Lake Tahoe Canvas Print For Sale (SBD Accepted)

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Canvas Print - "Bonsai Rock Sunset 7"

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Seller: @scottshots
SteemReviews: "TheShop Seller"
Location: Truckee, California
Contact Info: email - [email protected] website-

Price: 36 SBD for print (To buy, transfer SBD total to @scottshots and enter the product name as your memo)
Shipping Cost: 6.5 SBD (USA only) - Please email me at [email protected] with shipping address.
Total Cost: 42.5 SBD
Brief Description:

  • Photography by Scott Thompson
  • Printed by Scott Thompson on an Epson 9900
  • 11"x16" canvas print of "Bonsai Rock Sunset 7" (Lake Tahoe)
  • Glossy canvas surface
  • Open edition print (not limited edition)
  • Larger sizes and international shipping available, please email me for a quote.

Product Dimensions: 11"x16"
Manufacturer: Scott Shots Photography


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