upvotes, the earnings will be transferred/delegated to and @hypefoundation to help fund steem project creators and charitable causes.

We will be launching a campaign to further promote @theshop, would you be interested in being an influencer for TheShop? We're looking for users with 60+ rep, join our Discord to learn more about this opportunity.

We’re looking to build a user base and collect feedback with this open beta, an app, and integration with operations will follow in the road ahead.

Have fun shopping @theshop! :)

rob chen 100px.png @robchen, co-founder

P.S. We’re looking for someone with animation experience to join our team to better tell the project creators’ stories on Compensation is 50% of post-earnings. Join our Discord and provide links to previous animations that you’ve created.

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@hyperfundit and @partiko are teaming up to bring more users and projects to the Steem Blockchain. Would you vote @hyperpartiko for witness?


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Our Partners

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Shameless plug (っ^▿^)💨 your friendly neighborhood Give the old dog a visit everyone :)

Innovation is a river with many streams; the ocean is where our destiny is met with great opportunity. This yet another positive for blockchain and further a leap forward for cryptocurrency trading. Start with what the big guys do, on a small scale very well, that eventually everything is done well at every level.

This is another way people can trade physical goods, services, even "virtualize" retail with ETH BTC LTC, etc trading directly P2P in a secure, stable network. Great work!

Thank you @hyperfundit for sharing this!

@hyperfundit It looks a very good idea; bringing to steemit new opportunities, with this project "TheShop"
I wish you the best with your matters. Thanks you for share.

Thank you for the motivation! We have a passion to serve the community and provide people around the world with new opportunities.

  • Iris

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Hello @gkumar Happy to meet you. Thanks you for share my opinion.

Yaah . Now Start Shopping

Hello @saraheasy Thanks you for sharing. It could be a very good project, I am following it, to check its good function.

Hello @saraheasy Thanks you for sharing. It could be a very good project, I am following it, to check its good function.

FINALLY something that can benefit from the Steem/SBD fee-less and lightning speed transfers!
This is so big step for Steem blockchain, this can evolve in so many levels and once people learn that they don't need credit cards nor third party so they can buy online they will start to love it, this is so amazing, I am feeling very hyped about this and I will be monitoring the whole process/growth of TheShop! Well done!

We want to give a big shout out to an early adopter @abwasserrohr who is now selling a Mario + Rabbids game for Nintendo Switch on @theshop! Click the image to check it out!


good topic mercy

This will be very beneficial to STEEM growth. It is important to get projects like this running and to get the community support.

I have a question for @hyperfundit or anyone.

If I have a big ticket virtual item for sale or even a physical item, It would require a trust account managed by a middle man. This way money is held and guaranteed to the seller once the item is delivered to the buyer. Does this shop have something like this? If not, where can I find something like this?

Yes, we believe the more we can demonstrate the use of steem/sbd in making product purchases, the more valuable steem/sbd would stand as a currency!

Regarding expensive sales and physical items, we're aiming to address the trust issue with a community-driven effort. We incorporated a review system designed to build credibility for each individual seller. Granted, the common seller is going to have to start with small sales and earn their trust with buyers.

In phase 2 we'll roll out a whitelist, blacklist, and membership for sellers to further ensure legit/trustworthy sellers.

We're looking to eliminate the need for a middleman to allow for scalability. We hope this works as intended, but like any beta, we'll have to test and adjust accordingly.

In your experience, do you think it'll work?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts :)

Creative initiative expressed excellently..but may take some time to gain wide scope acceptance. Great work. Well done

Thank you and yes I agree. We'll do what we can to fast track, but it's going to take some time to gain followership from both buyers and sellers.

This is amazing as I am about to start selling skincare products as a side hustle. Will definitely keep this in mind. Very happy I clicked on trending and found this post. Keep it up guys! Cheers to the future!

Awesome, glad you found us and I hope TheShop helps with the hustle! :D

Nice initiative and project.

