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TheShop is an online marketplace designed for anyone to use and there are 0% fees. You can submit a post to sell almost anything.

To submit your post,

1. Copy & paste the template found below into a text doc.
2. Replace CAPITALIZED text and fill in the information.
3. Choose at least one tag from categories provided below.
4. Copy & paste completed markdown into our Discord.

<center>![PRODUCT IMAGE](URL)</center>

**Seller:** @USERNAME
**Contact Info:**

**Price:** NUMBER SBD (To buy, transfer SBD and enter the product name as your memo)
**Shipping Cost:** NUMBER SBD
**Total Cost:** **NUMBER SBD**
**Condition:** NEW or USED
**Brief Description:**
- use bullet points

**Product Dimensions:**
**Item Weight:**
**Shipping Weight:**
**Item Model Number:**

**More Pictures:**

Almost done, choose at least one tag.


Final step, submit markdown in our Discord along with the tag(s) you want to use.


Once you have sold out or wish to close your shop, comment on your post with this image with your own account so buyers know without a doubt that you closed the shop:



Do you have suggestions for us? Please comment below!


We’re imagining 90% of the upvote activity will happen in the comments section, but when the posts get upvotes, this is how the earnings will be used:

STEEM/SBD earned from upvotes after costs of promotion will be transferred to to grow the fundraising platform and help more project creators reach their goals. SP earned will be delegated to @hypefoundation to upvote/fund charities and meaningful causes found in the Steemit community.

Charities and causes include but are not limited to @schoolforsdg4, @cooking4charity, @FamilyProtection, @womenempowerment, @museproject, @youarehope, @treeplanter, @tarc, @steemcamp, @steemfunder, @azizbd, @Khusairi, @bigdude,, and more to come.

You can confirm @hypefoundation's activities here.

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@hypefoundation uses 100% of its upvotes to fund charities and meaningful causes. Would you delegate as little as ONE SP to support the cause? 1 | 5 | 10 | 25 | 50 | 100 SP. You can take it back at any time.

Custom Amount (Replace “NUMBER”):

@hyperfundit and @partiko are teaming up to bring more users and projects to the Steem Blockchain. Would you vote @hyperpartiko for witness?


hyperpartiko vote 50px.png steemconnect 50px.png

Would you trust us in making informed decisions to vote for other witnesses in your place? Allow us to be your proxy.

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Our Partners

HyperFundIt 100px.png steemreviews logo square 100px.png hypefoundation logo square 100px.png partiko 100px.png


@theshop is not involved in any transactions or disputes and is not responsible for any damages or losses.

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Thank you to @theshop, @hyperfundit, and @hypefoundation for the acknowledgement. This is such a great idea and we are looking forward to seeing it grow and thrive!

Sadly the social experiment didn't even last a week, but theshop will continue under my supervision and resources from @hyperfundit.

You were right, they took over in no time @sircork @rhondak :(

Thank you again @guiltyparties for swiftly putting an end to the spammer. Much appreciated!

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