Why wait for Ebay and Amazon to catch on, when we can just create our own storefronts? Nice work.

This is an amazing idea! Congrats to the creators. I love doing online shopping, so I'll have to give this a look! xo

That is amazing, hopefully it takes over the other ginormous e-commerce websites

Haha one step at a time, we just hope to give the people more options in their ecommerce needs. ;)

  • Iris

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I think we've all been thinking about this, but now there's some real progress and someone making strides and nutting out the details.

Hopefully we can all be wrapped up in a clean, funky UI on its own portal one day, instead of having to use Steemit . Developers?

The shop is really is superb project. I wish you best of luck for making its place in buyers and sellers hearts.

I appreciate the extra level of authenticity it sounds as if it will give to items as well. I value that.

Thank you

Thanks! We do hope that Steem Reviews will be widely adopted on Steemit to provide more security and authenticity to both online and offline interactions.

  • Iris

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Centralised e-commerce like AliBaba, Amazon, Ebay will compensate you if the stuffs you ordered is not delivered , is faulty or is counterfeit etc. Are there any protection against fraudulent sellers ?

Thank you for bringing up your concerns! Our current protection against fraudulent sellers is our @steemreviews system. We plan to have a more robust fraud prevention system in place in the future.

  • Iris

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@hyperfundit It looks really good, I think it will be a great opportunity to many people.

Thank you we hope so too! :)

  • Iris

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Bonsai rock sunset looks absolutely beautiful! This is great~!

Doesn't it!? @scottshots is an amazingly talented photographer! You should check out more of his work! :)

  • Iris

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Nice, thank you Iris!!!

You should consider adding the escrow functionality of the Steem blockchain to your site/app. It's the most underutilized feature of Steem.

Good that's very important

Thanks for the suggestions we'll look into it! :)

  • Iris

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excelente noticia hyperfundit, gracias por la informacion, estare pendiente e informare a la comunidad para que este al tanto

Wow I definitely have to try this, I’m a eBay seller an I convert the money I make there into crypto, this is a faster way for me. Thank you 🙏🏽

That's awesome, I look forward to seeing your stuff on @theshop! Let us know in Discord if you have any questions :)

  • Iris

hello there!!!
it is awesome!!!!! we need more sites and projects like this, congrats!!! and thanks for sharing!!!!
good luck!!!
have a great day!!!!

how we can pay in this market ,,, its look good:)

This is quite a unique initiative. This line just squarely answered my intent question

Anything you would find on Amazon or eBay would be 99% appropriate to sell here too.

Haha I'm glad we answered your question, if you have anymore let us know. We're happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. :)

  • Iris

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Well done guys, wish you all the best on your project!

This is a great idea keep it up!

This is awesome! I have some left over Steemit T-Shirts from my store that's on hold for a short while (I'm doing a re-build and creating some new stuff :D). I'll throw them on @theshop soon. :)

That's great we look forward to seeing them there! It's so exciting to see people like you jumping on board and giving @theshop a chance! Feel free to reach out to us on Discord if you have any questions or feedback :)

  • Irie

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Quite an innovative idea you got into steemit hats-off buddy splendid work.

Wow sounds pretty good ! best of luck with the new initiative! upped and resteemed , will check it out soon!👍👍👍

Thanks @karenmckersie for the kind words and support! We're so happy that you like it 😄

  • Iris

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hummm, it looks great, Congratulations guys

Thank you! :)

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Congrats on release.You and I have spoken all these words, but for the way we have to go,words are no preparation. I have one small drop of knowing in my soul. Let it dissolve in your ocean.

very nice, Thanks for post.

my cat :)

This honestly is just steembay.

That's great decentralization is making waves

That's great decentralization is making waves

Decentralization to the world!!! The next Amazon or AliExpress is here.

Yes! Lets boycott amazon, please.

So sellers accept SBD for their products? What about the fluctuation of the crypto?

Hey @mindreader thanks for your comment! Although right now we can't do anything about the fluctuation of SBD, we hope that by pushing the use of SBD as a currency it will catalyze the efforts of getting the SBD pegged to the US dollar which was Steemit's original intent.

  • Iris

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This is great, will check it out! Keep it up

Great project @hyperfundit. Congratulations!!

Good project and great opportunity for the community of these days that we are forging the bases of the beginning of decentralized technologies. as everything will have its advantages and criticisms, but it is an excellent project.

I appreciate this oportunity to expand my work. Thank you.

Thank you for considering using the @theshop feel free to reach out to us in Discord if you have any questions :)

  • Iris

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very cool idea. I can't wait to check it out.

Great Initiative guys. The Blockchain of opportunity.
Keep on rocking guys!💪🏽

Who guarantees that I'll get paid for the product I'm selling or opposite? Who cover the shipping costs?

Hey @oldtimer SBD transactions are almost instant through Steemit so once someone sends you the SBD for a product Steemit will guarantee you receive it. Shipping costs are usually covered by the buyer but if the seller wishes to cover it they can.

As for guaranteeing shipping our current solution is steem reviews which allows buyers to review the seller. If the buyer does not recieve their product they can leave a negative review warning future buyers. We do plan on having better resolutions to this in the future.


Posted using Partiko Android

If I pay 100 sbd and don't get my product negative review will not give me money back. If you trust people you'll get burned at some point for sure.

I agree a negative review isn't going to rectify the situation.

With larger purchases like a 100 SBD product, the reputation of the seller needs to be taken into consideration more heavily.

For example, I wouldn't recommend sending 100 SBD to a brand new account with no ties to the community, but I would trust a witness isn't going to keep the 100 SBD and not send the product.

In addition to the seller's reputation (not just their score), I'd emphasize finding positive reviews before purchase.

Thank you for asking, I totally understand your concern. Realistically, TheShop is going to have to start with small purchases for individual sellers to build their credibility before anyone would be willing to send larger amounts.

With this initial prototype, it's buyer beware until we launch phase 2 where there's a whitelist, blacklist, and replace open access key with membership only. We will need time to collect more data before this happens though.

Hope this addresses your concern, or if you have any other thoughts, I'd love to hear so I can come up with a solution!

thanks for the answer.

Hello, thank you for adding to Steemit !

I've upvoted and Followed you; Please Follow back and we can Collaboration each other to succeed :)

My Recent Post

Wow! This looks really exciting, I’m going to check it!

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Thanks for your support @reseller! You have no idea how much it means to us :)

  • Iris

I wish you the best of luck with all your future projects!

Sweet! Thank you for the shout out @hyperfundit! Happy to help and thank you for this great opportunity. I was just thinking today that I need to list another print soon... I wish you all the best of luck and success with this project!

Thank you for supporting us! We're really lucky to call you a friend! We hope this will help sell your stunning canvas prints too

  • Iris

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No problem and thank you!!! Next time I'm down in LA I hope to have time to meet up with you two... Cheers!

Yes we would love that!! :D

wish your best luck in this project which you looking for. really its a good idea @hyperfundit

It was just about time to have a real shop on #Steemit, coz the official store sells just a few products, and have no variety whatsoever.

Thanks for the initiative. Good luck!

projeto #ptgram power | faça parte | grupo steemit brasil

The initiative is a new one and always welcome

This is amazing every big project have a strong foundation and I think this is one of it|

Thats really great! This will open new opportunities for many people. Keep up the good work :)

I think this is also a great post.. keep follow and doing post like this..

It's the same as Ali Express. Only not the unknown. Why browse the bicycle again, because this is already a lot and a lot of functionality. Izveniti if offended. But this is an extra service in Steemit.

Это тоже самое что Али Экспресс. Только не неизвестное. Зачем изобритать велосипед занова, ведь этого уже много и сбольшим функционалом. Извенити если обидел. Но это лишняя услуга в Steemit.

informative i follow u mate good day!

this is fantastic. Now my wife can sell cosmetics and fashion clothes here with TheShop.

Haha I hope to see them there soon! :) If you or she has any questions feel free to reach out to us on our Discord channel!

  • Iris

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God has answered my prayers!!!

informative i follow u mate good day!

Great news! But still not enough goods

I agree :) Would you kindly spread the word and help get some more products listed on there?

Of course I will.

mmm, que interesante propuesta una pagina que nos permita la compra de artículos con SBD perfecto , muy buena idea e iniciativa.

wooow very nice product how can one get it?

Hey @livingstone9 you can go to @scottshots canvas print pages by clicking the images above or by finding them on @theshop :)

  • Iris

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sounds powerful and a great concept. looking forward to see how it evolves.

SYScoin marketplace already does this but nice idea

This is AWESOME! I have been saying for over a year how much the Steem blockchain lends itself to transacting for goods quickly and efficiently. I'm very glad to see someone taking initiative to set up a shop for people to buy and sell goods here.

THANK YOU @anarcho-andrei we hope this will give people a new way of using SBD as a currency as it was meant to be. ;)

  • Iris

Posted using Partiko Android is really very good idea & I am really impressed.

A neat little project you have going on. Will be keeping tabs on how you guys progress over the next few months!

You have been scouted by @promo-mentors.

We are a community of new and veteran Steemians and we are always on the lookout for promising authors.

I would like to invite you to our discord group

When you are there send me a message if you get lost! (My Discord name is the same as here on Steemit)

This is simply crazy! Crazy GOOD!! It's amazing what you can do on this platform! Well done boys!

its a great news for us and I think it will be best achievement of our whole steemians. that type of work always be appreciated and always go a long way

This sounds great i have some stuff i want to sell but Paypal fees are kind of crazy. You mentioned sales paid with SBD but can i sell for Steem?, being super lazy and asking instead of investigating, but I will for sure look into this

Oh yeah 2.9% + 30c can really add up! Yikes!

The issue with crypto as a currency is that the price fluctuates and in the long term STEEM will continue to fluctuate, while the SBD is said to get pegged to the dollar. For this reason, we're pushing for consistency with SBD on TheShop.

Hope you still make a ton of sales though! :)

You got a 17.25% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @hyperfundit.supp!

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@hyperfundit, wow! This is a great project. I'll take a look at it and post some of my ART and Keychains!

Awesome thank you! Looking forward to it! :D

It is a good article . Keep writing like this !!

Much power to you guys. How about deliveries? This will definitely turn many heads towards acceptance of Crypto in e-commerce

Thats Really Nice work ;) Captures are perfect level pic. I think its very excited thanksx ;)@hyperfundit

A popular marketplace would create a lot of demand for Steem. For that reason, I hope The Shop does well!

Nice work hope steemit rise above the words so high like a diamond in the sky

Great idea! I wish successful on that initiative. Amazing!

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Thank you for @theshop. As a Merchant and Buyer, i am really looking forward to becoming a Seller and Buyer with my store products which contains a variety of new and used unique products, to include, my special designs. I fully stand behind and support this new project.

Thank you for the invite!😇


Posted using Partiko iOS, join the beta testing program here

That's wonderful! We hope @theshop will open up new opportunities for you! Feel free to reach out to us on discord if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback! :)

  • Iris

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nice project congratulations

Am right behind this project @hyperfudnit and hope it will be very successful for all concerned. Resteeming to get the word out. All the very best!

What a great initiative. Brick and mortar shops are closing at a rapid rate and online is the future. Good luck with your project.

wow... this is awesome... Im gonna check it now... anyway do they ship... overseas?

It s good. I have several things to sell

I always stop by here my friend, for your publications to learn from you and the way you do the post ... Thanks for such a good contribution, from #venezuela support your work my friend ... greetings <3

sounds good!! :D

I love all of steemit, very happy because as member

great post amaizing

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